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  1. Difficult one with E and F plates, maybe a slightly higher chance of the E plate on a Cobra but I see a lot on F plates! Also, PPD 567E is on the front cover of Classic And Sportscar this month and so am I! 😎
  2. Just by chance I saw 4 at RS Williams some years back, most of the total production.
  3. Looks like it's tiptoeing through the gravel! I always liked the way they used Fiesta doors and the hatch on some.
  4. Is it HIB or HB? Hard to tell from the photo resolution. Great photos.
  5. Do you know where these were taken? I was looking at the HB registration.
  6. Had a shift around Friday and moved the spares T4 into the back garden away from prying eyes. Decided to fit the matching Piano Key trim steering wheel I've had for months, ended up with the steering column in bits to fix the annoying rocking switchgear. A Google search to see if it was a common fault showed all sorts of fixes from self tapping screws, cardboard, toothpicks and superglue. 🙈 I opted for an M5 grubscrew in a redundant screw hole. A few threads ground off as without removing the switchgear I could not tap the thread full through. Looks factory! Old wheel has slightly more pronounced thumb cutouts than the Piano Key wheel. Also topped up the washer bottle after 75 miles so now wondering if there's a leak.
  7. I wouldn’t mind if they just dropped their flyer through the letter box, the extra one on the rear wiper pisses me off as it means they have been nosing around and right up to my bedroom window. Head gasket apparently plus a few other faults from sitting several years. I have not had the time to get under it as yet and see if it is worth saving.
  8. Came in tonight to find a scrap of paper with the post for scrap cars. Found another on the rear wiper of the latest addition so the thieving sea nuts have been trespassing and sniffibg round checking DVLA as the other is 6 inches away and taxed. Back garden for that at the weekend then, might scrap the Golf to make space.
  9. From memory, Opel wheels had black painted insets like Ford/Rover/Jensen Rostyle wheels and Vauxhall were silver, usually with a nice stainless trim ring that made them look deeper dished. My first car was a '77 R reg 1.9 GL with that combination.
  10. I always liked those 80 Sports. What injection system does it have? The low coolant temperature may be causing a rich mixture.
  11. My friends 300E had a small leak on the rear screen in heavy rain that was running down the inner arch/wing seam from the parcel shelf. We have this in at work currently, rare beastie built by Porsche......
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