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  1. Quite a bit better actually, it really just needs a sill, a battery box and a plate over a pin sized hole in the main chassis tube. I really don't know how it has such a good chassis compared to others from the same field.
  2. Just putting the word out that I'm after a model 70 'join the long line' I know, but just incase anyone's wanting to part with one I've got a budget of about £2000 may go up or down depending, I'm obviously not expecting a minter, just a project to keep me busy throughout the summer. I'm Located in Hampshire but will obviously travel about for the right car.
  3. I've messaged the seller and he's asking for about £600, unfortunately I don't have the space for another car but if anyone wanted to buy it to break it 'a sad thought but quite a few MK12 owners are in desperate need of parts' I'm sure you'd make quite a bit of money from it. Just a thought 😏
  4. This has probably already been shared but just incase it hasn't here's an interesting vid apparently from 1959 showing a rather interesting MK12 Prototype possibly?? with a much smaller rear window.
  5. I have been searching for a replacement panel but unfortunately they aren't common at all, the original is definitely repairable in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, unfortunately I'm not that person.
  6. Hi everyone, I apologize for my lack of updates on MPU but I've been so busy with work and other projects that she's been getting pushed further down the to do list, though I've now bought everything I need to completely rebuild the breaking system, I've also had another go at fibreglassing "this time on a scrap board NOT the actual panel" and my technique is terrible so if anyone with fibreglass fabrication skills would like to step up and help move along MPU's rebuild I'd happily pay you for your efforts. I hate seeing her sitting there but I can't continue with much until that panel is sorted so any help would be greatly appreciated Heres a picture of her taken today EDIT* I'M LOCATED IN PORTSMOUTH
  7. Thanks, that's really helpful advice it's all a learning experience for me and I appreciate the help. Same goes with your advice @LightBulbFunI'll have a look at my local Recycling center for some old glass fibre off cuts or what have you and have some good practice goes before attempting it on the panel again.
  8. In MPU news, re-fabrication work has started, unfortunately its not quite gone as hoped 'But it never does I surpose' the cardboard template i created has absorbed alot of the fibreglass resin leaving a thin layer of matting that's far too thin and soft to work properly, I'm going to try again using an aluminium mesh as a template in hopes of better results. 'Please ignore the mess of matting' it was my first go fibreglassing'
  9. Thanks Dez, I'll be sure to remember that, I'm going to attempt a repair job in the coming weeks so will keep everyone posted, I've got a set of number plates in the post too. When it comes to fibreglass I've never done anything like it before so will be a learning curve for sure, I'll consult YouTube first and patch a small hole in the back bottom corner as a test patch.
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