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  1. Heat. Penetrating oil (PlusGas). More heat. Two nuts(not bolts) tightened against each other on the studs with threads. Mole grips on the broken one. Wiggle back and forth. More heat. More penetrating fluid. They will come loose. Don't replace with threaded bar. Get the proper studs.
  2. Thanks. I've tried using the Contact Us link (https://autoshite.com/contact/) a few times (about forgotten emails and passwords etc.) a few times but never received a response. Does anybody monitor the contact attempts?
  3. Just possibly, maybe, perhaps, it's a problem with your phone? (Or the operator.)
  4. Is there a place to post problems with this forum? Thanks.
  5. Ordinary plumbers blow torches are cheap and will get it hot enough. Then get two hammers and hit it with both at the same time on opposite sides where the taper goes through the arm. Never fails.
  6. This may help: https://www.scoobynet.com/security-16/862988-sigma-alarm-fob.html
  7. Does the horn earth via the column? Maybe the earth is shot?
  8. With the car in neutral and rolling along the diff and prop shaft will definitely be turning. Think about it!
  9. What a year! If those were the best on offer I'd have walked.
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