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  1. That van is fuggin luvly! I even like the little mural on the back! was that in Edinburgh? wonder what its rock n roll story is. The Commer van always makes me think 'British Telecom' coz as lil' un I have mamories of seeing them in BT regalia.As for the 2 Citroens; a pair of beautes and both proppo autoshite - especially the Dyane, a modernised and mildly breathed upon engine with a moderately good heater and it still didn't manage to replace the 2cv! what shite!Fact: Citroen Dyanes are actually SUPERCHARGED as standard! I kid you not, the air filter breathes not mere atmosphere but the air cooled air from the oversized cooling fan. It is at a higher pressure than ATM and mildly denser too coz it's cooled giving it forced induction. It gives the micro Cit engine a few extra HP and zooms it up to a whopping 85mph/136Kph -bitchin.

  2. I thought this was a Yugo but obviouisly its a Citroen

    Bloomin hek! Often when I step out the CX or GSA in crap parks and petrol stations, I get the "hey, you don't see many of those anymore.."but you really DON'T see many of those LNAs anymore!Love the Saab and the Mk1(finally!) R25Those old Hondas are quite nice, what was the similar model that was larger than the civic, similar front end to the accord but was a coupe with a wikid glass rear roof portion?Haven't seen one for ages and can't quite bring the whole image together in mind - was sweet shite anyway.
  3. but may appeal to one or two here? I'm no good on these Traction Avants, so someone else could perhaps suggest what it is?

    Hi Hi,Think your traction there is a 50s model called the 11B with the four cylinder engine (instead of the 6 cyl) so it's the basico version for normal people with no money so maybe it is shite of a different era? Thinking; its the late 60s, everyone has a car these days except some ex pat frenchie down the road who chugs around in his 15 Y O trakky. Maybe that is the equivalent of autoshite 40 years ago...?
  4. And what ever happened to ordinary circular head lamps? Cheap to make, and to replace if one gets broken- the complex shapes of modern units make them more expensive to replace than it costs to buy most of the cars featured on this site!!!

    The answer: coz car manufacturers now make their money on PARTS not selling the cars- just look at some of the discounts you get on new cars (esp small ones) Dont' think Citroen have sold a small car for the full price since the 80s at least!Not to mention service.
  5. AND dont forget the US insistance on bumpers rendering some Mercs with big extra plastic over-bumpers.The Citroen 'Dynamic lighting' on the DS and SM were also illegal for other reasons; the steering lights were considered a safety risk and so were the self levelling lights (if they went out of adjustment). Also, the lights were mounted behind glass visors, this was also illegal in the US though I dont know the thinking behind it (maybe too prone to getting dirty?) I think there was an issue with some cars with pop ups too. They had to rise and flash within a specific tme. I think some Lotus models didnt make the grade and had to have extra lights up front (or shock, had them fixed 'up') :?

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