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  1. Had this lot since i can remember. mainly 90s/2000s random makes some realtoy matchbox etc Couple from Mcds happy meal:
  2. Absolutely. i was aged between 1 and 7 when i had my first hongwell stuff and unfortunately everything i got back then was ripped straight from the box and became playworn. i was fascinated by how realistic they were yet didnt even know who made them. i remember them always being about in the shops until one day they just went. (must have been about 2007/8) and never saw them on a store shelf ever again. when i was about 10 i decided to find out what the company was called by magnifying the logo underneath one of the few trucks i had preserved. i started collecting 2 and 3 packs but grew out
  3. i never knew they were sold in poundland ? were they single boxes / blister packs ? i just remember seeing them in woolies and tesco as a young boy. even marks & sparks had a selection of hongwell sets at one point. i never forgot the very nostalgic tesco GO packaging that caught my eye when you put them up on here the first time.
  4. few pics of my collection here Lots of 1:72 hongwell + transporter sets Cheers to Datsuncog for the 2 tesco transporters (y)
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