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  1. lads going to splice end bits in inner ones look good bought them just in case,not that bad
  2. got set off plastic ones if i ever sell it,belive or not there orginal sill rest is solid
  3. it failed on 2 bits off welding and a bulb got find someone can do it for me dope
  4. thier was show called the outsiders a aussie show about bloke drove around austraila in a old holden pick up yes sadgit to rember it and off course bluey aussie frank cannon brill
  5. this came today another one in line to do.might do a herbie tribute lol
  6. right put right throtle cable in put new fuel pump and sports coil in rerouted heater pipe,made fuel pipe bigger put a inline filter in rerouted it,seems lot happier won set off centre caps and a spare wheel.going to book it in next week for a mot and start useing old beast.
  7. was going go out in my car.check mot its 2 weeks out lol,so be booking it in next week.dope
  8. here 2 estate must be the rare rs its at £1500 got its weight saveing tailgate bloke reckons it doable as soon as you move it be in 2 halfs lol,van bloke selling got the panel escort tax hikes unreal i rember when they were peanuts,
  9. been in a right state lol did 2 estates and fiat did last week ,humber got new roof rack and back bumper wing mirriors,cortina blue paint from discount shop and it matchs original paint put some tyres on.fiat just bored and gave me something to do.
  10. if you bloke with the cortina parts get his detail love spares for mine
  11. love beetles never owned one,but to quench my thrist i restored these 3 sadgit time,james bond one was green had hippie flower on the roof.nearly never bothered with beach buggy and police car thought why not never seen a beetle panda car in the uk,vander valk mybe might own one some day
  12. servied the ign and put a k&n filter on.noticed the throttle cable way to big doesent fit right so ordered new one,when you turn it off when its warmed up.takes bit to start again almost like feul starvation so ordered new petrol pump and coil,
  13. one for eddie who likes commers here my fleet ambulance is original rest are restored
  14. this came today a nice rover was going to repaint but i will leave it as is,had the humber for ages am in two minds to restore
  15. sadgit time i decided to do a routmaster go with my other buses i have you butler rember going on them as a kid,nan used take me out in to sticks on greenline
  16. eddie had pick my daughter from train station at work tommorror but i will nip round about noon m8

    1. eddyramrod


      No worries Tony, but I won't be in at noon, I'm going to Morecambe and probably not back until 2ish.

    2. bicycle repairman

      bicycle repairman

      no probs eddie see tommorror evening gone myself but working

  17. come after 7 eddie see you tommorror m8
  18. our you in tommorror evening eddie bring it around got to say halfords number plates are good metal backs on them brill £16
  19. just took out for a spin drives lovely lot better with wheels and steering wheel just the boot to do,got thumbs up off mondeo
  20. done number on it,put original back on it,got new one for the front,
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