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  1. Finally pulled it out the garage and blew to cobwebs off. no bad to cut aboot in. but also, the Pandas are tucked up safe.
  2. These are really amazing little cars. Fun, practical, cheap, and far I say - handsome. well with the money and will no doubt serve you well. Keep at it mate 👍
  3. Front end back together now. Cleaned and patched up, rubber bumper strips replaced. Spent a wee while sorting out some small stone chips and a few little dents. Not perfect, but it's looking very fresh now. I went to see an auto sign / wrapper about the rear windows. He's going to give me a quote to make something similar. We'll see.
  4. New front badge and I’m in the process of creating a new valve cover
  5. New crash beam installed. Last one was a little bent and had over spray. Oh and I polished the horn (not a euphemism). Dunno why.
  6. I know I’m always posting this but… Aren’t they cool?! 😂
  7. Wee bit of JB weld to stop a crack spreading (no jokes please) Polished up the glass on the fogs, and gave the whole thing a second coat of polish after taking care of some stone chips still awaiting those wee bumper inserts
  8. Alessi P

    E10 fuel

    All of mine are, but there’s way less energy in E10 - yet it will remain the same price. Fuck it, I’ll be running everything on Premuim from now on. Sick of this bullshit, watered down fuel.
  9. Full set of bulbs for the wee thing. I think after 15 years the old ones had their day. seems boring but thought I would post on the off chance that someone would find it… enlightening 😂
  10. Another day, another job. Going to begin fixing up that from bumper. Touch up some stone chips, fix the fog lights up, sand off a few bits of the bad paint. I found a small crack in it, I'm worried that installing these new bumper strips will stress it too much - I'll need to find a way to re enforce it. I'm going to change the bulbs in the fog lights, because if I need to replace one when it's all back together... Not worth thinking about.
  11. Getting the fog lights out of this was a right fucker. The front has a lot of wear and tear - over spray on the fog lights and someone has painted the bumper strips (Christ knows why). Got some replacements in the mail so give me a bit of time to get this sanded and fixed up properly. rear end back together.
  12. One more garden shot. Rear bumper and wheel trims can go back on after a quick wash. The from bumper - I’ve had to order some spare trim for and I want to tidy up the fog lights. Have a new badge arriving for the from but a rear badge is in the region of £30. Too rich for my blood right now
  13. I can’t believe how solid this is for a 15 year old car. My god
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