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  1. Said fit Tiida is now available for sale - I'm gonna pull a cheeky one and stick a listing in here as well, seeing as nobody down here seems to have a clue what they are, I don't expect it to be an easy sell. I'll of course pop my usual Autoshite discount on there as well.
  2. Right, I've been back to work this week and have achieved...some stuff. Mondeo has been machine polished and, once some trailing arm bushes have been replaced, will be available with a fresh year of test! Yaris has been cleaned up and is now up for sale in various places with, you guessed it, a fresh MOT as well! And finally, I've been a massive idiot and bought myself another RX-8 for (hopefully) track duties this year. Oh well, I can't be handsome *and* smart... ...or either, for that matter.
  3. Twingo sold off Car and Classic in the end, but there was interest from the ad on here!
  4. Managed to just about cram one last piece of business in before Christmas - had the joy of delivering the Crown up to the buyer in the Peak District, not the greatest day for it (lots of fog!) but a wonderful car to do it in, outrageously comfortable.
  5. It's actually not a bad thing - my Grandad is retiring and, put simply, my father and uncle have no desire to continue with horticultural machinery - dad's always wanted to do cars since his apprenticeship at Volvo back in the 80s/90s, so it's natural progression for him to effectively join me
  6. Absolutely love the plate on the MG - what I'd give for B457ERD.
  7. Not really much to update on as we move into the more...sedate part of the year, although I have now moved into a slightly more 'dedicated' workshop complete with actual lighting and power! Not only that, but I've got a sneaking feeling Dad and I are going to come to an agreement on a two-poster lift to fit (as we're going into business together as of 2022, due to the family business closing it's doors for the last time on Tuesday). I get to have some enjoyment tomorrow, delivering to the Peak District the JZS151 Crown that I'd imported and registered on commission for a customer. Meanwhile, have a photo of the new workspace complete with Yaris, which is frankly astonishing underneath (although sadly the bodywork does let it down a touch). To all those following this thread or reading this post, I hope you have a simply delightful Christmas/New Year
  8. Wasn't exactly what we'd call the most inspiring end to the week with the weather, but it did manage to shake the majority of the remaining leaves out of the trees. As such, it seemed like a good time to have a bloody good sweep out of the place. Having no doors on it really does make it a pickle, but I shan't complain at all as it's a damn sight better than working outside. The zero-service-history Mondeo is all done now in the maintenance department, so will have an MOT this week and a bloody good valet and machine polish - being black, there's a definite gain to it especially on the marketing side of things, makes it worth the few hours it'll take.
  9. Kept meaning to have a proper look through this thread after seeing it for sale, bloody admirable work you're doing. Sidenote: still trying to convince myself this wouldn't look beautiful alongside the Twingo.
  10. Glad it made it back okay, definitely was a nice little car that one - let me know if I end up with anything else that takes your fancy!
  11. Not particularly - I find with dealing in this end of the market, people seem to expect far less. It's in many ways why it's nice to give them more than they're expecting!
  12. Yeah, it's always nice to see other traders putting the effort in as well - we've all got to do what we can to make up for the reputation brought to us thanks to the actions of some of the less savoury ones out there. Doing it as my only job certainly arouses some interest from many people - I think there's an element of intrigue to what it takes going from doing it as a hobby to doing it full time, realistically it's just volume and making it an objective to be doing work at least eight hours a day, and at least five days a week - even when it seems difficult to actually fill that time with meaninful progress on things in stock, there's always something that can be done to improve earnings.
  13. Not much has really happened over the last few days - mainly just time spent preparing the Mondeo for sale through the renewal of the air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter plus some nice new oil - looks like it needed it too, so I flushed through a little before the final fill. I did finally decide to dig out the Roland Garros as well, and confront the situation that lies beneath - don't let the below photo fool you, turns out it's holier than a Vatican colander. Shame, but not wholly unexpected.
  14. Didn't get anything done on Thursday as I ended up slightly in Belgium. Funny how these things seem to happen. Today, the rain fell and the wind blew, but managed to get another car collected. I very much want to keep this one of myself if I'm honest as it's quite a useful thing, being a Titanium 2.0 TDCi.
  15. So, after last night's antics trying to polish up the Twingo, it's all done and up for sale! Sadly the rear end does need a little work paint-wise, but having seen a few high-km rotten Mk1 Twingos go for worryingly close to £1000, I feel like at £1,795 this one almost represents good value! Not to everyone's taste, but it's got MOT to October and I've just finished 200km of testing to make sure it's up to scratch (it is!).
  16. Not much achieved this week so far, my fault for spending all of Monday out on track at Snetterton with my brother doing some basic tuition for him! Today I managed to get around to giving the Twingo a good machine polish before I do the proper sales photos tomorrow. I've done my 200km in it that I set myself to make sure it was running and driving nicely for the buyer - I especially wanted to do this after it had been sitting since July last year. Also popped a new battery on it as the one that had been in it, despite being disconnected, wasn't too keen on taking a charge. Last thing I want is to sell it to someone in the winter with a battery that's on the way out.
