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  1. It took me a long time to work out why none of my sockets would fit the calliper bolts. I'm sure most of you will see it straight away, I didn't. I don't have a devilish pentagram socket, so ordered one. Fortunately I managed to wiggle the disc free without needing to remove the calliper. The other side was not such a success. The brake pad retaining shim is missing, one of the bolts holding the brake disc in place refused to budge and the torx bit sheared off. So I left the old pad on for now, it's in good nick anyway. So put it all back together, bled the system and drove it to its storage spot where it will sit for the next few months. First time I've had the R11 and the 145 together. Amazon car covers, yow cor beat em So that's the last update for a few months. The Cherokee needs some attention now so may end up doing a thread on that soon.
  2. I didn't bother learning how to make brake pipes, this one was a tenner of t'bay made to size. Also, it's made from a Cunifer of copper and nickel which is better for reasons. Fitted it during my lunch break. I don't have any brake fluid though. What I thought was brake fluid turns out to be very old 2 stroke oil. Hopefully will all be sorted this weekend as it looks like it will be dry and storm free.
  3. As the R11 has no brakes, I think it's tinkering time. Here come the the very retro, past their best axle stands. Update time. The brake pedal goes straight to the floor and just about works when stamped on, so my thoughts turned to master cylinder seal. Thought I'd get a new master cylinder as autodoc had a good deal on a Ferodo one. Reservoir removed, access is terrible. Broken wires, of course. Brake lines were a bitch to get the spanner on but came out surprisingly easy, just takes a long time when you can only do a third of a turn at a time. Same goes for the nuts holding the master cylinder in place, access was bloody awful, took some effort to get them off, but get them off I did New vs Old So just the refit to do. All went reasonably well at first, bottom nut was a bugger but a bit of blutack in the socket held the nut in place so I could get it on, all good - until it came to getting the brakes lines back in place. The one circled has caused me problems. It would NOT screw back in, I think I must have tried to tighten it up whilst slightly cross threaded, it just would not play ball, could feel it trying to start but would just bind then spin freely. Bugger. Time to remove it and sort a new one. Think it might have actually done me a favour as it was badly twisted at the calliper end, it was stuck fast so just twisted, ended up as below... So, tune into the next update when I learn how to make brake lines...
  4. It doesn't matter what those buttons do or don't do. They look bloody brilliant.
  5. -8803481959326508859.mp4
  6. There are four cassette slots under that there stereo. First ebay purchase to fill slot one...
  7. Some ICE tinkering today. Managed to get a Blaupunkt Renault tape deck from FBook marketplace which was just round the corner from me and cost the price of a pint. But would it work? Best way to find out is to rig it up to an old CB radio power pack of course Sorry, should have said Powerpak. It lives! and it was making noises And the cassette player works, really well actually. Some dodgy wiring to sort. And some manky speaker wiring to sort Speaker grilles cleaned and refitted I didn't have the aerial convertor I needed so rigged one up with some ghetto cabling And it all works a treat. Just need to buy some 80s cassettes now to replace the ones I ditched many moons ago.
  8. Looks like a pretty solid workhorse and fulfils a few shiter requirements; Lacquer peel in places Aircon requires a regas https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1155241751886306
  9. Epic. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/313052407449700
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