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  1. If it's working, leave it be. I once asked a good autobox specialist about an oil change in the BM and he said that he could do that and charge me £500 for the privilege (I gather ZF oil makes angels' tears look cheap) but in all likelihood, it could easily make matters worse. "Put your £500 in the bank towards a rebuild in the future - should it need it" was his advice.
  2. "You'll be hearing from my solicitor..." ?? 🤣
  3. Oh, lovely. Complete with proper yellow-bulb headlights.
  4. Wasn't somebody toying with the idea of a trailer based on something like this?
  5. Not one, but TWO FB VX4/90s at Bonhams: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26807/lot/3/ https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26807/lot/5/ I prefer the red one: sadly, now is not the time for an FB VX Four-Ninety (to give it the proper name) to become part of the family 😥
  6. Looking at that Scotchlok made me think back to yesterday's video by @dollywobbler which had me wondering if his keys for the Invacar were in danger of coming into contact with his newly-fitted indicator stalk...
  7. The fate of pilot scheme diesel 10800 was to end up at Brush and be used as a test bed for thyristor control, where it was named "Hawk". That was back in the 60s. I just have visions of that massive rotating contactor thing that English Electric used at this point...
  8. There's something starkly utilitarian about that I love and I can't put my finger on it.
  9. Must've done. Christ, I remember when a few rolls of Anaglypta was all you needed, or woodchip and emulsion if you just wanted to hide crap plaster.
  10. The choice of banger racers back in the 70s...
  11. That wallpaper was £100 a metre, I'll have you know. Wonder if it was from George Osborne's family, or doesn't Samantha Cameron do a line in interior furnishings?
  12. ^^This^^ When my renewal for BitDefender comes up, I'll bin it and just stick with Windows' own software, or at a push use what my Linux machine uses - ClamAV. I have to say that BD seems to have a minimal impact on this lappy, but it has been upgraded (because you can do subtle ones to HP business machines) to an i7 with 16Gb of RAM and an SSD...
  13. I didn't have to do any setup or the like in the Teams meeting I participated in - thr only problem was that I had to use MS Edge to participate in it. https://www.tomsguide.com/uk/news/zoom-security-privacy-woes
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