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  1. I've got it booked off work, looking forward to it!
  2. Sold the Starlet, it's just been lying idle in my grandfather's back garden since I left Ireland and it would cost more than it's worth to bring it over here, so I said I'd move it on to someone who'll enjoy it. Currently contemplating buying an engine for the Carina on eBay.
  3. I've discovered lately that the paint on a Toyota Carina is far more flammable than it has any real right to be, as is the carpet.
  4. Why is there oily smoke coming in through the vents? I FUCKING HOW? The only saving grace is the oil cap didn't end up on the road. Anyone know any decent engine steam cleaners in Dorset?
  5. The oil light started blinking on at low revs while creeping forward in traffic, and it turns out what was in the sump was mostly petrol. I've changed it for a tin of Halford 20w50 and it's a lot happier.
  6. My aunt drove one 7 miles with no oil pressure and it survived. Never really sounded right again, but it lasted a few more years.
  7. I'm going via the mountain pass on the other side of Llanberis instead of via Caernarfon this time.
  8. I don't really know when I plan on getting there, I'll probably go via Abergavenny and Llanidloes again so it might take quite a while.
  9. My car is usually the oldest in the car park except when one of the higher ups turns up in his T25 camper. Runners up are my manager's K plate LiteAce, a P plate Starlet owned by one of the accountants, and an '02 T4 work van.
  10. Hooray, no more anxiously pressing F5 while staring at a blank page. For a minute I was afraid I'd get some work done today!
  11. Good for another year, miraculously.
  12. I've leased a garage for when the Carina's engine eventually shits itself, I'll have a blue cloud following me up to Shitefest this year...
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