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  1. NE film trivia. Terry from the Likely Lads feature film had a flat there. Bob's red Chevette HTM 10N got its wheels nicked in the flats car park. 😛 https://www.reelstreets.com/films/likely-lads-the/
  2. MOT history for this 924s is sub optimal. Disappeared off the face of the earth for 11 years it seems.
  3. Anything that runs on veg oil because at some point in the future officialdom may recognise them as carbon neutral vehicles. Because bio fuels release the carbon they absorbed during their growth.
  4. Mercedes w210 on it's 3rd set of warranty replaced front wings?
  5. Could be its a sinker (think Citroen). Hydropneumatic suspension has lost all its fluid? https://forums.mbclub.co.uk/threads/hydraulic-suspension-issues-on-a-w126-walk-away.176270/
  6. 1986 w126 560SEL ex-Alaistair Maclean. Unusual high spec - trip computer in instrument cluster, orthopedic seats, Lorinser wheels, air suspension and lots of mysterious buttons to press. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/385990181730?hash=item59decec362:g:ZBAAAOSwswVk32jY&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwNK2MnBSoGrE3sRkVFnplbExF%2Fab%2BV7DZ%2BtN8%2FPpe9zWJZx5rpIWZUr6qvtLNI9zL49ShmPZfuNTPbilC%2FXWNo%2FVhgyjp6Gv9Ht%2FIUug1trdv1q%2F5KLZtLMqPtWlUx8UVkX1hQVbf9HcZ0WqaE2UoxIF16wESOfjuj3Lc%2BMehD%2FtVP8pPnBlPy97zQmioJbcu1IOl5IsNXJgpjURF4HJhIX1hL%2BAVnLcCO%2FR%2FCstLHxacp8cY%2BOiruPshDlkT7%2B8KQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5SzjKXBYg
  7. Newcastle polytechnic now Northumbria Universities library being built in the background.
  8. The restored 1968 Renault 16 in ACA'a august auction is pretty spectacular. Those seats! https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic-auctions/2598-19-Aug-2023/2877~1-1968-renault-16-ts
  9. There used to be a very forelorn looking C6 parked up near me with a cracked near side front window. Very odd i thought only to discover thanks to a bit of internetting it is a known issue when the leccy window decides not to move down a bit when closing the front door. Something to watch out for.
  10. Wonder if the 745i has a big old KKK turbocharger like its little brother the 2002 turbo. Massive turbo lag. For a 'rust free' car it appears to have a fair bit of rust though. Still a nice old thing.
  11. Indeed, just after Jesmond metro station straight under the central motorways version of spaghetti junction.
  12. Thanks. As i do not live anywhere near a low emissions zone i have never looked into it. I do however feel very sorry for Londoners and anyone else residing in or on the border of a low emissions zone having to put up with this nonsense.
  13. Your not wrong. Recently had the chance to buy a near immaculate Mercedes s202 c250 turbodiesel estate R reg from a guy down in Teddington SW London. He bought it brand new, full history etc. He was so down on it not being complaint he only wanted £600 for it with MOT. I procrastinated and missed it but this non compliant bollocks is making some people think a valuable car has no value. Which is not right on so many levels, including the sheer waste of working cars that have to be replaced you would assume. Not environmentally friendly at all either.
  14. All makes no sense. Wonder what criterea bar euro level or g/km co2 they are working to?
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