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  1. Durham in June , hope you've got your thermals on
  2. Up north .......Reliant kitten , 1 owner , whippet hair all over the back seat
  3. There worlds worst cut n shut !
  4. Look at the quality .....proper 4 seater to , can someone on here get one asap
  5. So that's it , the Aviation scamp for the environmentalists , the imp for the working class and the Argyll GT for the toffs .....what about the Scottish middle class ...what do they drive .....
  6. Nichola is going to give details today of how we are going to start building cars again in Scotland once independence has been achieved .....keep it to yourself but I've been given details of the said car ....apparently it's a bugger to start when warn but it does have a opening rear window .....have a look at that interior ....makes u proud to be Scottish , I'm going to join the workforce ....then strike when the kettle goes on the blink
  7. That old David Brown will no doubt start with a minor bit of tinkering ......when WW3 occurs all that will be left is cockroaches , mk1 Laguna's and old David Browns
  8. Radio Wales .....Tom Jones and programming on rarebit recipes ? .....seriously glad you got the old girl going
  9. Even if the engine is toast it,ll break for plenty , everyone's meant to be skint and preparing for financial armageddon yet this proves there still bargains out there , well bought sir
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