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  1. Worrying myself how much I like this. Must be a late one on a P-Reg too.
  2. Finding Mk4 Fiestas oddly appealing. This one looks very smart for a sub-£500 runabout.
  3. The second link looks about right, I remember A Kind of Blue being the first one at least. I've probably derailed the thread enough now anyway 😂 back to the tiny chod.
  4. I'm not sure if it was DeAgostini or another similar company but there was a part work series a few years back which was a Jazz collection. The records they were using for it at the time were the same pressings as the ones we were selling in the shop but at a lower price than we could even purchase them for let alone retail them for. They were a fantastic way to dip your toe into the world of Jazz really.
  5. To put it bluntly, there isn't a difference... or rarely. By that point virtually everything was being mastered digitally and therefore the notion of a 'first pressing' isn't the same as in the analogue days. So the only differences come down to the actual quality of the pressing, which quite often superior now that vinyl is 'thriving' again than it was when it was an afterthought circa 2000. However, if someone wants an 'original' that was the period where the least vinyl was being produced and therefore fifteen/twenty years later are now far more scarce than an even the sought after alb
  6. Funny that you should mention records, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here but working in a record shop is actually what I do for a living and so I've gone from collector to professional (for want of a better word) and have definitely noticed the change in attitude towards them in myself. On any given day I'm surrounded by thousands of pounds worth of records and countless records both new and old pass through my hands on a yearly basis. They are essentially just a commodity that allows me to get paid at this point. However, on occasion, the 'right' record sometimes reveals itself
  7. The Alfa Romeo AR6 isn't something I knew about until yesterday.
  8. I wonder why no company has ever tackled a 'Bucket' Rover 200? Seems like it would be a no brainer in the right shade of blue.
  9. I'd also heard that it had been scrapped, but according to the DVLA site it had a new logbook issued last year, which I assume wouldn't be possible if it was now a metal cube?
  10. I wonder if giving Hyacinth a noticeably smaller house was intentional...
  11. Rover 216SLi with a load of test, yours for £550.
  12. Could be a Zastava derivative? I think they did 2 doors too.
  13. A Vitesse apparently cost £7,898.58, roughly £22,500 in modern money. For comparison, an 820i would cost £17,500 which is over £50,000 in modern terms, so the 216 seems pretty accurate all things considered.
  14. Series 1 - Episode 2 (The New Vicar) Episode 2 kicks off with a Maestro in AS livery as Hyacinth prepares for the arrival of the new Vicar. We get a quick glance at a neighbours 309 as Hyacinth harasses an unsuspecting acquaintance. She's having the new Vicar over for tea and light refreshments you know. Onslow has seemingly been working on the Avenger since the last episode as it has regained a door but is now without its rear wheels. Our first look at Onslow's iconic Cortina, with the neighbours example from the previous episode lurking in the back
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