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  1. someone on here had a very early one of these and im fucked if i can remember who it was but i think they’re proper bo.
  2. it was purchased 180 pages ago. 2.5 years. and despite generous offers and insightful intelligent advice discussion is still around putting bandages over fresh air and the like. no disrespect but it just feels like a lot of heat and not a lot of light is shining
  3. after 237 pages and six lines of title I would expect this car to be fully restored nut and bolt, mot’d in daily use and being used for hire and reward of a weekend. instead it’s still terminally fecked with suggestions of bandages being stuck over fresh air and a slight smell of resentment that the whole thing hasn’t been repaired gratis. my suggestion would be just to take a step back from the keyboard and really digest what has already been suggested and offered. get it somewhere and get it fixed, or sell it to someone who can get it where it needs to be. but ultimately, stop the talking. there’s a lot of noise and heat when you just need some quiet and some light
  4. scabby poor people? oh wow. is that the agreed terminology for families being helped by social services now? fair enough that its your pov but wow
  5. this is probably the most helpful post in the last 3 pages of heat. ive recommissioned old heaps before. the way i looked at it, it was more important that it would stop than it would go. so started with brakes, all new cylinders, hoses, pads, shoes, whatever. all of it. you're talking about a few quid but you have peace of mind that it is done, and then you know where youre starting from. then move onto 'go'. i would be urging wherever possible the purchase of new parts because they are never available forever and if you have new ones on your car youre likely to keep the wheels turning for much longer into the future. i would find yourself a garage trusted by someone you trust. ask them to put together a charles ware type programme for you. stage 1 - stopping reliably. stage 2 - going reliably. stage 3 - ongoing maintenence. they might even be able to make things easier for you going forward with a few modifications here and there. sorry to sound all nuns and kittens but this thing really ought not to be going anywhere near the queens highway until someone has properly gone through it.
  6. i think its perfectly easy to buy reliable family transport for under £2k. i reckon i could have bought two or three for £2k that would offer perfectly good service for a year. but the temptation of something a bit different blinds us all. i did a quick search and i would just give it to a jap specialist to do properly. rob burke, japex, poleposition. it'll be under £1k and for three grand you've got the car you always wanted with the right engine in perfect condition. look after it from there on, and it'll last forever.
  7. there was a Dacia Sander access on here for £795 the other day. As a kid we did 400 miles to the Lake District in smaller. tell the kids to have a word with themselves. its character building anyway.
  8. wasn’t going to turn you over. there is a strange argument for buying broken and fixing - that way you know it’s done. for that reason I keep poring over zelandeths mercedes. im sure you will be keen to video the whole miserable process but if you bought it to have a working car then I’d cut my losses and give it to a proper jap specialist over xmas when all garages are quiet. you would likely have it back by wk2 2022
  9. I have had a good end to the year and work has been fiscally kind. If you want to cut your losses Dolly then I’m all ears
  10. who was it please because i might be about to buy car from one of the most prominent Merc specialists for older Mercedes in the UK.
  11. much more fun to assume that the bloke did it out of pure spite and to go full judge rinder on him. 🤣
  12. my calendar contribution for december. sometimes it is just better to think stuff and not actually say it
  13. I may have missed something so apologies if I did. how do you know the dealer sold it knowing it had the fault? I may have missed a video or some evidence or something. it may well have been the previous owner who caked it up to limp it through a part ex
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