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    R1152 got a reaction from LightBulbFun in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 04/05 - Self Repairing Faults...   
    I could go on about the decline in technical standards in broadcasting, but I won't.
    This is from the BBC's own production guidelines at https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjsjlf4qtm68xc3/TechnicalDeliveryStandardsBBCFile.pdf?dl=0
    I've captured the broadcast via get_iplayer.
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    R1152 reacted to LightBulbFun in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 04/05 - Self Repairing Faults...   
    does anyone have a link or screenshot or such?  
    the Facebook link from @Tadhg Tiogar is for group members only sadly so I cant see whats contained within
    not going to lie I want to see if TPA managed to make it onto TV  
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    R1152 reacted to Tadhg Tiogar in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 04/05 - Self Repairing Faults...   
    The cobbler's children are often the worst-shod.
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    R1152 got a reaction from dollywobbler in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    Saw my first HubNut sticker "in the wild" today.
    Back of a blue R-reg Disco at the Black Cat roundabout.
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    R1152 reacted to vulgalour in 1951 Lanchester LD10   
    I'm pleased to report there will be another Lanchester video soon, because today Pat and I finished installing the interior.  It did involve getting enough dust and grime in my hair that I looked like I had a bad hair dye line and I ended up hitting my head and getting blisters, so it all went about as well as you might expect.  Far from the Mr Chodmondeley Warner experience, working on the Lanchester is much more of a series of suprising adventures that the likes of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar would venture forth on.

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    R1152 reacted to Soundwave in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I don't need any more cars. I have no room for any more cars. But also, this is 10 minutes from me.


    It's on my watch list purely for research purposes. The quote I got from my welding mate to sort the rear arch is also purely for research purposes.
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    R1152 reacted to JeeExEll in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    R1152 reacted to Sham in eBay tat volume 3.   
    What he said. A modified 1990 BMW. Every warning bell ever made is currently ringing.
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    R1152 reacted to Zelandeth in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 04/05 - Self Repairing Faults...   
    I really don't understand why thermal solar isn't more widespread.  The panels are so simple to make that there's no reason for them to be expensive, the payback period should be pretty short. 
    Just a shame we can't see what each thing is contributing any more as the previous owner ripped out the controller and monitoring hardware which used to handle everything more automatically.  It also had a readout which allowed you to see things like what the incoming water temperature from the solar was.  Really wish that was still present.
    Really wish the kitchen remodel which saw it binned hadn't happened...the layout beforehand made far, far more sense.
    Never, ever, ever buy a house that's been owned by an interior designer... Everything she had touched was 110% form over function and had been both made and fitted by the lowest bidder.
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    R1152 reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    R1152 reacted to DVee8 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    R1152 reacted to angle in eBay tat volume 3.   
    @barrett - is this another Cheryl? I can't work out whether it looks great or shit on the Berlingo steels.

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    R1152 got a reaction from Barry Cade in Anyone having trouble shifting small cars lately?   
    Best one for me, admittedly from 30-odd years ago: a Renault 9 bearing the plate X-8.
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    R1152 got a reaction from sierraman in Anyone having trouble shifting small cars lately?   
    I did all that: good job at 19, detached house, mortgage and married at 22. 
    Now in my fifties, a childless widower, Uncle Vanya made real. 
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    R1152 reacted to MarvinsMom in eBay tat volume 3.   
    i present to you all an Allegro Vanden Plas, in a truly EPIC colour!

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    R1152 got a reaction from RustyNuts in Anyone having trouble shifting small cars lately?   
    It's bloody astonishing, isn't it? Your mate did the right thing.
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    R1152 got a reaction from phil_lihp in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Many years ago a now-closed Renault dealer in Huntingdon proudly displayed a 25 'Monaco' that had done 322,000 miles on all-original powertrain components.
    And I'd have happily bought it, were it for sale.
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    R1152 got a reaction from MisterH in eBay tat volume 3.   
    At least that's the "full-fat" 1647cc engine, not the detuned unit in my 18GTL that could pink for France...
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    R1152 got a reaction from Yoss in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Ooh, that red one... 🤩
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    R1152 got a reaction from Dick Longbridge in Anyone having trouble shifting small cars lately?   
    I inherited that same mindset from my parents and it has served me well.
    Someone on another forum suggested that I should do an Angel Dust PCP; my response of "and who'll touch someone who does 30,000 miles a year though?" was met with - I kid you not - "clock it". Criminality aside, being a member of the so-called "gig economy" - read, "mostly unemployed" - means I'd not want any more money leaving this household than is absolutely necessary. Knowing I'm saddled with a Rishi Loan is bad enough: hence my driving a nearly-eighteen year old BMW and forking out for a gearbox repair rather than spend the money that'll cost on what could be someone else's world of hurt.
    My commute on the A1 makes me encounter at least two transporters full of 17-plate onwards motors every day. Where do they all go...?
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    R1152 reacted to Bren in The grumpy thread   
    Took the 545 to Preston for an autobox service. Due to rona I could not wait at the premises - I walked to a retail park to kill a couple of hours. Due to the car requiring a new mechatronics sleeve the job took another couple of hours.
    I walked up an down Blackpool Road so many times I was expecting somebody to call the 5-0. I should have done a sponsored walk.
    What I did see however was THE biggest dog turd I have ever seen - it looked like it had been left by something prehistoric.
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    R1152 reacted to Crackers in Does AS have a resident Citroen SM? If not, it does now!   
    It's as if, 48 years ago, someone predicted that Autoshite would exist, and immediately went to a Citroen dealer and ordered that.
    That is absolute weapons-grade shite.
    IMO one of the most beautiful cars ever built - MuricaSpec front end excepted. Top purchase.
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    R1152 reacted to busmansholiday in LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, Model 70 survivors list on page 24, pre Model 70 AC and Invacar survivors lists on page 134 :)   
    This picture has been on my wall for years, bought it  from a second hand shop. Only just realised whats in between the trolleybuses.

    For the none locals, it's Denaby railway crossing (between Mexborough and Conisbrough) looking towards Conisbrough and it still exists today (albeit very different and with a by-pass over the track to the right) as it's the main Sheffield to Doncaster line. The Mexborough and Swinton trolleybus system  ended in 1961 with the chassis of some of these shown above were purchased by Bradford Corporation and re-bodied with East Lancs double deck bodies and survived to the end of UK trolleybus operation in March 1972.
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    R1152 reacted to 83C in Anyone having trouble shifting small cars lately?   
    I don't know. Things are so daft right now that I wouldn't like to predict anything. What I do know is this; houses anywhere worth living are going up in value fast. People who have been used to the commute and have proven they can work from home are buying houses in nice places because they can sack off the commute and the requirement to live anywhere near the office. Cornwall, Devon, Shropshire and North Wales (all places I know well) are all seeing it. Trouble is, it's fucking the housing market up even further, putting even more pressure on first time and local buyers. Sunak's Gubbermint-backed 95% mortgages aren't helping either (and that's as close as I'm sailing towards the rocky shore of politics). 
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