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  1. I'd like electric windows and would happily trade the electric sunroof for them. Never really got why someone would spec it that way to be honest.

    Haha that's horrendously shite spec! My mate's Dad had a Proton Persona (forgotten shite) in the late 90s and it had the odd combination of Central locking yet keep-fit windows and a double DIN HiFi location (which with the possessed*, normal-sized single-DIN radio they had just meant they had a choice of high or low mountings) Bizarre.


    *that tape player was bonkers: when the ignition was switched off it spar out the tape with disapproving force. Every switch off.


    A quality motor if ever I saw one!


    On my cars:


    Xantia - I think some of the last high-end V6 models had variable speed for the intermittent wipers - not exciting I know but I live in Glasgow where you get variable speed rain!


    CX - similarly, I wish it had intermittent wipe! if it had been made less than a year later it would have..

  2. I feel like I'm lying when I say this but I am SURE we got 8 people and a dog in my hand-me-down Panda (my first car) back in 1998. Only drove from a Safeways car park to my house (about a mile) but one hill saw clutch smoke billowing out from the wheel arches. It was on the stops front and back and the dog named Tyke, got the comfiest ride in the front passenger footwell, shared with 2 others.


    Yea, it was 2 in the front passenger seat, 5 on the back seat (3 on the seat and 2 chix on their knees) and of cousrse dog in the front. (it means the boot was still empty!)

  3. Much as I'm liking my recent Xantia, I realised today that the 'broken' glove box light actually works fine - it's just that you need the ignition ON. Is this a good thing? doesn't seem it to me unless it's to prevent the battery going flat if you leave the thing open or something unlikely like that.

  4. Amazun! Those inches of filler are impressive! Can't believe it's MOTd, gotta be an annual 'sympathy pass' for the old dear. Don't think anyone's spotted anything this good for ages. Very high quality spot indeed. :mrgreen:

  5. Not really a design flaw as such: but what is it with some cars having fuel gauges that read a level even after the ignition is off? The Colt did this - how does this not drain the battery over several days parking?


    Some Fords use a PLL system (like a modern television)




    Did the old ones use this open loop feedback system? I recall this stuff from Design Engineering but didn't think any older cars would use it for a fuel gauge sender! When I saw it on that Colt I just didn't like that one gauge stayed alive when the others powered off!

  6. The Series 1 CX has better demist than the S2 it seems!


    I was reminded lately that Xantias are quite good at putting rainwater in the boot when it drips off the rear hatch after you open it - it's almost genius the way it saves it up on the outside of the boot ready to tip it in when you put in shopping as well.


    The position of the A pillars on a Mitsubishi Colt we had as a rental back in 2005 was ideal for not being able to see cars coming at ya when entering roundabouts.


    Not really a design flaw as such: but what is it with some cars having fuel gauges that read a level even after the ignition is off? The Colt did this - how does this not drain the battery over several days parking?

  7. Yes! this car was also noted when I looked at the blue one. I say go see it or something. I do wonder why the vendor is so keen to give scrap money for your trade in though? surely he'd make more weighing in the Xantia?


    Yes, the 1.9 TD Manual has the Bosch pump

  8. Cheers amigos, some of you might recall my epic Glasgow to Cornwall trip to get the red Mk1 BX back in 2009 and of course the CX was got in much the same manner back in 2005 from Stansted (conveniently near the airport!) so I'm making a bit of a habit of picking up old Cits from far away and driving them over 500 miles back shortly after first acquaintance! I'll admit I'm surprised at my rate of success - the CX and GSA were each driven back at a time where I had no breakdown cover for some clever reason..


    When I got on the sleasyjet at Glasgow to Bristol, the bloke that sat next to me said he was going to Bristol to get a car (!) so the fug am II tell him so a good n flight conversation ensued. He was going down to get a VW Caddy. Need to get in touch to see how it went for him too.

  9. Cheers Sir! those wheeltrims make a distinctive rattle that I recall from my yoof.


    Just to clarify the mania of an early Xantia: there were bizillions of Xants and such around in the 90s and a fair few remaining through the early 2000s, but these Mk1 Xantias with the badge on the bonnet and the sinking suspension were only made for like 13 months and only seen as K or L reg. These are my faves. They also have bonus shite dipped headlights that were improved on the post '95 types. I don't mind though! If i need to see in the dark I'll just use the CX that has brilliant lights..

  10. And yes, obviously it's a shitroën, c'mon it's me!


    Anyway, this was the traditional, legendary accidental eBay WIN. I took a sly bid on some shite I fancied but could do without, too far away, will go for too much bla bla. And of course, the listing ends while I'm at work AS USUAL so I punt a wee stupid, low bid via the old smart phone and later check up to see what silly amount (i.e. over £350) it went for some lucky begger slightly less poor than me got it no doubt.. only to get the: "you've won the item - pleeeeez PAY now" bit that you can get if you're not careful.


    O kok, I don't need a 1993 Xantia Turdblow Diseasel...


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI. ... SA:GB:1123


    But! After realising that I'd won the thing for a full £70 less than my max and only bid, I reckoned it was a possible WIN(?) I arranged to go see the thing in South East Wales from Glasgow.


