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  1. All that work only to miss a bulb, nice to know I'm not alone! 👍
  2. I had a read through from the start, great fabrication. 😉
  3. I keep looking at the rims in the sun and they seem almost too bright!! 😄
  4. Whoop whoop! Back on terra firma. Thanks to Lepsons for the rim refurb, Camskill for tyres, Aaron Peek for being extra careful fitting and balancing.
  5. Traffic film remover, spray pump and a couple of different size paint brushes, washed off with a hose pipe spray gun. With a brush it froths up nicely and goes a long way but needs washing off fairly quickly to prevent any damage from using it neat, alternatively dilute it. I bought 20 litres from Euros..... These Wurth pump sprayers are not cheap at around £19 delivered but last forever and can be rebuilt.
  6. The fourth tyre turned up the next day, missed its connection somewhere apparently. Lepsons returned the refurbished rims, four day turn round and they look like new, I am very pleased with them. Hopefully having them fitted Saturday. My nuts will need a polish before I can fit them back on the car.
  7. My 4x4 insurance was £300, £100 of which was a Broker fee. Part of my decision to weigh it in for scrap.
  8. I like that, really clean line to it. 👍
  9. Q Yes, in standard trim you would be lucky to reach 150mph on a regular basis. Oddly, Michelin list a 45 and 55 section PS3 with W ratings. 3 out of 4 tyres have arrived, for some reason the one marked 3 of 4 is missing. Hmm.....
  10. They were on the list, after lots of looking I went for Pilot Sport 3 in the correct size and load rating but V rated as opposed to W. Wheels went yesterday for refurbishing in 'sparkle silver' and the tyres are on their way by post. Collected a front crash beam and another left hand headlamp last night as I ruined the other one I bought by cleaning it. 🙈
  11. That's a shame. I have not seen those wheels before.
  12. I found a use for Faecesbook at last, joined a Volvo specific page and scored a crash beam. 👍
  13. Mitsubishi Outlander/Peugeot 4007 front brakes fit apparently.
  14. Michelin Pilot Sport 3's on order from Camskill £409 delivered, V rated unfortunately.
  15. Encouraging. 👍 I fitted a set of Michelin EfficientGrip to our old Vectra, a bit of a waste as they definitely exceed the tired old soggy suspension and handling capabilities! Kind of how I feel with the Continentals over the years, dependable. I had 205/50 15's on my V8 Manta in the 90's and they made so much more of that car, that's why I opted for Continentals on the Volvo. They were one of the first tyres I looked at but I just fancy a change to see what 12 or so years has done with the tyre market. I would waste the money on a set of these for a laugh but I can see me missing
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