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  1. Good for you, enjoy it. If I could be "yer Mam" for a second though, be careful out there - the roads of today are different from 30 years ago. Sermon over.
  2. Great buy. We bought a 25 Spirit S new in 2003 with the 1.4 engine. It was a fantastic car, took us everywhere. Very practical too - I managed to get two motorbike frames (KH 250 and RD 125) in the back of ours to take to the stove enamellers. Only problem we ever had in 6 years was the window winder mechanism parted company on the spot welds and I had to tack it back together. Yours looks the business in that colour and it's got an octagon on it. What's not to like.
  3. I know this one. On the way up the 'hill.
  4. I know what you mean. I never had an H1 like the one in this picture, just a KH250 but she could lean up mine any time she wanted (ooh matron)
  5. We have a mark 8, daughter has a mark 7 and son has a mark 6. All excellent cars. I can't even begin to understand what Ford are thinking. This might be the end of my loyalty to the blue oval after over 30 years. I don't like where this all seems to be going ie: being forced to buy an electric car. I can't imagine the AutoShite forum of 20 years in the future will be full of tales of “digging the old Tesla out of the shed to soup up the 400 volt motor to 800 volt in the driveway” Such tinkering has been the prerogative of the working man since before the Second World War. Sprucing up the old BSA Bantam and later the Reliant so you could get to work on Monday was a weekend ritual. When you could afford a small car such as a Mini or Escort, you had to look after that too. Who hasn't had the joy of replacing a Triumph Herald gearbox in the street in January because it's too expensive to take to the garage? The Fiesta has been a staple of the new driver for decades. It's small, simple and still cheap to work on (replaced the broken springs on my daughters mark 7 for less than £30 – in the driveway). I don't look forward to what the future brings for those of us that like to twirl a spanner. ULEZ, scarcity of fuel in the future and new legislation is taking our simple pleasure away from us a bit at a time. I'd like to think that “they” would take my little MG away from my cold, dead hands but I may not have a say in the matter.
  6. Does anyone else have problems uploading posts from Micro$oft Edge? I have to keep trying and end up using "porn mode" (InPrivate window that doesn't store cookies or history)
  7. This thread reminds me of this.
  8. you 'aint whistlin' Dixie sister. I had a GPZ900r in the day. Weighed a ton but it was far more capable than I was.
  9. This is very sad. I walk past it regularly and it's been languishing for some 20 years now.
  10. This seems the perfect place for me to be absolved of my sin of buying a 20 year old MG Rover product. Hello to all K-series sufferers. My current lapse of reason is an MG TF. I've worked on many different vehicles of the 2 and 4 wheel variety over the years but this one seems almost 'adversarial'. It seems to almost actively fight back. Anyone that has attempted to remove the three bolts at the front of the engine cover has my sympathy. There is a place in Hell reserved for the person that designed the subframe mounts, the door hinge bushes are made of such stuff that tinsel would feel superior and why does every third bolt shear off? I love it to bits.
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