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  1. your cat lovely looks like he or she is intrested in what you are doing i miss all my cats i had just plain cute
  2. went to kendal for a day out,came back this lot off junk,probaly paid to much the model t vans came out off scope as did book £10 for the vans only £2 for book which i love as it has early photos off barrow in furness and vickers,3 buses came out off bricker brack shop he had alsorts paid £3 each so £9 lol
  3. am going to leave old durham town get my coat looks like nice car good luck with it
  4. why all lovely show cars gleaming am more attracted to commer pick got to be rare
  5. its grim up north good luck in your quest
  6. this what he told me,its very rare haveing metal roof like a land rover one has back door,and 2 front doors so no fabric roof,its reg as 1962 mini country man its a private reg,what i mean by that no letter at end off the reg,it was a roller he towed back were he bought it,i thought what hell does he want with that lol,mid 80s thought why he had all these ideas never happened,oh well ,there you go,
  7. its going for scrap been there over 30 years it was moted and had new clutch drove there and left lol was a one owner car shame its well beyond saveing like most stuff if you leave long enougth there scrap
  8. caravan gone its going around oval track,looks better in the pics
  9. not much to pick thier welcome to any off it as long as car can be lifted
  10. can find out for you,was more cars from 90s 2 mercs and nissan they went to banger lad,sorry no lonsdales lol
  11. both tractors have gone both are good runners lol,mini scamp couple mini poeple are intrested got early mini reg rember it when it was complete when he bought it then he bought all the old minis to break when you could buy them for £50 he had since mid 80s rember him buying it looked like a small landrover
  12. been there years he broke 3 cortinas mk4 and 5s
  13. owned this viva about 13 years ago was in heartbeat not rockstar more off a extra sold it someone said he was going put redtop engine in it lol.
  14. thier was a dark coloured mg like that one on a tv show called danger uxb early 80s
  15. my mates got the jensen out off the protectors had quite a checkered life
  16. something strange and wrong about it but wouldent mind being my last ride in it lol
  17. am after better moderen car but will not be ripped off i will keep my 13 year old skoda which i had for 4 years so owes me nowt go on car sites you will see same cars week after week. work my arse off sometimes 7 days,am just over min wage but at the age were owe nobody anything,so till this maddness finshes my hard earn cash stay in my pocket lol,
  18. went pass today when i was at work,had a look its a manual car
  19. its 11 years old dont know if its manual or auto but give it miss,
  20. are they next mk1 and mk2 escorts or is bloke aveing garraft all his cars he gets prices from yellow pages picks a number puts it on the screen lol.anyone wants to know were it is can point you in right direction
  21. i been looking for a moderen car am intrested can i have look sunday

  22. cant stop collecting bikes lol started with a releigh i found then i found boardman bike with i rebult with my old bike put mudgaurds rack and seats,god knows what am going to do with silver one lol
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