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  1. Totally agree with this - 49 year old here who spent 30 years working in radio and tv. No idea what to do next, and no idea who'd have me..!
  2. I had one exactly like this in 2001 - possibly my favourite car ever and I wish I'd never sold it. The engine sounds (and looks) amazing.
  3. Fantastic video - some wonderful photos in there, and you did absolutely great; I go to pieces as soon as someone points a camera at me, and can't work out how to walk or where to put my hands 🙂
  4. @Sh'Eds Yes and I would urgently hide the car, preferably off the road, even better in a garage or somewhere else where it can't be seen. Obviously just moving it to a different street would be an option, but I'd be a bit concerned now it's on their radar. EDIT: Just saw your reply above. Maybe just make sure the other vehicle swaps streets regularly so people can't say it's not being used? A pain in the arse, admittedly.
  5. Yeah I love it, I think it's the perfect country to live in, my best mate is hopefully moving there in the next couple of years so I'm planning to be visiting a lot 🙂
  6. I don't - but I think there are Samsung and generic equivalents? Are the Apple ones better, somehow? If so I might get an iPhone, primarily for keeping track of my keys, wallet, adult LaserDisc collection etc
  7. Yeah the tax situation is a mess, they need to sort it out for pre-2017 cars. I assume the general public feel the same way as ASers and are put off buying a car in a high tax band, but I'm not sure. Most people only have one car each, so it would make less difference per year, and do they even bother to check before buying? Not sure, but I've just switched to paying monthly for the first time, which I assume most people do, and it definitely makes the difference seem less noticeable. Personally, unless you really hate the PT Cruiser now or won't be able to afford the tax (and aren't going to go down the PIP route), I'd MOT the SLK then sell, my thinking being that someone will buy the PT Cruiser but it will take a long time to find that right person. Maybe in the meantime the government will reform the car tax, especially if we get a new government soon in place of the current bunch 🤞
  8. It could be worth hiding one or more tiles that you can track from your phone in your car if it's desirable. Apparently, sometimes "official" trackers can take a while before the company will give you the location of the car, so it may have been moved from the local area before you get chance to find it. Luckily for me, my car is not desirable to thieves 🙂
  9. Yeah when I had my Puma I used to open the bootlid a few inches to let the water run into the channels either side, before attempting to access my goods and chattels within. The struts were very weak on mine though so I didn't have the problem of sudden erection leading to a fully widened aperture.
  10. A chap with excellent taste in Chippenham. He has another Alfa parked across the road 🙂
  11. My god that was awful. Did not make it to the end.
  12. Bonus spot in this one: the "house" behind is actually a massive garage in disguise. Also, this shop is where the Hatton Garden gang bought a bigger pump when their first one broke mid-heist.
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