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  1. Just thought I’d mention they did eventually show up as untaxed about a month after I did the keeper change and both times the keeper change was done online. Also they both showed up untaxed on the same day alluding to fact it was probably a glitch in the system and they later noticed and sorted it for everyone at the same time
  2. I’m the brother in question, he doesn’t charge an hourly rate, just charges a price once the work is complete, he’s definitely a bit of a back ally garage and a lot of people say to avoid him but he charged £190 to do the clutch on my Audi A6 last year and it’s been fine since. Also charged £200 to do a full engine swap on my dads old Zafira and that lasted fine too, though in stark contrast he’s had my Proton since probably August and hasn’t finished the work yet so he’s definitely hit and miss
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275628152498 Bargain
  4. Dropped TPE off at a local garage to have the final electrical gremlins sorted out, they have a few 2 stroke Saabs and an Austin 7 round back so I’m hoping they know their stuff!
  5. A picture of my old 405 30 minutes before the exhaust fell off
  6. Crisis Averted!!! long story short, after talking to my brother on the phone who’s a much better mechanic than me he advised that it sounded very much like the battery had died not the starter, so I called RAC and they wanted £60 to add TPE to my policy so I decided I’m a strong boy I can push a tiny fibre glass car home it’s only half a mile after pushing about 40 yards out of the car park a lovely chap in a van obviously saw me wheezing and probably turning blue, ran to my rescue with a set of jump leads and got me going again!
  7. As title suggests, pictures of your cars taken right before something goes wrong, here’s my Invacar next to a Lexas LS400 right before the starter packed up Before the battery died
  8. She doesn’t like re starting after being turned off I’ve realised *currently sat in the car park I took the last picture* I’m currently waiting until the engine is cold again in hopes she’ll start. Meh *to clarify the starter isn’t engaging* i never did find a badge that I was happy to pay for, most were around the £40 mark, I’m looking for someone with a 3d printer as I think that’s my best bet
  9. I still find the story of TJN and REV interesting, did Dolly have the same clock fitted? I actually saw TJN at the Coventry motor museum a few months ago after attending the furious driving social, I can’t remember if I ever posted the picture, I also found it interesting that TJN has what seems to be a rear fog light fitted, do you know of that was a later ministry spec fitment or a done at home job? It seems pretty neatly done.
  10. Has Trabant been suggested yet? they are starting to creep up in value though
  11. Or if you’re over 21 Reliant Rialto is a good shout too, cool boxy styling and very old world, not to mention great fun to drive
  12. Really can’t go wrong with a Peugeot 205 or Phase 1 106
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