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  1. I think it's got something to do with the massive backlog of v5 related stuff at DVLA over covid, they're probably just ticking everything through without much thought, just my guess though... keep me posted on the progress of that MK12 v5 though as I'm itching to sort MPU's logbook out, I've also been in contact with a glass fibre company about making a repro panel but I've got a feeling if that can do it it's going to cost a pretty penny 😕
  2. Thanks, yeah she's in pretty good condition with a very good chassis 'a miracle by mk12 standards' Would there be any chance you could make me a rear panel using Brian's rear end as a mould? A pretty big challenge obviously and I will happily compensate you for the trouble. I just haven't a clue where to start finding an original 😕
  3. Hi gang, just thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Harry I own MPU382J As most of you have probably already seen it's back end is almost completely missing due to a rear end crash, I'm after a rear panel if anyone has one or if anyone with a mk12 could use there original panel as a mold to make a repro I'd definitely be interested in buying it and obviously paying for your time, I'm hoping to put MPU back on the road by the end of summer use it for a bit and pass it on. I contemplated selling her last week as my other 4 classics really need attention too but now off road parking has been fo
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