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  1. It's about time! Looks absolutely fantastic! Good luck on the next battle.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184856353873?hash=item2b0a4c1c51:g:7hEAAOSwf35grl94 Enfield 8000 alert! It'll need a new windscreen fairly soon in the not too distant future (which will be more than the £500 Jonny Smith paid years ago for his single layer lexan replacement, especially if you want to keep the front headed windscreen feature), batteries (expected), oh and new front seats too. Deep pockets required on this one I think!
  3. I'm looking forward to reading about you having driven your Enfield for the first time (maybe even a quick video? ). although I think you're the one who's looking forward to that the most! The professional respray was money well spent as well. 👍
  4. The seller got back to me and I have asked a...battery... of questions (sorry not sorry ) its starting to look like a possibility? We haven't talked about price yet, as its all about getting an idea of the real condition of the Enfield and if this is within my budget/skill to bring back to the road. The other interested party, as mentioned, may have more money and/or otherwise give the impression that the car is better with them than I. The way I see it, as long as the old girl goes to a good and loving home (preferably mine) then all is good. And thanks for the support, very much needed.
  5. If I was totally enthusiastic about it, I would offer no more than £800 (but I still feel £600 is more what she's worth at the moment). Provided you can fix the damage to the bodyshell from the suspected injury by a fork lift truck, because beyond sorting glass? I suspect that will be the most annoying aspect so that the door and window on that side shut and seal properly. Something tells me that you will enjoy rebuilding the engine/replacing the engine with a direct equivalent. In my mind, a certainty of £800 in the bank is better than no offers at all. Besides, I think its only £1.2k to chase off the dreamers...but sadly make those willing and/or able to bring her back to running on the road to balk. EDIT: And I'm in talks as regards the Enfield. *takes a breath* Big boy trousers time! Credit card I'm looking at you... 😄
  6. Well, I taken the plunge and sent a message to the seller on FB, we shall see. I have a feeling my lunacy should have me locked up and the key thrown away But, well, if I didn't take the chance...
  7. Did you get TPE 285S that @LightBulbFun mentioned in the Model 70 thread? It could be gone by now, but that might be just the one for you. My idea to EV one would be a low power 48v 3kw (preferably 5kw) motor which, given the light weight of a Model 70 (especially with the 493cc engine removed and associated tidbits) combined with a 48v lithium ion battery pack of at least 40ah (1.92kw/h, most of which will be usable). That would be a very small battery pack in terms of physical size and would weigh around 20kg (based on the knowledge that a 48v10ah lithium ion battery weighs about 5kg) and could potentially be fitted behind the driver's seat. The cost of such a pack would be close to £800, the power output would reduce the top speed to between 30-40mph, the torque isn't the on-off switch certain motoring journalists/enthusiasts would have you believe and would be either the same or less than the petrol engine when new. Now I'm not saying any of that is wise, but then if I had a Model 70? Then I'd do what I want with it because I'm an out and out lunatic. I'd hope you feel the same if/when you procure a Model 70 and rebuild the engine completely and damn the expense!
  8. Yep. I do love the Enfield 8000s, I remember hunting for one before Jonny Smith came along and then the prices went sky high each time I'd find one. Pah! But definitely the kind of thing I'm after. EDIT: Just realised that its for sale. Thanks again for the heads up @Mrs6C I'm of the mindset to just build my own battery powered light quadricycle, part in protest and part in defiance of the price tag of the Citroen Ami heavy quadricycle (EDIT: Every reviewer, regardless of their pedigree and with the exception of EVM, doesn't realise that UK legislation requires that a light quadricycle be 350kg or less unladen, not including batteries in the case of an EV. The Citroen Ami EV without the battery pack is still around 420kg, thus a heavy quadricycle here in the UK).
  9. I wouldn't pay anywhere close to £1200 for TPE 285S in that condition. I've debated it inside my head (as we all do no doubt) and I couldn't justify that much. £600? Perhaps, but no doubt that would make the seller understandably balk and turn the air blue at my expense. Besides, collection would be expensive with the way things are etc and my gut feeling is no and to walk away from this one.
  10. I think you've both missed the point of the Model 70 and how none of those compare. Road legal, that can get to 50mph (and over if one dares ), with a full bodyshell, and actually has luggage space enough for a large reusable shopping bag full of of shopping. Maybe even two. Perhaps the going to the shops aspect threw you both?
  11. Hey all from Lancashire I finally decided to join after some years of wondering if I should, as I don't have a collection of cars/bikes (save for a pedal assist e-bike!) back then and now. Getting everything in order after the obvious past year, so that that will change. I very much appreciate the unexceptional, with a preference for Volvo and thanks to Hubnut - wanting an Invacar of my own, preferably to EV it for local trips to the shops because I'm not right in the head. Plus it would amuse me, because after all...what's the point otherwise right? Right!
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