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    Looky here! this evening's spot outside hellfrauds - Cav Mk1 milky goodness. looked rather ti-day. Not sure it's genius to be driving it around in the West Scotland winter though..
  2. Mine's a C-matic. I can haz info for you if needed
  3. 'tiz I for sure! Though not posted on RR for like a whole year!
  4. SIR! this has all the makings of a truly biblical shite story! Makes my easy jet jaunts to Cornwall, Stansted, Bristol and Newport to collect buyer unseen Shitroens positively gay. As an aside: the top picture is a different CX: it's a '74-'81 type whereas your one (and it is yours!) is a post '81 type (like a series 2 of the series 1 if that makes sense) It has the bonus shite of having the shared Renault-Volvo-peugeot-Citroen 'Douvrin' engine too which is a right revvy little thing so long as its had the cambelt changed.. piece of piss to do though: accessed via the RH wheel arch. "this isn't Honest John.." also, that's my quote of the week!
  5. Ordered a set of cheap brake discs and pads as a set off ebay yesterday. They arrived TODAY! and are just smashing. Juicy new shite parts I went out in the hurricane this evening to fit 'em only to be stumped by the horrible find of a pair of TORX head bolts on the inner caliper bit. Kuntsticks, bloody modern 17-year-old Xantia dammit. I blame Maastricht. Anyway, I'll see about getting a TORX socket with the hellfrauds trade card tomorrow night and hopefully have it bossed by end Thurs. Compare this to the fact you can change the rear hub bearings on the CX with an allen key..
  6. Liked, quite a lot of Fiats on the road there - dealer nearby in the 80s? Also: red Lotus Esprit!
  7. hahaha! did you keep trying to even it up until it got smaller and smaller and it made you look like an evil overlord?!
  8. Wasn't there a concept pontiac from the 80s that did that? The current C5 model has this too. I think the Wat-spec C4 has a great dashboard
  9. CX had a single wiper from '74. Digital dashboards and electronics were almost inevitable but what about the PRE-electronic digital dashboards! I'm talking about the Mercedes-Benz Heckflosse with its colour changing graph, the GS, CX and BX with their magnified, perma-lit drum speedos and the Oldsmobile Toronado with a similar drum type speedo but horizontal. There's something about these aborted works of art that I adore.
  10. Unbelievably entertaining! Only a true shiter could watch that all the way through- spotter's delight: Mk1 Sierra outnumbered by a lot of Cortinas, in fact quite a lot of pretty old stuff but many contemporary cars were small like Fiestas and Belmonts/ Astras - hardly any of the next generation stuff like Mk3 Cavaliers. I'm sure I spotter a Citroen ZX near the beginning which must have been brand spanking new. Just after the 'BX leader' but just before turning into that market, there's one of those old, large Mazdas in silver - quite a modern looking thing for the time and possibly also brand spanking new. Anyone else think the contrast between the new cars then and the old ones like the Cortinas etc was much greater than it is today? I'm thinking how a new XM (out 2 years at the time) or soon to be released Omega looked in comparison.
  11. I think that might have been something to do with the IRA. Yes, that rings a tine bell with my already vague memory of this.. were IRA members in Germany for some reason and were caught perhaps?
  12. I recall an image of a mid-80s (possibly) East German terrorist group who got busted in some way, the footage was of a police taped off Mk1 BX with its bonnet and boot open. I always wanted to know what that was about.. Ring any bells with anybody?
  13. Yep! it's SO crap it's fuggin awesome! solid-gold shite. And I love Renner 5s in their standard hatchback sorta guise (spesh, the Mk1) Were these 'booted' variants available in the UK?
  14. not to mention in 1939.. ..can haz hatchbax
  15. apart from the obvious (the battery connections!) I say blame the ignition switch, ignition switch faults tend to take out whole lines of a car's lectrix. It's like a car stroke
  16. Hmm, kept thinking that my insurance isn't actually valid while the MOT is out..
  17. O crumpets. On the plus side at least it was only the little quarter window?
  18. Haha! OK then! (I have a bad feeling about it - I think I'm going to get bent over the bonnet and pumped with the big 6-0) Luxo: yes, that's right, it was overheating like fakk. Bolloxki: Didn't mean it was auto issued as such - you never know though - just my turn of phrase there. O well, the £60 fine will deffo affect the quality of this year's Xmas gifts!
  19. Fuckstix. I took the CX in to Glasgow town from my parent's drive out in the stix to do some work on it at a friendly garage that allows some regulars to their own work on a weekend, anyway, the MOT is out (you can tell where this is going..) though it's still insured till March and I'd slapped a costly, thin beermat in the windscreen before the test was up in September, to keep moving it in and out the drive at the folks' a simple matter. So, I'd 'booked' it in for 'MOT work' at the garage - no probs there and all was going swimmingly. I set off back to the cuntryside and noted that I was pretty hungry having not eaten much this morning, I cut into a services on the M74 at Bothwell only to notice a new addition to the sort of central reservation between the in and out roads to the carpark: a post there in the middle that you must go past as there's no U-turn possible, and topped off with beady, lensy, scope-like camera looking thingys what looks at all the grot what goes in (and out too it seems). I haven't been in that services for ages and this thing is new but I think it's some ANPR sort of weapon. No doubt it scanned my plates and indeed has now auto-issued a charge notice of sorts since I'm driving sans MOT. Now I know that the whole pre-booked MOT work and/or test is an appeal point for these situations but I understand the rules governing exemptions to no MOT use state something like 'you MUST drive directly from the test centre/ place of MOT work to your off-road location without stopping to refuel or ANYthing' so I guess I'm fukd.... So assuming the worst, what is the charge I'm going to get for driving without MOT (but still with tax and such) fine amount and points? Jeez, there's always something fukd going on in my life......ugh...groan... especially since it's my faggin fault!
  20. I've always tried to resist the "flippin XYZ drivers are the WORST.." type of thing but! in my experience it's Vauxhall drivers that are the worst! Mostly Corsa, Meriva and the Astra of any age. The most likely to do something quite alarming and sudden like non-signalled lane changes, sitting in the center lane and being parked diagonally in a carpark or some similar thing. It could simply be that there are more of these cars around and so higher incidence of meeting one of a day (?) but no. I think they're chosen by gristle-heads who have no interest in cars at all and hence, can's drive worth a fak. Also, a lot of cheaper VXs are rental cars.. I might have just answered the reasons for myself Anyway, I give Corsas a wide berth.. I'm a Citroën fanatic and think that's crappy. One or two cool wee details on that but what new car doesn't have one or two nice little details now?
  21. Hey that's my game! hahaha that's a cracking motor there!
  22. Bit late now you've seen the thing but for general ref. the heater matrix can leak and it a proper PITA to change out as the dashboard is a single piece that ALL has to come off to get to the matrix. I'm dreading this in mine...
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