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  1. I could go on about the decline in technical standards in broadcasting, but I won't. This is from the BBC's own production guidelines at https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjsjlf4qtm68xc3/TechnicalDeliveryStandardsBBCFile.pdf?dl=0 I've captured the broadcast via get_iplayer.
  2. Saw my first HubNut sticker "in the wild" today. Back of a blue R-reg Disco at the Black Cat roundabout.
  3. From today's Money Box programme on Radio 4: Have a listen to the show at https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000vp1h - at 06:25 in. So - a 'compromised' device can stuff you, big time. I can see why my mate has his reservations.
  4. Hardly. 25s were incredibly popular as I recall - it was the Safrane that sadly tanked. Didn't it win The Caravan Club's towing car award year for many years?
  5. Strangely, I recall that electronic speedos were supposed to make it much more difficult...
  6. Only yesterday I saw what I now know to be a brand new Volvo lorry bearing the plate S-48.
  7. Best one for me, admittedly from 30-odd years ago: a Renault 9 bearing the plate X-8.
  8. My eldest aunt's favourite car 😊
  9. I did all that: good job at 19, detached house, mortgage and married at 22. Now in my fifties, a childless widower, Uncle Vanya made real.
  10. The person who suggested that is a twat of the first water and full of shit, so may not be true.
  11. There's something so comically absurd about a Vandy Allegro that makes me want one; also, aren't these the last true Vandys?
  12. Ah yes, my former neighbour had one of those. Off the road for six weeks?
  13. I'm amazed; I'll bet it's a frightening chunk of cash per month?
  14. It's bloody astonishing, isn't it? Your mate did the right thing.
  15. Many years ago a now-closed Renault dealer in Huntingdon proudly displayed a 25 'Monaco' that had done 322,000 miles on all-original powertrain components. And I'd have happily bought it, were it for sale.
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