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  1. If you really want one, buy it direct and you’d probably save a bundle. https://ams.uk/catalogue.cgi?preview=y&auction=2101
  2. I went by there in the work truck the other day. There was Heras fencing up around it a while back- maybe from decontamination. It’s only a few miles from work, but the wrong direction for me so never filled up there.
  3. Kit Form Bagheera https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1976-Matra-Bagheera-Simca-S-Resto-Project-/154966431144?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Dangerously tempting.
  4. You could say I have a type. The blue one was proper shite, Cheapest on Gumtree at £475, drank oil like a two stroke, Stevie Wonder had painted the passenger side and the hood was mostly Gaffa tape. Had it for a couple of years until the rot got into the rear strut tower. Replaced it with the silver one from a small time dealer out the back of a hand car wash, in the rain at night. £1500 in 2020, which I think was a reasonable deal. The body isn’t the greatest with various parking marks, but it’s nice and solid. I did have to swap the carpet out as it used to be owned by a mobile hairdresser. Done a bit more work as I plan on keeping it for a while.
  5. Late on the follow up, but it was LHD.
  6. A couple of locals Took a trip down to Hampshire for the weekend and covered an unadvisable distance on the bike. Plenty to spot. Well used 100NX Beetle in a dress. The TR6 was lovely. Would probably start and drive out. Tracks might need attention! There's a story here. Yo. Made a wrong turn and found this resting -would drive it as it is. Taxed but doesn't look like it's moved for a while. The GTV has been for sale since at least Christmas & gets more sad looking every time I see it. It was £4500ish and needs quite a bit of work.
  7. Retest success! Took it out for a quick drive in my test route and there’s a few niggles- suspension refresh and a thermostat are top of the list as well as a timing belt- No idea how old it is. Also a good clean up underneath to stop it dissolving.
  8. Retest Ready, refresh of a rear caliper and some fettling of lights and it should be good to go. The front headlight aim is the best I could get it- the mounting points don’t line up very well. At least the pop ups don’t rub on the bonnet now. I even washed the three years of storage grime off- not with the hot wash as that would probably take it back to it’s multicoloured past.
  9. Mahindra XUV500. They sell a few cars in Italy and Spain.
  10. I’ve left this a bit long for an update, so here we go: Roadster. It’s the daily driver, with no issues up until yesterday when a coil pack gave up by splitting open. They probably have 100,000 miles on them, so I can’t complain too much. £65 for a replacement still stings! A quick look underneath revealed a torn engine mount, which explains some of the clonking I’ve been hearing recently. I think the bushing can be pressed out without buying the whole replacement mount. Ignis. As the roadster is out of action that means the Ignis actually gets some use. Other than a getting an MOT a month or so ago it mostly just sits gathering moss. The Red AW11 I’ve now dug in to it and it’s going to need a lot of work. Both floors, Passenger sills, rear quarter and inner wings. Possibly more one I get it on the spit. I did buy a new welder so I may as well get as much use out of it as I can. Ventilated floors! That’s the leading edge of the passenger footwell, looking rearward. This is by far the worst area, and shows what underseal can do. Peeling it off and it was wet behind it. I have replacement floors and sills now, but this is going to be a longer term project. I did buy an engine, for the simple reason that it was cheap. Underestimated the weight slightly having to lift it in the back of the Ignis! Metro. Not much to report, A little bit of progress and parts sourcing. I’ve cleared some space around it and will be diving into that as the main focus once I’ve MOT’d: The Blue AW11. Purchased very much on a whim, I think the eBay listing went up at 2PM, I’d messaged the seller almost as soon as it went up and had seen and bought it by 6pm. Obviously it’s not pristine, but it’s much more solid than my other one. Luxurious Accommodation. Seats/Belts/Fire system are out of date now, but still find for targas and stuff. It does need some interior parts for that. The cage is a Safety Devices one, though I’m not sure if it would pass for a logbook however that would be a long way off. The worst area is on the drivers side rear arch, there’s a lot of wob in there. It could be from a shunt as opposed to rust, either way it needs some attention to get through a test. The sill is solid, its the quarter panel over the top that’s the problem. For now I’ll patch it so the sill and panel are attached to each other and cover up the step in the filler with the sill covers. The front wing needs a bit of love too, but that’s a much smaller issue. Taking it around another farm tracks it’s a riot. The engine was rebuilt by the last but one owner, the cams look new and it’s plenty fast enough. MOT is booked for the 13th…
  11. It wasn’t stolen then…
  12. Did a collection- didn't seem worth a thread as it was local! Yes, another one. I spotted it on ebay almost as soon as it was listed, went to view it and paid the (very reasonable!) price for it within a few hours The eagle eyed may have noted the scaffolding, which isn't just for show - Seats/Belts/Extinguisers are out of date, but fine for Targa type events in the short term. It's been laid up for four years so the first job will be an MOT and put a few miles on to iron out any issues. It only needs a small amount of welding- much less than the one I already have! Took it for a trip around the farm tracks when I got back and it's a wonderful drive. The furthest I have driven my other one was off the transporter and in to the workshop, so it was nice to find out what they are actually like to drive. The body is definitly functional rather than pretty, but that's perfect for what it is.
  13. It has been windy recently.
  14. The 1ZZ engines have this issue, I had the same problem with both of my MR2s. The worst needed a litre every 300 miles or so. The oil return holes in the pistons are under sized so over time or with a lack of oil changes they get glommed up. Still run fine and I never had any emissions hassle at MOT time, but it’s an annoying fault.
  15. Twice I have bought cars that ‘Clutch has just started slipping m8’ where you can only barely touch the accelerator before it slips.
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