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  1. My W203 is just "the Benz" The Aldi has a bunch of names, like "piece of shite", it really depends on which unobtainium part decides to break, or which stupid design decision turns a 10 minute job into a 1 hour one
  2. Zamac pest, common in Norev Berlingos and Pickarses. The base bends out of shape and either breaks itself or breaks the front end off http://www.citroenmodelcars.nl/html/projects_berlingo_repair.htm That one seems fucked beyond repairs though
  3. Ah yes, the 1991 ITV Franchise Round that took Thames Television away from broadcasting...
  4. Took apart the instrument cluster off the Aldi to change bulbs. Decided also to align the needles. Broke off needle on temp gauge. Had to order a used gauge now.
  5. Also the Instagram usernames with capital letters and spaces
  6. The Healey eventually arrived!
  7. Decided to buy my touch-up bottle from a UK seller. Looks promising so far
  8. OM646

    Bus Shite

    Holy moly! That's a UTIC Naup body! There used to be one parked not far from home, until about 2010.i think. Thanks a lot!
  9. True. Of all the small 4 cylinders I've ever ridden in, the K-series 1.4 is by far the smoothest. A gem of an engine. MLS headgasket all the way!
  10. Legend says that only works in OMGHGF Kettle Series tho, hence the name
  11. OM646

    Bus Shite

    Here in north Portugal, we still have some of the ultimate Euro bus shite to be still in service 37 years and counting. Volvo B10M articulated with a CAMO body.
  12. The guy who delivered my new bonnet star today was driving a new Opel Insignia Estate and I was surprised to say the least
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