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  1. No, the 159 still looks better ands its more autoshite, cost wise
  2. Just seen this thead. Best i could buy, cost wise and have owned in the past Alfa 159 also like Tesla model 3 and S what about a lucid air sapphire, not avliable in the UK yet
  3. er, do not use any of the advice above, unless its me selling you a car
  4. cool, i like how you can see right through the floor, all though it probably is the going rate
  5. That is a normal size pickup, at least it was in the 1980, when i had a Ford P100
  6. and sat on a Range Rover chassie, all though that could be over 40 years old, so potentialyMOT and tax exempt
  7. I dont think i am ever going to properly get on this page as i just dont drive anywhere nower days, did have a Saab 900 turbo up to 190,000 miles. current family fleet is on i3, 45,000 c3 104,000 Fiesta 100,00 odd land rover 60,000km Maserati 45,000 sorry
  8. That explains my standing order being cancelled, sad news
  9. Got a pass on a C3 with ABS light on dash. Also on my land rover, no dates on tyres as they are military, stamped MIL i think? What must have got through MOT before the garage sold it to us a hole in the exhaust
  10. Blue Ford P100 pick up truck, girls name withheld, on the front bench seat
  11. Slept in my Saab 99 Turbo Saloon 3 times, once after tent got blown down in rain and a Gail, I had the back seat down which is not very flat in a sleeping bag, so much better than the ruined tent One, after throwing up in a tent, I just got in passengers seat threw a towel over my head, then was woken up in the morning. And finally after driving from Geneva, over the ferry then north of London, I think about 5am, stopped to rest, slept in front seat, as rear was full of my camping gear Rob
  12. Get and ride an electric bike for that commute, just the right distance
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