  17. Yeah, I never understood it personally. I've sold personal cars that I've seen go up for a higher price somewhat soon after, it's never fussed me that much. Most recent instance was selling my FD RX-7 for £19k at the start of 2020, to then see it listed a week later for £26,500 - he didn't manage to sell it for about a year and ended up taking very close to what he paid for it. I'm actually quite glad to be learning about these - I've found an article that suggests the SE model, which had AC, bluetooth, all electric windows etc. was £8995 for a 1.6 manual when new - quite a good deal at a time where even a completely bog standard Micra was £7995.
  18. Ahhh yes, the YRV - this photo is now showing for me! That was another one of my slightly...less intelligent moments, I'd gone through a 24 box of Chang over the course of the Saturday at this year's British GP, and found it on Marketplace. Japanese, Turbo and Lord Gears meant I'd sent the seller a deposit, car unseen, before I made it back to the tent. It was good fun for a few hundred miles (only cost me £400) but when the MOT expired, it became apparent that it wasn't going to pass without a fair bit of work - so it went the way of most YRVs, and it's innards are now keeping the remaining few in the UK alive. Cracking laugh though, was running a fuel cut defender and a manual boost controller, seller claimed it was over 150hp and I'd be inclined to believe the chap!
  19. I'm a day in and already forgetting to actually post the things that go on in the day to day! Today (Friday, but it's 2:29am and I've not slept so we'll ignore the fact it's actually Saturday) was a fun one, wheel bearing on the mighty Tiida which was rumbling away like my stomach every time I see a Philly Cheesesteak. I only recently dragged an air line through (I'm currently working in a lean-to out the back of my Grandad's business) and it's made everything a whole load easier. The old air tools have been stolen and I now hold them hostage in the unit - some of them (not pictured) are far far older than me and still work better than I do. Managed to salvage the pictured shield too, bit of a rub down and a quick lick of VHT (there was just about enough strength left in it) and it's back to doing it's job again. It's already been serviced, I've fitted new Borg & Beck front discs and pads, and once the new ABS sensor arrives (old one had plastic-welded itself to the mounting hole and didn't survive removal) it'll be ready for a pair of new front tyres and an MOT. Previous owner did a fair amount of work on it before trading it in (at an extortionate garage, I could have wept at the near-£1000 invoice for an exhaust mid section, back box, coil packs and plugs that I can source for well under £200), so it'll serve the eventual buyer well for a good few years with any luck.
  20. Haha, thank you! I was a little worried as to what people would think, there's some bargains in the for sale section but I've no intention of buying to sell from here, I'd only purchase stuff I intended on keeping for a bit, had a genuine interest in, or projects to save. I source a reasonable amount from the auctions and cars for sale on driveways can crop up with fantastic margins in them, but it's definitely easy to offend people - I've paid asking price for cars seen on driveways only to have the owners complain to me when they see it listed a couple of weeks later (usually after I've needed to do some prep work on the car) for what they see as a 'hefty' mark up. End of the day, we all need to make a living somehow. Prime example was finding a Chevrolet Spark (2011, 54k miles) up for sale at £250 by the roadside a couple of months ago. Knocked on the door, and within 20 minutes had paid the chap and was on my way home with it. He'd mentioned it having had a misfire, so I ended up fitting a new Lemark ignition coil, Blue Print HT leads, set of Bosch spark plugs and doing a basic service consisting of air filter, oil filter and some decent trade 5W30. Also put a set of brand new Toyos on it, and chucked it through an MOT which it passed. Cost £68 for the repair and service parts, £109 for the tyres on an eBay deal, and £60 for the MOT and tyre fitting. £250 + £237 in, I listed (and quickly sold ) it for £1595, so a nice tidy profit in it I'll admit. The old owner wasn't happy though, I'd had plenty of snotty messages off them the day I lised it on Marketplace. In terms of the prices for those cars, it's a strange one. They've become valuable through rarity, and rare through lack of value. It's a wonderful catch to find yourself on the winning end of, one day we'll be paying £10k for clean K11 Micras and Nissan Almeras, you watch!
  21. Please feel free, always happy to have a chat about these things @TheOtherStu the looks of the Mk1 definitely divide opinion, it has far more 'die hard' fans I'd say than the Mk2, which was always labelled as a bit bland by comparison - although bland and inoffensive definitely can go hand in hand. It's definitely the objectively better car, but the Mk1 just has the character that the Mk2 really lacked, even in the warm versions I found. I had the thoroughly unpleasant experience of driving a Mk3 just before I left my old Sales Exec job - was quite excited to drive the RR layout Twingo, shouldn't have been - I was very disappointed. It certainly gets expensive to keep them once they start getting older in Japan, but the strict Shaken test does mean you're more likely to find a good'un that's been preserved regardless of the ever-increasing costs to the owner. Always be aware that there's no guarantee of quality mind, some can definitely slip through the rigorous net, if that makes sense?
