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  1. Stick some labels on the digital dash in MPH and give it back.
  2. @Six-cylinderAny other meetings planned this year??
  3. @GingerNuttz with your Mig flat out, can you get into spray transfer? I can just about with my Portamig but it cooks an MB15 torch in seconds.
  4. Things will only be getting worse with E10 and vehicles doing low mileage. I am seeing the backlash of lockdown with some high end classics not being used as the fuel is going off. I had a smile today getting fuel in a Cobra, a lovely 1966 D reg Moggy in front with a rack on the boot and a wee picnic basket. The owner said hello walking back to his car then came back as he read the 1965 C rec plate on the Cobra and asked if it was original or a kit car. We had a good chat and a look under the bonnet much to the disgust of the cashier. I admired his Morris and he knows my friend with the stretched V8 split screen. Happy days.
  5. My Golf came with a near new set of Crossclimates! I have two full sets of 18" Mercedes CLC rims to go on my E Class, 7 of the tyres were budget brands with one Continental. I stopped buying budget tyres a long time ago as they didn't seem to do the mileage of a branded tyre. As for sellers and Mot history, people live in fear of the Mot and like the comfort of knowing the car they are buying is safe even if it is only for the one day a year when Stevie Wonder gives it a poke for the seller!
  6. I mentioned the curing time because of personal experience with paint reactions and particularly with Hammerite. I would not like to see you having to remove or replace the screen and do the job again due to paint choice and a reaction with the screen sealant.
  7. I looked at going to SGS and probably will next year. Have you looked at the fill pressures of each provider and added that into the equation?
  8. There's a drying time then a curing time, I cannot find any mention of it in the instructions.
  9. I would be more worried about the Hammerite curing before the screen goes in than the wee bit of wob! 😁 Unfortunately, Hammerite is not the paint it used to be, Smooth or Hammer finish. Is the screen bonded in or on a rubber seal?
  10. Are you on the BOC Hobbyist deal for Argoshield Light?
  11. I wish my Father had put the 1015cc Ami 8 on the road I found him for a spares car. I found a road test that said it was faster accelerating than an Austin1300 GT.
  12. I have now done a total of 46 miles since the Mot due to weddings, work and the Mercedes being too bloody comfy. I must make an effort to take it to work a couple of days each week after spending all that time and money on it!
  13. My friend Malcolm heading up the test hill at Brooklands in his Morris. 4ltr Land Rover V8 with no bulkhead modifications, stretched 6". I have been in this at 150mph on a runway. Currently building a Morris 10 with MGB running gear.
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