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  1. Wrong parts. We've all been there. In fact it's a part of daily life in my job of being a storeman 😂. Otherwise sounds like you're making steady progress. Maybe not anything startling, but it's moving forward. As for the gearbox leak. Is there a oil level bung in the gearbox to check if there is something left in the Fiesty's gearbag? Wonder if its because the diff seals are gubbed?
  2. Daft question. But has the coolant temp sensor ever been changed? That two pin bosch sensor that lives in the front of the engine by the thermostat housing. It tells the ECU the coolant temp of the engine and adjusts the fueling to suit. They are known to go bad. Also should only be replaced by a new bosch one. Sorry if it has and you know what I'm on about already. Edit - Didn't see that Rusty Rocket had said this already. D'oh!
  3. Just caught up with this thread. Well purchased sir.
  4. Now is also the time to get one. Price wise. They are getting picked on as the new drift missile now. As the days of dirt cheap E36 Saloon and Coupes have now gone.
  5. I like this guys channel. Probably been mentioned already on here. But I like the stuff he's done and what projects he has on the go.
  6. At worse. Said note gets filed B1N. Or you end up with a Compact.... Though, I'm still trying to work out what would be worse!? I'm kidding! But nowt ventured and all that jazz. Good luck to ya.
  7. Ahhh! Wonder if I mentioned the wrong Club Vox? Sorry fella if it is. Edit, it is the same group. The people that run it have changed.
  8. Seen that too. It's definitely there. That's the banner if that helps?
  9. If it is the same one run by John with the two Vectra Supertourings?
  10. Oh you've been to the VBOA then? Been twice myself. First time with MK3OC. Second time with Club Vox in 2019. It still lives but as a FB group now.
  11. It's a typical H beam then. Held at the front into the car and at the back by the dampers. It's not OFMG end of the world if it flopped straight down, bar possibly straining the flexis. But a pain to lift up yourself without a jack. Plus it may be under some tension still on full droop. Nothing that will kill you (maybe full disclaimer there). Just maybe a surprise when it moves suddenly. Also may make taking the top damper nuts off a little more of a pain.
  12. Oh. I'd actually given that fella a shout if I had checked in sooner. But it's handy to know that there is someone still refurbing stuff yet. Found one on eBay for £69 delivered for a new unit.
  13. Well purchased! It's a good car, that'll be easier to keep good.
  14. Think they weren't a common colour to begin with? But I love the colour too. Partly why I had to have it too. My very first Corsa B was the same colour too.
  15. It would be a shame to scrap it. But! I can understand why too. Plus you can side step any hassle with trying to sell it. You know its going and what you are getting from it. You're effectively walking away from it for very little cost and/or stress.
  16. Not handy. Then again not the end of the world either. Simple enough fix.
  17. Daewoo must of realised I was paid yesterday. Alternator helpfully decided to not make electricity. It's also way different to the Vauxhall ones I have in stock. Fudge! So this evenings fun will be trawling eBay for the cheapest new one I can find.
  18. Yes. If it's a H beam style axle. Only held in certain points. It'll swing down if it's not held at the back with the dampers. Unless the Sirions are different? I would still have a jack under it to support the beam anyway. It'll help with shoving the lot back in.
  19. I'd of thought it be possible. If you didn't let it thump straight down and strain the flexi pipes. It should be fine.
  20. Lastly. Had wanted one for years. It popped up on a FB group. Had a couple of sherrys at the time I seen it. So of course I bought it sight unseen. Then arranged for it to be transported down. It's my current daily and I like it a lot. I'll get some better pictures of it soon.
  21. Getting on the maybe more interesting stuff? My long term pride and joy. Bought on a whim. Plus I haven't seen another one like it for sale. Opel Astra 160iE. South African market only car. That how it came new. Body kit in all. It's needing a fair bit of welding. Been slowly collecting the panels I need. Like the drivers inner sill requires replacement. Fortunately stuff is still available. But it's not cheap and you have to wait for stuff to pop up. Usually in Europe.
  22. Nice buy. Wonder what those Sirions are like? It's another car that seems to have disappeared quite quickly in numbers too. Suppose the rust doesn't help.
  23. Corsa B. Agh! Shouldn't of bothered. But I did. 1.2 LS. Usual rot areas being sorted. I have lowered it, 15 inch wheels from an Astra Arctic. Some other wee mods (nothing crazy). Had done an engine swap too. The small block 1.8 out of an old Vectra B winter beater I had. Very easy swap, farmed out the engine wiring out. As I clean couldn't be bothered. Sat waiting for more attention from the hot snot machine.
  24. On to another one. Pug 406 GLX. Needed a daily, this was what I could find at short notice, sensibly priced and local. Did end up buying something else after (which we'll come to soon). So MOT and sell on job here. Have a buyer already.
  25. Where to start. Maybe with the one that shocked me on how well it turned out? I'll give the shortest version of the story as I can. Got a tip from a friend about a 306 Rallye sat in a barn (it really was! 😂). When to have a look and declared it a mess and thought no sane person would buy it unless it was to break for spares. So I bought it on the spot! All that dust and pigeon crap lovelyness. Why in the hell to people get boners over barn finds!? Anyway. Mechanically it needed everything replacing. But managed to score a cheap down at heel GTI-6. It was a striped out car that had an issue with not getting certain gears. Perfect! Gearbox woes were down to a short shift pivot extension being in the wrong place. Moved that back and could get all of the gears. Sweet. I stripped that car and scrapped the shell and spent the next two years on and off swapping over everything. Eventually to a point it was back to a running and driving car again. Clean pass on the first MOT too after being sat for so long 11 or 12 years? I don't know! Puts a big grin on my coupon. But is sat waiting for some better weather and I've a few jobs to do it.
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