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  1. Rare Lada Samara 1.3L Right Hand Drive Red 34k Catalyst 12 months MOT + parts | eBay Probably one of the most Autoshite cars out there
  2. Vauxhall Nova saloon 5 door 1.2 luxe long mot 38k 1 previous owner totally orig | eBay Never even knew there was a saloon version of the Nova
  3. I don't really like diesels plus I don't think they're ulez compliant If a rover 75 isn't feasible I think I'll consider the 2002 swift someone here mentioned
  4. Would a Rover 75 2.0 v6 be difficult to insure as a first car? I've heard from a few people to get a car with a small engine, however they are talking about modern cars and I see that older cars are cheaper to insure
  5. Are there many differences in running costs and reliability of the 1.8 4cyl and 2.0 v6 engines? Especially as a first car
  6. ULEZ Check | Use our ULEZ Checker to see if your vehicle is compliant Check your vehicle (tfl.gov.uk) I use these sites when looking through ebay
  7. I might skip on that but thank you for your recommendation
  8. I like the idea of that. Economic, ULEZ compliant and also don't see many around
  9. Never really thought of Vauxhalls and not really a fan of most Vauxhalls of that period but I actually like the Astra coupe
  10. Alfa 156? I have a family friend who's an expert on Alfas so I'll ask him
  11. I'll consider the k11, but yeah I also find the k12 quite ugly. Thanks for your input
  12. Yeah I guess these are autoshite. Thank you I find the 3 cylinder engine very nice sounding
  13. Interesting. I would like the v6 version but as a teen and a first car I don't know how feasible it would be for me because of insurance
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