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  1. This says a lot about E34 doors! And mine weren't better!
  2. Yes, especially the club-stands and parts-dealers are worth a visit. But you have to pass 287 Mercedes Sls and 173 Porsche 911 (for silly money) first. You have to search for shite-gems.
  3. I've been to the TC very often since the 90s. My impression is that it became more and more an exhibition of expensive and overpriced classics. Tickets become more expensive every year as well.
  4. This is particularly popular among the older generation, my dad has one, easy entry and driving position are the reasons to buy one. If you don't like Benz's B-class, this is your car.
  5. Because they're still very good grinders. Had them on the job in our local Mövenpick as standard in guest's menageries.
  6. They were called Derby until 1983.
  7. It's Harlekin in germanland, Harlequin in GB in a total of 113 cars there.
  8. Audi 100 5E, 80 quattro, Scirocco... Thank you!
  9. Buy it now, I also want one. The have half the 928 engine in them, no rockets but reliable and very durable. All parts available, daily use recommended, they don't like to rest (fuel injection). Yes all models have folding seats. Get a sunroof-model (Targa) for delicious summer fun. Good on MPG also.
  10. The 1,3 must have been the famous NZ, also used in the Golf Mk2 which also wasn't underpowered with this engine.
  11. Golf and Scirocco 1,8 90hp. Perfect for these little cars.
  12. Oven spray is my weapon of choice for cleaning wheels and everything nicotine-stained. Roof liners, white furniture...
  13. The Audi-hypothesis is only based on the use of the Neckarsulm-factory. VW and Audi shared production plants and the Porsche-cooperation meant a big deal for all of the involved participients. Audi had a busy Neckarsulm and still its CoupéS and the quattro maybe at the horizon, VW had the Scirocco and with the 924 a decent successor for the 914, for Porsche this car simply represents the rescue for the brand itself.
  14. The 924 was developed as a successor for the 914 by a Porsche and VW cooperation. The Scirocco was on its way so the 924 was destined to be launched as an Audi but VW (Volkswagenwerk since NSU was out by then) dropped the project because expensive and sold it back to Porsche. Neckarsulm was close to closedown due to lack of workload so they agreed to build the 924 there and in return VW provided Porsche with cheap parts. So win win for both Porsche and VW.
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