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  1. I drove an eclectic variety of crap hatchbacks around farmland before I started getting driving lessons proper, but I did the lessons and both of my tests in my dad's 2003 Toyota Avensis.
  2. I think you'll find that's an EP91 Starlet.
  3. I've got a friend in Bosnia who's desperate for me to buy one of these, maybe I might surprise him...
  4. My dad owned a Carina E for fourteen years without a mechanical issue. The only thing that failed on it was a starter motor three weeks before it was traded in on a brand new 2011 Yaris, an inferior car in every regard.
  5. https://www.fensport.co.uk/pages/fensport-corolla-sr-3s-gte Even if the body is unsalvageable, it would make an interesting donor car.
  6. I was thinking about mentioning that era of Fiesta but I was dissuaded by the fun I had throwing a rotten one around an improvised track. I find the 2002-2008 Hyundai Getz to be fairly grim, but to its credit, my aunt drove one for thirty miles with the oil pressure light on without it seizing!
  7. I went looking at a lovely 1959 Singer Gazelle only to find the floor had actually fully detached on the passenger side. That was a pass for me.
  8. On my 2000 Yaris, one of the engine mounts needs to come off to replace the alternator belt because there's no room to locate the power steering pulley elsewhere.
  9. Hello from Kilkenny, I'm the owner of a moderately corroded 2000 Toyota Yaris and have just acquired a 1994 Toyota Starlet with a voracious appetite for coolant. I have a taste for nasty Japanese hatchbacks and anything that can be bought for less than three tanks of petrol.
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