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  1. This is rather appealing at £850
  2. Oh and it needed a new battery. It also apparently has a hollowed out inlet manifold and accordingly non-working VIS motors - apparently on the KV6 a rattling inlet manifold is a common fault and new ones are unobtainium and good second hand ones difficult to find, so it is common just to take out the rattling gubbins and seal it back out. Still drives fine, but may or may not (there is much online debate) have reduced power somewhere in the range.
  3. Just renewed the insurance for my old 75, which means having had it for a year it is the longest ive ever owned a car! £600 bought sight unseen no history, i changed drop links, paid to get rear brakes rebuilt and new sensors/modules for parking and cruise installed, and an exhaust heat shield for the MOT, and other than that its been flawless. Rather impressed. Shame it is let down by the bodywork (may be partly my fault...)
  4. My 205 XR (1.4 TU3) that I am trying to sort as my first ever project, learning how to spanner as I go. There are threads on PH and RR if anyone is interested, haven't bothered duplicating it a third time on AS. I am hoping it will be back on the road soonish, just finished rebuilding the carb and need to make sure it is working properly, and need to bleed the brakes after fitting new caliper and flexi. There remains a few niggles to sort (boot lock, hole in floor under rear passenger seat - haven't worked out how to get that sorted yet without dropping fuel tank and paying someone to weld it) and also cosmetics aren't great.
  5. Looks very tidy congratulations.
  6. Can't be many one owner Favorits around nowadays.
  7. Sorry I now can't work out how to embed images ... forgive me ...
  8. Can I post cars from Car and Classic in this thread? What about if they aren't cheap enough to be shite? Sorry I'm new ... Well on the basis it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission ... and it is pretty shite in that it's a brown Datsun ... and is still within the realms of ordinary person affordability ... I want this so badly. So much glorious BROWN. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1335203
  9. Quick question: how do I stop it being necessary for my replies to be approved by a moderator? I tried messaging the moderators but didn't get a response; I may have failed to do so.
  10. I like it. I expect it is the perfect combination of slow, thirsty and uninspiring to drive. I might be wrong; please correct me if so. I know little about these.
  11. Yes that is my Tuscan in the back my youngest and least shite car. The 75 was bought for £600 sight unseen last August, zero service history, a few scrapes and scratches (a few more added by me, including that repaired one on the wheel arch which along with the door was already full of filler). The brakes were rebuilt not long after I bought it, a set of drop links, and fixing parking sensors and cruise but other than that it has been a pleasant and reliable shed. Well kitted out with working air con, cruise, heated seats, parking sensors, full leather and even my favourite thing .... electronic rear sun blind. The 205 was bought for £1200 last December (probably overpaid, it's pretty tatty). It had been sitting ten years but was sold with a 12 month MOT. I have since done cambelt, oil change, ignition coil, ht lead, dizzy cap and rotor, radiator, some other bits and pieces and the front suspension is now in bits as I try and fail to get it back together. Considering the most I had done before I got this was change the droplinks on the 75 I am doing not too shabby but lets see if it will ever drive again.
  12. Hello. Just joined AS. I also post on PH and RR but a couple of my current motors may be more AS appropriate. I'm not sure I'm cool enough for RR. The 205 is a project, I have limited spannering skills but am learning. It turns out taking apart old cars is easier than putting them back together... The 75 just failed its MOT on "missing heat shield". Of course according to the FB page everyone rips them off and I got Poirot as my tester (I noticed there were bolt holes but holding nothing on...). Though it could have been worse. You might also enjoy my repair to a bit of damage......Bit of silver hammerite, top quality Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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