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  1. Ferrari Mondial 3.0 1982 Model LHD | eBay The most autoshite Ferrari, lhd Hawaiian import for £22k buy now
  2. Not exactly a car per se but the W638 Mercedes V Class/ Vito.
  3. I'm thinking the bn1 / bn2 robin, which ended production in 2002. I'm sure there are later cars sold in developing markets, such as India or China which still had a 4 speed after this date. Maybe also a Japanese kei car may have possibly but I'm doubtful
  4. Just heard of the Renault Clio initiale, the equivalent of the baccara but in the 2nd generation. Comes with leather seat and some (maybe fake) wood on the dash
  5. Agreed, I actually have a liking of the more street looking Ginetta cars such as the Tora and g26 ect
  6. Mazda Chantez, first found out about it in this article 23 two-stroke classic cars (msn.com)
  7. Ginetta Tora I thought they only made sports cars
  8. GINETTA TORA GRS 1986 | eBay
  9. Ferrari 750 Toyota eCom. A late 90s electric car
  10. Picture was taken mere minutes before posting. It's jusr fortunate pricing as I'm seeing pictures of 1.90 diesel
  11. I see it frequently as but just never had the chance to take a pic of it
  12. Austin Allegro at Esso Whetstone
  13. My parents drive this car too and got 55mpg driving at 65-70 on the a12. Well according to the computer
  14. The thought of asking this is because of the current price of fuel. I have heard from sources online that the Bond Minicar, Reliant Robin and a few other classic cars with small engine capacities have gotten extremely high mpg ratings from 60 to even 100 (some sources below). I've always just assumed modern cars have a high mpg whilst older cars have lower. My parents' Audi A4 1.4 TFSI does 55mpg according to the in-car computer and Audi claims it does 51mpg, which I feel is very economic. I however like shite and classic cars which are known for not being that economic. Are these claims valid at all, mildly exaggerated or a load of tosh? I'm sure there are people on this forum who have experience with these types of car, so what sort of mpg is actually accurate? Thanks for any help The Bond Minicar Mk A (bondcars.net) The Bond Minicar Mk C (bondcars.net) Reliant Robin - Wikipedia
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