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  1. You have probably already seen this but see below for a period Autocar road test of a 1965 190d. Might be of interest. https://www.flickr.com/photos/triggerscarstuff/albums/72157646423064262/with/14721316520/
  2. 84 w126 300 turbodiesel US import, 5 cyl om, tex? In Edb. Price seems reasonable enough for a car soon to be tax and mot free that can run on veg oil and looks like this. Not sure about the roof bars though. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1492855
  3. Great success! That engine sounds as a sweet as a nut for a nigh on 60 year old motor.
  4. Mercedes w202 250 turbodiesel. 150bhp OM605 turbo engine so torque a-plenty. Still pretty cheap unlike good Mercedes w201 190e's & d's which now command decent money. The w202's are also available as an estate which is a bonus. Such a pity the 190 never came in estate form, what a car that would have been imho.
  5. Bavarian car manufacturer Glas produced their tiny Goggomobil models in RHD so i assume were sold in the UK market. Glas's downfall was being consumed by BMW in the late 1960's and then being shut down to make way for BMW's new class (CS) coupes. Nearly bought a GLAS bmw engined gt coupe in the late 90's when they were still affordable. Stunning cars.
  6. Always used to see quite a few Murena's and Bagheera's in the Jesmond area of Newcastle going back 20 odd years ago because of a specialist garage called sports cars unlimited. Still there i think but no longer a Matra specialist. Lovely looking things.
  7. Maybe the injector fitting uses an olive under the top nut to create the seal. Like this... (hopefully olive translates appropriately from English to Norwegian) https://www.darwendiesels.com/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=olives
  8. With the price of diesel probably best to just replace the leaking injector pipe. Failing a local diesel specialist being able to help you they seem to be available online for a fair price. https://www.drinkwaard.com/en/marinediesel-parts/injectionpipe-om621/
  9. While i agree as a whole the Bangle era BMW's are not pretty cars they do have some nods to BMW design of old, and i do not mean just the hoffmeister kink. Thinning convex shaped panels and Ill fitting bootlids with big panel gaps were also a feature of the NK and 02 series cars. If you take the rubber seal off an 02's bootlid there is a good inch of play such is the gap from the factory. Maybe in a world not obsessed with safety legislation the shark nose front end of BMW's old would have continued and his designs been more coherent.
  10. When you look back at BMW's from the 1960's & 70's you can see where Bangle got his ideas from. NK & 02 series for example...
  11. That looks to be very unrusty for a 1970's BMW. Very rare. Mayo in filler cap is probably just condensation. Those 4 cylinder m10 engines are difficult to kill. Used in F1 in turbocharged form they made stupid horsepower.
  12. This BMW E28 has a bit of patina but is it a genuine Alpina B9-3.5? I would say so as it would have been nigh on impossible to obtain all the bits and pieces to create a 'fake' Alpina back then. Amazingly discheveled looking car. Love it. https://www.brightwells.com/timed-sale/5338/lot/591348
  13. What are your plans for sound/ vibration insulation once you have the floorpan repaired and rust proofed? Could be a good opportunity to make your car much quieter. Mercedes went to great lengths in the later w201 models to make the cabin as quiet as possible using floorpan sound deadening pads, a raised plastic false floor in the front footwells (pic below) followed by another thick sound deadening layer and then the carpets. So much sound deadening your feet are a good 3 to 4 inches above the actual metal floorpan. The engine bay was also thoroughly insulated using thick sound deadening pads. Later Mercedes models in scrapyards may be a good source of high quality insulation materials for not much money.
  14. BAS/ESP/ABS warning on this era of Mercedes is a common erratic fault and usually something to do with the brake light switch. A cheap part and easy to swap out as it is in the footwell on the brake pedal itself. https://www.partsinmotion.co.uk/car-parts/ecu/switches-and-sensors/lucasbrakelightswitchsmb759-detail
  15. Might be worth checking what is in the fuel tank seeing as these old OM engines will run on any grease based substance. May explain the need to crank a bit more than expected.
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