    I felt a bit "O cock" about this and eventually plucked up the courage to call the owner. I mean hell, I don't want a NEG on my ebay account!!!!(don't actually care any more) Needn't have worried: the guy is all: "O you're coming really far, I'd not come that far for a £250 car - so you'll not get a black mark on your ebay if you don't wanna go through with...."


    "hmm, could I ?"


    I was really close to calling him on that get-out clause as I was waiting on news of a new job I'd applied for. My ultimatum was simple: I don't get the job, fuk the ebay mobile, Get the fuggar then well, I go get the fuggar after all!


    Seems I got the job so hell, I'll go to Wales and get that silly Citroen.


    At least, I'll go see it.....


    I mean it's non committal after the nice bloke's offer..


    I'd booked an easyjet to Bristol, took a bus and a train and soon I'm in Newport. Phone the guy, he picks me up in Newport in a Discovery and off to the actual valleys to see the blue Xantia Mk1.


    It is in a shed. (that's a wide open goal for a slagging hahaha) The car is owned by the chap's recently deceased father. After checking out the usual things, the car was approved by me (staggering similarities to my 2005 GSA adventure where I went to see a GSA in Bristol with no return ticket....ended up taking that rot box so I could get home) on the grounds of: it was exactly as described in the listing - 3 crappy snaps notwithstanding, all the listed new parts were quite truely as stated: tyres etc, and though it is pretty old, it seemed cared-for and was rust free underneath and had MOT till April 2012. If I can get it to last till then at least, I feel I'd be WINning..


    So I took the thing. Hell, it's a laff innit?


    So, I'd timed this journey down to Newport to coincide with the Citroën CX, XM and Xantia rally near Milton Keynes. I took the Xant, after a test drive: goes like a train, nice light clutch, quiet, and everything works. The deal done I'm heading to the CXM & Xant rally for a laff and a piss up and on Sunday the long voyage Northville. Of course, the faggin thing performed flawlessly - noisy hydraulic pump but everything else checks out - cambelt and such look good and whole list of servicing over the last decade.


    570-odd miles later and a single top up of Diesel, and I'm back in Glasgow. Not a hint of a problem. Electric windows all round, leccy sunroof and mirrors, remote locking, ABS, Powah steering plus the usual Citroen disks all round and dune buggy susnpension on a normal car. Negatives are a previous bump to the rear bumper that has shifter by 8mm on one side, and of course the clattery hydraulic pump. Bonus towbar with lectrix (not yet tested..)


    This will be my winter car to give the decaying '77 CX a break and maybe I'll get to truly fix it up.


    The Xantia polished up OK, it's a light metallic blue, similar to the CX - I seem to have a thing about old light blue shitters - I have a theory (mega unproved) after seeing a light blue metallic Mk1 Cavalier and a light blue Triumph that light blue is the most age - resistant paint colour as opposed to red cars and white that seem to die prematurely.. I just like light metallic bloo.


    Anyway, a week later and here it is:

    Still in Wales


    In a Glasgow Tesco crap park



    At the CXM&Xant rally



    With a friend


    With the CX, so different and yet so similar


    Not bad for £250 snotter



    Sorry if any pics come out mega large - will sort.

  11. What is meant by "satellite" dash? That it is separate, like an accessory pod, from the main dash fascia?
    Well, it's the common name for the 70s-80s Citroen dashboards that used no column stalks. Now I think of it I don't know that Citroen ever called them 'satellites' but maybe thay did. In French brochures etc it was named "Pluie-Route-Nuite" (spelling's probby wrong) but it was French for "Rain-Road-Night" for the layout of the two pods of the controls and the instruments. Wiper switches, road info, Night lights etc.


    I think they called them satellites as though they were 'orbiting' the steering wheel or something.


    Here's what my 1977 CX has:





    Here's what my old 1984 GSA had:



    And my old BX Mk1:

    _MG_0352.jpg God I miss this thing.


  12. . Am I the only person who prefers non self cancelling indicators?

    Another vote for non self-cancelling blinkers here! CX has them and they are ideal for proper signaling off roundabouts. Also great for joining the motorway on a slip road that has a hefty curve to it. Also! The rocker switch on the satellite dash has a more sensible left-right orientationthan the up-down stock we're used to.

  13. O MY Flipping lid!


    As a certified Citroën loon, I am aghast at that! I spied: early days GS Pallas, High spec. XM V6 SEi or SED judging by the alloys, CX Gti, but more thrilling, an early days CX GTi, can't tell by the pic but it could be a Turbo1 tho probably not as it has chrome bits instead of the matt balck bits. Xantia Activa? judging by the 'cherished' plate.. I'd take the GS personally.. What a find overall - is that a Renault Alpine too? Great hoarde but I still feel it's a bit of a waste as these could be getting proper preservation with individual owners - a farm is tha last place for old cars due to all the acidic crap in the run off on farms..

  14. crapola-matic. Finding places to store all your grot in the UK is a nightmare - I bet if it was France or somewhere someone would have a massive barn to chuck it all in... sorry, I'm not helping

  15. Day off, shite weather, no spots at all coz shite dissolves in the rain until I spotted this little beaut:



    Ok, it has those modern replacement lights and stupid painted mirrors but otherwise pretty devine



    don't like the chav-o-matic exhaust either but still nice to see this


    That is all.

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