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  1. The replacement o-ring arrived today and it fitted perfectly, so not sure what was wrong with the original ring. Hopefully get it all back together over the weekend ! Lots of bits to go back on but it should be relatively straightforward, I think/hope ...
  2. Oh wait...it snapped rather than going in haha. Leaking this morning. Harumph.
  3. Thanks. Got it. Had to take the second inlet manifold off, which I was trying to avoid, but that let me get extra weight on it coupled with some warmth and silicon spray got it in. Need to go order another manifold gasket before I can attempt to put the rest back together ...
  4. It is apart. It isn't obvious from looking at the old thermostat housing where it is leaking from. Let's hope it is the thermostat... This little metal pipe had some pink goo around it and doesn't look healthy. Any ideas for a fix? Currently cursing as the new rigid pipe that sits beside thermostat won't bloody fit. The rubber sealing ring is too bulbous and no amount of force will get it in. Any ideas? Otherwise the old one will be going back on....
  5. Home sweet home She seems to like her new car Flawless on the way home other than getting caught in a thunderstorm and finding out the windscreen wiper blades are definitely needing changed!
  6. Some fuel at 205.9, ouch @Shirley Knott top seller, car is lovely, drives well at lincoln now and no problems other than the recaros could do with some lumbar support
  7. Durham. For a Scotsman like myself, it's really rather South.
  8. First task: get across the hellhole that is London
  9. The object is no secret, but its quite a trek! Early morning, ensuring im well fuelled Destination: oop norf
  10. What about the air suspension light? I will feel a bit daft if all it needs is an alignment, which is exactly what my local garage tolds me it needed to sort the ride. It definitely has a coolant leak, interested to know if it is the water pump.
  11. So, one more being added to the fleet tomorrow. Mk4 Golf GTi courtesy of @Shirley Knott In meantime, need to get 75 working. 300 quid to get suspension arm fitted for MOT. Now need to do thermostat. Tried to do keyhole method by removing throttle body, air box and battery but there was no hope of undoing the relevant bolt. Seems someone replaced it before and used an allen key headed bolt rather than a normal bolt and just couldnt get a tool into it. So manifold off it is. This is the most involved mechanics job ive probably ever done so lets see how it goes. Got it mostly apart though still need to work out how to get to the three rear bolts on the front exhaust manifold. There are a lots of bits off the car and not convinced ill get them all back on..... Did the three rear spark plugs whilst im in there - they are almost impossible to do with the manifold on and are overdue a change
  12. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202206126728031?atmobcid=soc3 £795 Mondeo estate
  13. Ah, I never saw a fault light, but I also didn't have anything that could read the codes. Wonder what it might be. Hopefully nothing too major. I wonder if the multi-changer has fixed itself as I have given the battery a bloody good charge. Next you'll be telling me the central locking has fixed itself too!
  14. I'm half hoping it breaks down just so I don't feel stupid for giving it away cheaply 🤣 I'm increasingly thinking it only needs tyres, an alignment and a battery but wasn't willing to put a further 800+ quid into it to find out. Nice to meet you this afternoon.
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