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  1. Totally horrible, I like it a lot! 😁 Is it a GPz engine in a Z750 frame?
  2. Thanks for that, I remember going to Santa Pod in the 70's with one of those in my pocket hoping to see the real car. 😁
  3. Very good model, quite realistic in the photos. Non metallic paint would make it quite convincing.
  4. Completed listings under filters.
  5. I purchased The Sweeney boxed just yesterday from @dozeydustman. No more fekkin adverts for me and definitely Scotch for breakfast Saturday morning. BBC iPlayer 'Time'. 👍
  6. I had a dig in the loft, uncovered many forgotten overspends! Not sure if I posted some of these previously. I was planning on filling this display cabinet with the Lottery dream garage in 1:43 scale and ended up getting carried away. A Plum Crazy Challenger was on the list and I found one then why not another to paint white? Dammit, they're part of 12 piece Collector set. I have 3 sets! Then the Superfast pocket cars I had as a kid.
  7. The brown GS jogged an 80's memory, the brother of an ex-girlyfriend had one. He tore the drivers door off trying to reverse out a muddy verge outside his house. All those childhood years he never noticed the lamp post. I was asked to do some Mot welding and had to decline after looking under the carpet, there was river silt and rust everywhere. His second car I declined to weld.
  8. When the 480 was current our financial director had one and he loved it. One of those cars I have never liked nor disliked but want to like if that makes sense simply because of its individuality.
  9. Just this week I found a local source for red diesel and started thinking of these heaters again. I always fancied trying one with a view to having one in each workshop but the outlay compared to my electricity usage at the time would not have seen a return for ages. How tines change.
  10. The cost bothers me greatly too with electric heaters. I wear thermals, additional layers and a hat with the heaters on the lowest setting gauging the temperature by how cold my feet and nose get. The real test is how big the dew drop gets on my nose, that indicates beer-o-clock! 🥶
  11. I have ventured out to the storage tent to retrieved a 3kw electric heater and set it up in my workshop with the intention of welding some panels in a VW T4. If not mildly warm in there by 14:00 I'm going bCk to bed! How are you keeping warm Chris?
  12. What is it apart being small and full of shite fuel?
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