  22. Thanks to all posting kind welcome messages on here! @Gruber @motorpunk - black Twingo is in the process of me road testing it for a week to make sure it's all good after the time it's spent sitting, once that's done and I've managed to clay bar, machine polish and interior valet it, it'll be available for sale - it's done 144k KMs (there's a story behind a very interesting bit of MOT history too when I first got the car!) and is in decent condition, compared to the many I see on eBay with lacquer peel and a fair bit of body damage. A very interesting question, I'm not sure that after two years of doing it, I've even managed to narrow it down. I've sold/managed the sale of cars up to around £20k, and a lot of stuff as low as £500, it's all good fun to me! It's cracking good fun, but I've learned quite a lot about the dos and donts of it all in this early period. I initially started with self-funding the imports, which was handy as it meant I could get an idea on lead times and process without having to worry about having a specific customer waiting for their car. Once I'd done a few and decided on an agent to use (very helpful to have a basic proxy bidding service so I don't have to be up at all hours, combined with the ease of getting cars to a Japanese port for me to then arrange shipping them) I started to offer a commission importing service. I've targeted this towards the lower end of the market, as there's a healthy supply of people who want the cheaper stuff such as V36-gen Skylines, non-Turbo Automatic Crowns, Celsiors, Mark IIs etc. but don't want to pay the multiple-thousand-pound commissions from some of the other more established companies doing it. Don't get me wrong, they offer a far more comprehensive service than me, and I generally tend to refer people who want £50k cars importing over to them just for the peace of mind - I don't have people at the actual auctions who can take a detailed look at the cars for example, avoiding any doubt over the real condition beyond the auction sheets.
  23. My autocorrect had the same idea the first ten or so times I tried to type it out! Ahh, that's very good to know - I had an inkling it was something similar but good to get the proper story on it, thanks! I mean, you're not wrong, but having spent three and a half years doing 'proper' car sales with Ford, I see it as my comeuppance. I spent about four hours a day towards the end just cold-calling people to try and sell cars, I can't imagine they were too chuffed with me! This was exactly my view, and I think there are a lot like that around, especially at this end of the market. I like to make sure everything has a good chance of serving it's end user well, for instance I have a personal rule that if it's been more than six months since it's last service, I'll at least give it a basic oil/oil filter/air filter service for the sake of about £15-20 of trade parts to myself. You make less money that way, but a good reputation forges a good future. For @hairnet and @Asimo - the yellow Twingo is basically my prized possession, it's a 1995 Ph1 with the 1.2 Cleon-Fonte C3G engine, old pushrod thing with single point injection which means it's pretty bulletproof. Done just over 300,000km as it stands and is actually now in use as my daily! Feel free to ask any more questions about it, it's a characterful little bugger!
  24. Hello all. I've very much been enjoying looking through some of the fleet threads on here of late, and wondered if it might be worth starting a thread which, while similar to a fleet thread, covers the daily goings on of a motor trader who specialises (not necessarily through choice) in shite. I went self-employed full time as a motor trader in November 2019 after a few years spent as a Sales Exec at Ford, fuelled by my manager's insistence that I was always trying to get 'too involved' in the goings on behind the scenes in the sales process. I now both buy and sell cars from the UK, as well as import from Japan, which brings about a whole extra source of potential tat/shite/oddity. Currently I'm blessed with a beautiful stock list consisting of some 'proper shite' - first of all is a 2010 Nissan Tiida, a car that appears to have only ended up in England after transitioning from a life in Scotland that began with it being a dealer import from Arnold Clark. It's an SC11 1.6 saloon, and it's the most dull car I've ever driven. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's fine as cars go - the engine is fine, the handling is fine, the ride is...fine. But fine doth not maketh the loins flutter. Next up, I can bless all of your eyes with the Italian Passion Wagon itself, the Fiat Seicento Active. This one came in earlier this week, and is actually in pretty remarkable condition on the inside. Sadly, there's a rather noticeable dent that's been tactically omitted from this photo that lets the outside down, but I've serviced it and chucked it up for sale with MOT until March. Somehow probably the least 'shite' thing I've got in at the moment. Last but most definitely not least, I've finally managed to get Twingo no.2 registered in time for the traditionally busy winter season in the motor trade (anyone who knows, will know) - it only took 16 months of jumping through DVLA hoops thanks to a complete lack of documents and some questionable activities in regards to how it ended up in the country (I saved it from the car park of a rather dodgy looking dealership in Peterborough, who very kindly MOT'd it for me a couple months later with an extra 50,000km on the clock apparently, and despite the fact that at the time of the 'MOT', the car was actually sitting on my driveway while I was away on holiday. Sadly the DVSA won't remove the record as I'm unable to provide compelling proof that I didn't, in fact, take the car for an MOT. Hopefully over the coming weeks I'll be able to give you an insight into car prep, purchasing, and such like. Might slip the odd photo of one of the personal fleet members in as well just for good measure, so long as it fits the bill of being a bit shite. Luke
  25. Personally always been reasonably happy with Nexen N'Fera SU4s or the equivalent Roadstone Eurovis Sport 04s on the non-sporty stuff, available very cheap on eBay usually. Apart from that, the new Toyo TR1s are an improvement on the T1Rs (that's not saying much, mind) and at less than 40 a corner in my Eunos Roadster's size (195 50 15) I most definitely can't complain. Mid range brand for budget money is always a winner in my book.
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