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  1. @Ahsan I'm sorry, I've no idea why my post landed in a different thread. I've asked moderators to move it, but in case you're desperate for my opinion on Tipo, see the quoted bit above
  2. I like it, I was on the hunt for a large -ish hatchback and tipo ticked most of the boxes. The 1.4t-jet won't win any races (or maybe that's driver issue) but allows to cruise comfortably at motorway speeds, 6th gear is a blessing. It is a bit thirsty but then it's driven mostly on short distances nowadays... went for s-design option and the interior is large and comfy. So you're getting a lot of car for less than the premium brands.
  3. Can't wait to get inspired. I'm currently driving 2018 tipo 1.4t-jet. At the rate modern flats are getting autoshite status all I need to do is keep it for another year or so. Does having a lot of car cosmetics but no time to apply them count as being detailer? If so, count me in!
  4. The worst car I owned would be the nissan primera sport plus with 51 plate on it. Fun fact - it would be one of the best cars if it would have a manual gearbox rather than hateful cvt. It was ruining the whole experience of driving 2l petrol sedan with some racing heritage and gearbox from moped. I think I made another mistake by trading it for a 1.4 xsara with hidden engine fault. Lesson lived is a lesson learnt, right?
  5. Evening all! I was lured to join the forum by a Motorpunk legend I don't own anything in me fleet that would meet the high standards of this community but I could contribute by taking some half decent photos of cars around East Midlands area.
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