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  1. The golf is looking really good, and also the prelude, I had a hankering after one of them back in the good old max power days, and I spotted one near mine at the weekend and pointed it out to the missus and she just gave me that blank faced stare.
  2. I can remember in comp school one of the P.E teachers had a mk1 MR2 which I thought was cool but no one else did. He also looked very 80's hasselhoff ie hair and dress sense. But was fat and pervy with the young lasses. There was other smol car shite that for a while we had great fun picking them up as a group and turning them round etc.
  3. I once drove a Montego TD. First car I'd drove with power steering and also first car I'd drove with cruise control. Didnt know anyone cool enough with maestro turbo though.
  4. I spotted this in Sunderland hospital carpark not last summer but the summer before, was a young lad driving it, I especially liked the security add on's of bits of wood jammed in the rear door windows inside to stop you sliding them open.
  5. I'd be hard pushed to say I've ever had a car I hated, probably a P reg clio 1.9 diesel, fine in everyway apart from the worst driving position known to man, only beaten by the clio 172/182 shape which not only had the same horrible seating position, but the seat cushions were so thin/hard after an hour or so in one made me want to die. Worst car was probably a J reg 1.7 N/A diesel cavalier, owned since new by my dads mate, dog allowed to piss inside it daily, was probably about 14 years old when I got it, 4th and 5th had never been used in its 170,000 miles as pointed out my by dad who regularly went out in it with him. The underneath had been coated religliuoly in used engine oil and so whilst very un-rusty, was awful to work under, the shell however made up for the rust x 1,000,000. I tried to fix it and paint it but made a right mess, it was 'remberent silver' aka jewish racing gold. the back arches were so far gone I drew a new arch line above the crust and bodge with a marker, then cut it out with a grinder and sealed the edges, it didnt look as bad as you'd think. Interior was replaced, alternator fell off pulling into work one day, managed to find all the bits in the carpark and fix it in the carpark after my shift. It was the slowest car ever, some steep hills I could start at the bottom at 50mph and by the top I'd be in first gear doing 4mph.
  6. I've subscribed to the 'can't change the oil too many times' aswell, don't think Ive ever had a car and haven't changed the oil in less the manufacturers specs. A while back they started up opening self service ramps like in 'murica which I thought was a great idea, yet was put off ever using one as mostly whenever I started a job something went wrong and I was worried I'd end up with a car stuck miles from the house.
  7. welcome fellow newbies, some lovely barges there diplomat
  8. That looks well. One of my older mates had a met grey mk2 big bumper gti back in '95. Had been lowered, bbs wheels, dtm exhaust, induction kit . How good it sounded compared to other mates XR2's and XR3's. Felt unbelievably fast to a 15 year old.
  9. Probably done a few daft things but one that always sticks his after doing some work on rear brakes on my prestine n15 gti I was getting cocky with my mechanical skills I whipped through the job, dropped it off the jack under the rear beam and forgot to put the handbrake on first. This was on my parents quite steep drive. It rolled backwards and dragged me trying to stop it down the low brick wall, scratching and scraping me to bits and then rolled onto the flat into the garage and stopped when it hit my dads tool chest. Luckily the only damage to the car was a paint chip on the boot lid and my body took a week or so to grow more skin. Another one but wasnt my fault but while fitting a decat to my first mr2 turbo the stud was winding out of the manifold and hitting against the oil cooler, so I removed the oil filter, then the oil cooler, got the space I needed for the stud to come out, fitted said decat, wind the bolts back in, another mate turned up who was the self professed mr2 bestest mechanic in the world. He refitted the oil cooler and filter while i was under the car connecting the exhaust back up. Came to start the car up and oil erupted from the oil cooler like Deepwater Horizon. Matey hadn't tightened it back up. Last time he held a spanner for me.
  10. Much to outrun's amusement. Had it since 2 year old and have a bit OCD for keeping stuff clean.
  11. Hello all, been to a meet before with out run, haven't got any thing interesting atm but have a penchant for forgiving cars being shite and love a good bodge. Currently have this rusty 1.6 diesel with dodgy power steering, and another bland car being a 10 year old cash cow as the family run about. Normally like 2 seater type stuff but considering a van to convert to campervan. Not sure I want to trap myself in a small space with 2 kids and the mrs for extended periods though.
  12. I remember when we first started building these at the factory and I had a N15 GTI and I just couldn't get away with the looks of them. We had lots of meetings over the years saying that we needed to be more competitive and this is what they came up with. It was also the point where Nissan started using other manufacturers for parts which made our jobs at lot harder as they were shite, didn't fit properly, parts mixed up in the boxes, bits missing etc. I did think the P12 looked good at the time but no else did.
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