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    GeorgeB reacted to somewhatfoolish in The grumpy thread   
    We are not special in that regard; corruption has always happened in public office although evidence suggests the UK has 'enjoyed' relatively low levels compared to peer nations. It's fair to say the Greensill thing seems particularly egregious though, the insidious nature of what might be deemed 'soft' corruption as opposed to stuffed brown envelopes makes it easier for spivs like Cameron to  convince themselves it's OK.
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    GeorgeB reacted to Chas4545 in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I am so happy! After years of carrying an injustice  having been judged guilty until proved innocent by my then employer the P.O.  ,
    The then boss has today  resigned from her current board positions and her church role ( and isnt that church role predictable).
    Perhaps she would like to serve a month for every year that P.O. employers wrongly served.
    Too much?
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    GeorgeB reacted to Ghosty in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
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    GeorgeB got a reaction from inconsistant in Volvo V70 Phase 3 (2007-2016) What do we think?   
    Maybe you could fuck off?
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    GeorgeB reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Scrapped 20th August 2021 // New Video For It   
    Short day, as it decided to snow and rain and generally be shit weather. 

    I cut a bit of steel for the outer sill before the weather turned, welded it on and tidied it up.

    Fiddled with the welder as per @jonathan_dyanesuggestion, turned the wire speed down, it helped a bit. Not burning through anything but sometimes the welds just don't want to stick, like I'm putting oil in a non stick pan. Turned the gas way down and it seemed to weld better, as in it was giving the bacon sound not the zapping sound I had before. 
    I also welded in the reinforcement panel as well, so that sill is done!
    You can't see it, but the outer sill is slightly long, as I want to see if I can turn it up to form a lip. But that can wait for the good weather, whenever it is.
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    GeorgeB reacted to loserone in Volvo V70 Phase 3 (2007-2016) What do we think?   
    You certainly don't!
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    GeorgeB reacted to barefoot in The grumpy thread   
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    GeorgeB got a reaction from myglaren in The grumpy thread   
    What's your address? Anything interesting in the shed?
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    GeorgeB got a reaction from Jerzy Woking in The grumpy thread   
    What's your address? Anything interesting in the shed?
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    GeorgeB reacted to Talbot in The grumpy thread   
    I'll bet that's the same person every time.  A recording camera showing the same person doing it every time would likely end up with a prosecution.  Either that, or you can find out what time they do it, be ready and fire a large cow-pat directly at them from a trebuchet.
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    GeorgeB reacted to dollywobbler in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    I think I prefer the PT Cruiser's looks to the Rover 75...

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    GeorgeB got a reaction from Barry Cade in Operation Fix It Again Tony   
    Strange, I've got one (2005 model) and it is reasonably nippy and handles like a go-kart.
    Great fun to drive.
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    GeorgeB reacted to Talbot in The new news 24 thread   
    I know the 210 is a better more modern car, but the 124 just looks more impressive.  The rounded-off jelly-mould of the 210 just doesn't have the same "presence" as the 124 does.
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    GeorgeB reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Scrapped 20th August 2021 // New Video For It   
    It's not a Saturday without an update I suppose.
    The new panel from yesterday is welded in place. Needs cleaning up as always, given it was another upside down welding job.
    I've really been spending today working out how best to proceed with the arch repairs. I don't want to introduce the same mud shelf that the car had which caused a lot of this rot to begin with. 
    So, as I welded that section, I went to see how much of the arch was sound at the rear.

    You might see some spot welds there, and it welds on to a box section which is fairly perfect (from what I can see with the air vent removed). Although some rot has been introduced to it. So I think here I need to try and cut the rotten bits off of this section without damaging the rear section, and have that as a nice clean section to weld to.
    The further forward I went along the arch, the more rot I saw. A good section of the steel that holds the fuel filler spout is rotten.

    Inside the RAV4  there's a cubby hole, so I decided to remove it. Doing that gives a good view in to the arch from the inside. Doing that also showed that the outer skin was also showing signs some form of rot. Well, the beginnings of it.

    I am probably wrong doing this, but given that the arch joining the outer shell was rotten, I decided I might as well cut the outside to give me a better chance of repairing it properly. Which I did.

    At this point it's worth pointing out two things. I've sank 8 bottles of Aldi-wannabe Peroni lager called Rossini, and I forgot to charge the batteries to my drill. So trying to type this is a challenge, and trying to find out what metal under the sporadic rust proofing is also difficult with no drill. The last job I did was cut what I thought was rotten from the bottom front of the arch. Essentially the part closest to the door.

    I'm having Easter Sunday off from this, and the wife mentioned that Monday might rain. Thanks Jesus, etc. 

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    GeorgeB reacted to fred in Eye-catching black and whites   
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    GeorgeB reacted to Angrydicky in Dicky’s Disastrous Debris - it’s a runner! 1/9/21   
    Having spent the last few days indoors, the foam base of the rear seat dried out nicely, so I popped it back in. I still can’t believe how good the seats are on this car.

    I spent some time today going through the electrical system trying to get a spark. I have 12v at either side of the coil (with the other wire of the multimeter to battery earth) but put the two multimeter wires on the two coil connections and I get nothing whatsoever. I’m guessing this is something broken inside the coil? I’m not overly confident with electrics, but I have started with the obvious by cleaning all the connections in sight.

    I’m not sure what that small cylinder wired to the coil SW terminal is. It looks like another condenser.
    One of the good things about this car is the wiring is very good. It’s had one or two modifications over the years, but it’s mostly original and sound.
    I did discover some more serious rot unfortunately. A 12” wide section of the middle of the horizontal bulkhead, under the battery tray and the box that would have contained the optional radio, is rotten as a pear. The only way of sorting this really is cut the radio box out get access to do it from on top. I guess the tarp was torn over the scuttle as you can see where it’s been exposed long term. The water has been running down past the seal in the scuttle air vent and the wiper spindle grommets (one of which has a load of tape around it) for years. I’ve pulled out the last of the soggy and mouldy sound deadening under the dashboard now so I can get a proper look at the extent of the rust. Ah well, I’ll ignore it for the moment. I’m not planning to rush into the welding.
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    GeorgeB reacted to Eyersey1234 in The new news 24 thread   
    Had some good news last night, might not be long before I am back on National Express. We get a couple of trips back in about a fortnights time and I am next in line for the refresher training to go back on it when we get some more work. 
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    GeorgeB reacted to dean36014 in The grumpy thread   
    Well time to make good use of the freedom and change the door locks. FFS man, why do you put up with her. You've been moaning about her the last few years, you could have been divorced and happy with your life now. Do yourself a favour and fuck her off.
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    GeorgeB reacted to anonymous user in Dicky’s Disastrous Debris - it’s a runner! 1/9/21   
    I think they changed the recipe slightly to create the cheese slices used in all the best* burger vans
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    GeorgeB reacted to vulgalour in Dicky’s Disastrous Debris - it’s a runner! 1/9/21   
    Sir, if it wasn't for the slight corrosion issue you have encountered, I would accuse you of blatant one-upmanship with this acquisition and be forced to compose a sternly written letter to someone of importance!
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    GeorgeB got a reaction from alf892 in The new news 24 thread   
    You really don't get it, do you?
    He's a mod so needs to obey the rules.
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