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  1. Is it an early YB100? I don't remember the speedo being like that on my T reg one.
  2. Inchbae Lodge Hotel and AA telephone 713 Garve?
  3. AMG valve caps, competitively priced at £31.39 a set.
  4. "Best we don't waste our time." 👍 My most memorable comment after the barage of questions repeating the advert, I asked if he was happy with the price as I wasn't taking offers; "We will see about that when I get there."
  5. I must was this car at the weekend, covered in cobwebs.
  6. I would guess the sealant used around the upper edge of your Surrey top rubber seal is Sikaflex or similar. Excellent sealant until you need to remove it! Is the rear window glass or Perspex? If Perspex, perhaps it has been trimmed too small.
  7. I have a Cyclemaster engine, it was my Father's. I don't know if he ever used it, he did have a Norman Nippy for commuting to work that broke in half so may have been.
  8. My legs are aching badly from climbing in and out of this for the photo shoot on Friday!!
  9. I have fallen foul of removing that cheap carpet, awful stuff. I also hate finding bodged repairs on customers cars, does my head in if I'm not allowed to fix them! The TR is looking good. 👍
  10. Piston ring pliers, I don't know how I've lived without them. £4-95 delivered. 😁
  11. Have you seen the businesscard of @Talbot? @Six-cylinder any downed bridges locally? https://youtu.be/vYaOo23q5Cc
  12. He has more syllables in his name than Readers Digest.
  13. Must be worth £15 a ticket to help the poor feckers out. Can you still nominate people for a Readers Digest subscription?
  14. When P clips and cable ties just don't cut the mustard for your Lamba sensors. Even better, you have to use two types of silicone.......
  15. After spending an inordinate amount of time uploading CDs to my laptop over the weekend to "sync" with my phone for listening whilst a colleague is away, then having to trawl the tinternet to find a Windoze 8.1 fix just to connect the bloody phone via USB, l eventually realised sending them from Windoze Exploiter took seconds rom a CD Rip. Once that shite was dealt with, I did grin today through gritted teeth when realisation set in my Bose speaker was still at home!
  16. Or just add before their shitey shite; "We repair previously botched, buggered or bolloxed...... Spilt coffee, bogeys, nasal hair or any combination of all three moving around in the heady temperatures we are heading towards called "summertime". Just a thought.
  17. 👍 Can you imagine going out for a loaf and getting in the wrong queue only to find yourself elected?
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