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    Ford timelord

    If I remember rightly, Doctorin' The Tardis was a massive hit in Germany, even though Doctor Who had never been shown there - James Last even covered it on one of his Non-Stop Dancing albums.
  2. Alencon is the twin town of Basingstoke - as you can see, the two towns are practically identical.
  3. Yes, I really enjoyed it too - I had (and indeed still do have) both the beige and blue R11s, being a massive Renault obsessive when I was 4 or 5, so it was really nice to read a detailed write-up of what was one of my favourite toys. I now feel the urge to dig them out and see what the state of the grille is! I suspect the boot lid on these may have been rather fragile, as both the beige and the blue have been bootless for many years.....now looking on eBay for complete ones, damn you!
  4. Simon M

    Austin Maxi

    This one lives on a farm I drive past a lot (I used to occasionally see it in motion - it had a fair turn of speed on it!) - I haven't seen it for a while, but apparently it's on SORN, so hopefully still exists. There was a blue one there for some time before that, and a lovely brown Vanden Plas Allegro was there for a while too.
  5. It was a viewer called Robert Kenison - he only came to a stop because he went into the back of a brand new X-reg BBC Mercedes parked at the end of the track, completely writing it off.
  6. You could try asking Richard Marson - he's a former editor of Blue Peter and has written several books about the show, and knows more about it than most. I think he may well have been working on Blue Peter around that time too. He's on Twitter: https://twitter.com/richardmarson2
  7. They certainly did - my parents had one which must have been of similar vintage to the beige beauty in this thread, so this is bringing back lots of memories for me.
  8. The mechanic in this, Gerry Collard, used to fix my dad's cars about 10-15 years ago - he's still around.
  9. Now whereabouts is this? Some of the buildings look familiar, but I can't quite place it.
  10. I think I have it on VHS, gawd knows where though - I'll have a look for you!
  11. A pair of Iteras was a star prize on an episode of Blankety Blank in the early 80s.
  12. The Home Made Car was mostly filmed in Farnborough, about half an hour's drive from where I am now - I saw some 'then-and-now' shots of some of the locations done by a dedicated fan a few years back. Star Ronald Chudley now lives in Canada, and writes thriller novels - the actual car's still knocking about too, I think,
  13. My 45 is an AV-plater, and originally came from Edmondson - I only really started noticing the 45 when I moved to Ipswich, five years ago the place was full of them. I see a couple of AV-plated 75s around Hampshire these days, and I wonder if they're ex-Edmondson too.
  14. 'Hark, the Herald!', angels sing.
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