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  1. Any major work to improve the performance is usually money for throwing away. I built a Sunbeam Lotus years ago, from a written off one and an ex-racing Lotus shell. It had a full group B motor, around 320 bhp, a works 5 speed ZF gearbox and Bilstein suspension all round, and cost in the region of £17,000 back in 1985. I sold it after 2 years for £3000. Cars like this only appeal to a very limited number of buyers and you are very, very lucky to ever get near what it cost to put the car together. There are rare ocassions, such are rebuilding an Aston Martin or certain models of Mercedes S
  2. I happenedto be tidying some books and stuff up and I found my copy of the American manual about fitting a small block v8 into the 244. I never got around to it but, in the day, it was pretty straightforward.
  3. What's up with steel these days. The passenger side step on my 01 Range Rover just fell off, of its' own accord. What sort of bollix is that ? The other half, who weighs about 8 stone wringing wet, goes to get out of the car, puts her foot, as usual, on the side step, and "dong", the whole side just dropped off. It was rusted through on the support arms. Why can't factories make "never-rust" steel so that old moaners, like me, don't have to put up with big bits falling off their cars. Next week I am going to invent special car steel that will never rust, and that will fix side steps from
  4. I didn't realise that the Volvo Owners Clob [VOC] was still running. I was a member about 15 years ago, at least, when I had a modified 244 GL. It had a set of twin Dellorto DHLA45, a race camshaft, skimmed head, larger valves and stronger valve springs, and a 2 &3/4 inch stainless steel exhaust. I fitted forestry suspension supplied directly from Volvo Sweden. It went like a hot snot, but tended to be very tail happy. I took out the complete dashboard and glued on wood veneer, and also managed to get extra dials from a guy in South Africa, oil pressure and oil temperature, also an outside
  5. A picture of my old Range Rover P38:
  6. Thank you, you are most kind. I would reply in Spanish as I hold Don Quixote in very high regard, and I am hoping to get a personal invitation to have lunch with him very soon. In Spanish, of course !! We will talk politics, art, food, and many other worldly issues.
  7. Hi, I decided to join because I like the name of the forum. I started life with a car, but then a horse, replaced by a donkey, superceded by a mule, and now I find that I am in love with Becky Manton and about to die of fear. I hate everybody that I know, and I hate that other people, that I don't know, hate people that I do know. But I love cows. And I have an old Range Rover somewhere outside.
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