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  1. A better shot of the Tri-tanic
  2. I believe it's Reliant Robin running gear, with an old speedboat body which has been turned into a trike.
  3. Autoshite NFTs, there's a thought. We could sell off the Bottom Trumps as Non Fungible Tat.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/300343965334425
  5. Some shiny bits finally arrived yesterday. First one assembled Then fitted with a bit of swearing and some grazed knuckles You'll notice there is a cover missing to the right of the strut, I only noticed after I'd fitted the wheel and dropped it down. Put the tools away and saw that it was still in the back of the van 🤬 Wheel back off in the morning then. Will get the other side fitted tomorrow too and go for a test drive.
  6. I have been looking at a set of 15" R25 wheels on FBook, was thinking about 195/50/R15 tyres as the diameter is pretty much the same as I have now. How is the fit of the 195s in the arches?
  7. Afternoon all, small update today. Working from home and it's very quiet so took an extended lunch break to do a few bits. Replaced plugs, leads and dizzy cap. Definitely made a difference, started quicker and settled to idle with less choke. Happy. Also took the opportunity to clean up the coil and inner wing to see if any horrors lurked under the filth. Before and after. Nothing there that I wasn't already aware of, you can see from the above images the seam where strut tower joins the inner wing is starting to blow. Will treat it with Kurust for now and see how it develops. When I got it all the air cleaner ducting was missing, bought some for an air cooled veedub which did the trick, almost. Renault in their wisdom made all the connections for 50mm pipe except the one on the air cleaner box which is bigger. Beer can, grommet and some spare rubber edging can to the rescue. Why is there is always a random cut off wire in old engine bays? Will investigate. That's it for now, more to follow in the new year.
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