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  1. The contact connecting the coil to the distributor cap has decided to biodegrade but the spark is still jumping across to the cap anyway. Anyone got a Denso IIA lying around that they aren't using I made a right hand boot strut from a broken right and a working left with the help of a man with more precise angle grinder skills, so the plank is no longer needed as a prop. I needed some more revs on the Yaris to jump the Starlet so I had to jam the throttle linkage open with a rag as I had no one to help me. I changed the oil and filter in the Starlet and the oil in the Yaris. I had i
  2. This Princess is on a 59-74 Co. Clare plate. The cab's fallen in on this imported Freight Rover.
  3. I decided to try and get the rear hatch on the Starlet to stay open on its own and went about replacing the snapped gas strut on the right hand side, only to discover that my spare rear hatch only had a left and had a gaping rust hole where the right strut should've been. I'm going to try to drill out the rivets on both and swap the brackets around when I get some small nuts and bolts to replace the rivets. I had a look at the cam belt as I didn't know when it had last been changed and I wanted to make sure there wasn't any immediate danger and the writing is still clearly readable on the smoo
  4. The Yaris has passed its NCT on the third go and a friend has bought a Fiesta for £185 which will need remedial work for its M.O.T in August and I'm glad the Yaris is roadworthy again so I can use it to lug the welder and some tools across on the ferry.
  5. The plan is recommissioning it because they're getting quite rare here nowadays due to a firm not far from me which was exporting them.
  6. Harris the Yaris almost got through the NCT after attacking the rear chassis leg with a Lidl welder and some 1.5mm plate, so I decided not to take any chances on the retest and adjusted both rear brakes with the handbrake cable slackened off before getting it tested on the local Toyota dealer's brake test lane. The imbalance has thankfully dropped to 10%.
  7. Unfortunately this one has a 2E-E. My first car was a '98 with a 4E-FE but it rotted through the A-pillar and I got rid of it.
  8. Finally got to pull Scarlet the Starlet out of a shed in Galway. Bringing it back to Kilkenny. Here it is in its new home, ready for the lean-to to be built over it.
  9. At least they didn't take issue with my welding.
  10. Not what I wanted to see the day before the test.
  11. That torch is identical to the ones supplied with Lidl flux-core welders.
  12. I think you misunderstood, he opened the microwave and carried off my roast chicken!
  13. I accidentally pulled the flare off of my new brake pipe by overtightening it. Then my cat decided to disappear with my dinner.
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