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  1. Oh! I was on last year - just assumed you were keeping on! My fault for not reading the post of course. If it's too late, I am happy to bow out.
  2. I've not had any details that I'm aware of yet and I am running out of time.
  3. I am very excited for you. And more than a little jealous.
  4. Oh man, I love a C15! They go like stink away from the lights when they aren't Romahomes. That one looks really good too! I am still looking for some bits for @bigfella2 but if I find anything van-specific I will let you know.
  5. I can honestly say I had never looked at one of those (or rather cared what it was) until now. Modern, boring and fat.
  6. I don't feel any great sense of loss for modern Fiestas. They are so big and refined. Not the car that made them popular. All modern cars seem to have a thyroid problem. I think the Ka was the last car they made that was the right size. My first car was a Fiesta. Mk1, 1100cc in Daytona Yellow. Bought it for £50, sold it for £100. The engine mountings broke every couple of weeks so I used to pretend I was driving a muscle car and used to rev it so the engine smack the top of the bonnet at lights. Great fun! Sold it to someone that used it in a ramraid to steal a cash machine. Took quite a lot of explaining when the police turned up at my mum and dad's. RIP little car.
  7. This is impressive work. A credit to you.
  8. I spent a lot of time in/around those as a boy. It's a shame, I didn't think it was a particularly ugly car. I merely think it reflected British manufacturing at the time - they simply didn't develop any of it enough. We could go into the politics section here but I don't want to do that, it gets a bit nasty. Someone else mentioned the Metro - that was a great example. Most of it directly copied from a pioneering design.... from decades before. It was not a bad car in itself, but compared to a Mk1 Polo you can see how much better quality the German cars were.
  9. Frankly, I am amazed how many independent car mechanics still manage to stay in business. It's a business model where it is much, much easier to keep going if you're unscrupulous with the standards of your work. I've seen good and bad work from garages but the real problem is cars just aren't made to be fixed any more. And you genuinely can't forsee the next issue coming up with something as complicated as a car. So no, I wouldn't want to guarantee my work. It's not like when I was 17, when I swapped the engine in my Ford Fiesta with my dad one afternoon. It blew up so we bought the engine out of a smashed up one from Passeys near Oxford. It was £50, IIRC. If such a thing happens to my car, it's a call to the knackers. People have ridiculous expectations and almost no clue about the time it takes to do anything. I blame the Internet.
  10. This was a really interesting film, if you have the time/inclination: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p04b183c/hypernormalisation
  11. I think this is the answer. I went in my local Ford dealership the other day - I was renting a van. It struck me that rather than a business that sold cars, it was a business that sold credit. There was a poster up saying they didn't accept cash. So at odds with how I have usually bought my cars. Frankly, if it sees 25 year olds not being able to get new 330bhp BMWs for £100 a week I think it's a good thing. Money has become sort of meaningless.
  12. My last Vauxhall Corsa was just so unlovely and unlikable in every single way. It was a good car. But I just hated it. I suppose the worst condition one was my beige Mini 1000 auto. I knew the original owner and wanted it for years. He died, and I managed to acquire it from his daughter. It had only done 30,000 miles, and had been immaculately cared for, with no rust. I cherished it. I sold it to my brother in law for £100 because I was really, really skint one week. He wrecked it in one winter of commuting to Slough on the M4. He sold it back to me knackered a year later for £100. I've never quite forgiven him for it.
  13. If I had the money I would definitely try one of those aftermarket turbo kits. A Pug 107 that does 0-60 in 8 seconds would be great fun. Closest modern thing to a 1980s hot hatch. Modern hot hatches are boring.
  14. As an aside, if someone was selling a car on my behalf and they took photos with what looks like a massive oil leak underneath I'd be very unhappy. Yes, they do want a lot for it! FWIW, I really like 107s. As to "dad storage" - I am still a bit sad that he sold my MGB without asking me. Bloody loved that car, I just didn't have the money to fix it. 😶 Here it was in happier times. Can you tell what I was thinking when that photo was taken? Maria went like a train. She was always half an hour late and infuriated anyone who was working with her.
  15. One of my earliest memories as a child is wondering why my dad was stuffing newspaper into the wing of an Alfetta he was about to sell. Those were really beautiful cars, apart from the rust.
  16. Yes, with three cars: Mk1 Fiesta in Daytona Yellow. I did 40,000 miles in that car. It was a real giggle to drive, slow, and it broke down a lot. I sold it to someone who used it to ramraid an off-licence in Slough. MGB GT. I sold it to someone who said they'd do it up and subsequently sold it for bits. The Romahome, to Petrolize last week. Gutted about that. But yes, my priorities are changing and the prospect of keeping all of these vehicles is worrying long-term. Besides, I need to get more active. I'm going to ride bikes and move more while I still can.
  17. I have to say I don't get the historic MOT exemption idea. It places too much risk on the owner of the car. And people don't maintain things. My mate Dan used to drive a Beetle with a great big hole in the floorpan. We'd go on 100 mile outings, and you could see the M40 rushing underneath your feet. A hole nearly big enough to put your foot into. I bet there's loads of cars like that, or perhaps worse cars "repaired" with a sheet of steel and a gob of filler. Rules are good for stuff like this. They give vehicle owners a standard that they must adhere to in order to satisfy the law. At the moment, the onus is on them to decide what's legal.
  18. Tell me more about Smart Cars? I am completely unaware of them, apart from a friend who had one of the Roadsters. I remember the engine shat itself quite early even though he bought it new.
  19. Swift Sport is an interesting idea. @sporty-shite, very tempting but not quite my thing. Audis are much too good. The MX5 is a good shout too. I am still conditioned to think of those as being too expensive for me, although the direction of travel is pushing them that way.
  20. That is the best thing I have ever seen. Mrs667 would kill me if the car didn't. Probably worth it!
  21. Yes. Island Plastics were a boatbuilder who had a sideline in cars and caravans - their really iconic car was the Frogeye Sprite. They're still going. I wouldn't buy a new Romahome though. Their aftermarket support is awful - there are a lot of horror stories. Mine worked out OK though!
  22. That's a good question. I think it is the mini. I don't really care if it can beat other cars. I want one I can enjoy having a blast around on.
  23. Those are exactly what I am thinking about. The supercharger is particularly interesting.
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