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  1. Me too, plus spending most of my time socialising around there when I lived in other areas. Can't believe I never noticed this house and the cars.
  2. 😱 That's 4 - 6 cars!
  3. Have posted these before, but spotted them together today
  4. Doug DeMuro did a video about the van version - the first couple of minutes include some of the history of the HHR.
  5. These things happen! I'm sure all of us here will have had something similar - or much worse - in the past. Please don't beat yourself up about it!
  6. Not sure yet - hoping to move to Somerset but it depends on work etc. Would be grateful for any details of good garages in the wider area! (also apologies for derailing the thread).
  7. Well I, for one, would welcome someone doing this. Maybe a stretch limo.
  8. Car looks ace. I'd be interested in the details of the decent garage if you have them please, as I'm hoping to move back and after 26 years away, I think the mechanics I used to use have either retired or died..!
  9. When I was on an MX5 forum years ago they were mad for it - top down in rain, snow, on the motorway, at 4am... If they ever saw someone else with the top up they would (after waving to the other MX5 driver) post angrily on the forum about it.
  10. I didn't see this thread earlier - I was too busy de-icing the car..! Great to meet you @Finchy90 - enjoy the 306, it's the perfect evening for some top-down motoring 😂
  11. Yeah I looked around one of the flats in the north east corner and from the terrace you could watch the tube trains stopping at Stamford Brook station. I'm surprised the bus garage is still there - and didn't realise how huge it is. The space would be very handy - group buy? 😉 These days I live closer to Fulwell bus garage - another former tram shed!
  12. There are flats in the Power House, the building in the background of that photo. The lower floors of the building are recording studios, and the flats are in the roof. They have their own lift which just has two buttons: G and 13.
  13. Ha they've had that at least 10 years - I used to park in that street when I worked (relatively) nearby.
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