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  1. Honest looking w202 250 turbodiesel with rusty arches just itching to be doused in Vactan and a bit of touch up paint. Nice 5 cylinder om605 engine with decent power. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202111259930101?advertising-location=at_cars&make=Mercedes-Benz&price-to=4000&sort=price-asc&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&include-delivery-option=on&postcode=ne22te&radius=1500&page=2
  2. Agenda 2030 is a United Nations 'thing' so yes most governments are following suit. Lets have a referendum on the green agenda i say.
  3. Research sponsored by the UK Government.
  4. Just more agenda 2030 zero emissions horseshite by bought and paid for politicians. Here is another version of it just with a lot more detail. The future looks terrifying for the majority but fine and dandy for those in charge. https://www.ukfires.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Absolute-Zero-online.pdf
  5. I use 7zap.com for Mercedes parts numbers and handy exploded diagrams. https://mercedes.7zap.com/en/eu/fg/car/
  6. That just needs some doilies on the rear headrests to be proper Yakuza shit.
  7. I managed to do mine only removing the air box. Just dug out my receipt from Mercedes Benz Newcastle and the part numbers are MA004 997 45 40 (seal o ring 70p each) and MA017 997 41 48 (sealing ring copper washer 65p each) 2015 prices ex vat. Look forward to hearing the difference the Monark nozzles make to your 190d. https://injectionpumps.co.uk/product/mercedes-delivery-valve-removal-splined-socket/
  8. My understanding is the Bosch inline injection pumps are lubricated by the engine oil not the fuel you put in the tank. The only issue i had when i started using veg oil in my 190d was the fuel delivery seals on the injection pump started leaking (o rings & copper washers) which you can get from Mercedes for about 15 quid a set. You will need a splined socket to remove the 5 nozzles on the top of the injection pump to do this fiddly but easy job (tweezers required). Your car is really going to be a baby S class with all that sound deadening installed. Top work. Sainsburys have veg oil at £1 a litre (3 litre bottles) at the moment.
  9. Euro Car parts have heater blower motors up for sale at just over £10 currently. Usually £50. Also front wheel bearings and air filters going cheap. I have no affiliation with ECP just thought w201 owners may want to take advantage.
  10. Fair point. An elderly owner may also produce that sort of wear flopping into the car and straining to get out. Nice car all the same with that engine.
  11. Mercedes w202 c250. 5 pot om605 n/a engine. Low mileage although the drivers seat bolster wear and shiny steering wheel seem a bit at odds with that. Spectacular caramel interior and jrg? exterior combo. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334220031262?hash=item4dd110f51e:g:zBQAAOSwvrthcBQk
  12. And will he have to pay Sidiq Khan's ransom demand of £12.50 to escape to the free North?
  13. The McLaren F1 LM uses VW Corrado door mirrors.
  14. Nullzwei

    Dad cars

    What a great thread. My dads cars... that i can remember. VW Golf mark1 blue 4 door. Sometime in the late 70's. Citroen GS estate. Blue. Like a space ship after the golf. Remember travelling all the way from Newcastle down to Cornwall on holiday in this as a kid. Talbot Solara GL or GLS. Blue saloon. He put a vinyl roof on it, fitted a solenoid to open the boot and had his initials on the bootlid. Nissan Sunny estate. ~Red with beige interior. He did not like this much and gave it to my step brother. Citroen BX 16rs. Mark 1. Beige. Learnt to drive in this car. Citroen BX 14 Leader. Mark 2. White with the grey lower half with leader decals. He liked his French cars.
  15. The headline figure for me in a straight six om613 diesel is the 350 ft/ lbs of torque, but then again my other car is a 190d 2.5 so i suppose that puts my notion of power in context. There is a electric auxillary engine heater in my s210 (a switch next to the ashtray), not that it seems to speed engine warm up. You could also get a full on webasto diesel pre heater in w210's as an option. Sounds like they are desperate to shift the w210. Fingers crossed the price of cars come down soon. Inflation = bad, imho.
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