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  1. But a eBay special fancy dress police uniform , walk around the car pointing out all it's faults then once in the car ask the seller if he can smell weed , tell the seller you can take care of matter if the " paperwork " includes a hefty discount , hum the Sweeney tune as your leaving .....
  2. Those rear lights ......there,s a skip with there name on , hopefully it's not crusty underneath and you can reuse her
  3. Turn up soaked .......with coughing child , proceed to mention how you,ve not had a job since they closed the pit ....then start coughing yourself , after knocking 50% of the price proceed to pay with £50 notes then pull out the latest iPhone to pay for the insurance ......does tend to work better up norf
  4. Don't see a torn interior as a negative point on a 80/90s car , torn jeans are once again in fashion therefore the giant rip in the driver's bolster is merely a fashion statement .....rip it bigger each time you get in the car ....point it out to truckers as you drive to work ....your kids will think your cool
  5. Don't see mayonnaise on the oil cap as a issue , mearly a topping for that evenings salad ....check your medical insurance in case your allergic to oil
  6. I always hoped to bump into this in the Braehead/Paisley area , G McD that's a space in the garage needing filled surely ...
  7. What mpg are you getting with the old girl .......double figures ?
  8. Not sure about mags ......what about a set of 3 spokes ?
  9. Leave it standard .....buy some jeans and ciggies and Barry Sheene it .....for the full look you need to pull a playboy model
  10. Trust me I drove a Tesla for the first time last week ......enjoy it while we can ....the future is a battery connected to a computer ....soulless
  11. If care could talk , I imagine there's been some stimulating and interesting conversation in this car, prob involving Mr John's and a musician or 2 over the years he had it
  12. Do you use it to knock nails in....
  13. Rumour is Reagan and Carter are still looking for Jake's grandad ......shut it
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