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  1. Is this also why the (secondhand) cars are so cheap? I'm thinking of travelling from Portugal to Italy in a couple of years, to pick up a modern-ish E Class...
  2. Umm this is actually an LHD Opel Corsa. Why did someone bother importing one? One doesn't know...
  3. Well, the OM646 is reliable, but nowhere near indestructible. Source: my forum handle
  4. Thanks! I sourced it very cheap from a wreckers and then was astounded to find out they go for 10x as much on eBay
  5. So, the Audi got the much needed floor mats. 29€ well spent.
  6. Second this. A rotten Punto, especially one with a smart engine, would make for a helluva project
  7. Meanwhile you can still ring Mercedes and buy half a W203. Both BMW and Audi are lacking in that unfortunately
  8. Now that's some Valtteri Bottas level of bad luck you've been having, huh?
  9. They did, due to low sales. I'd love a Dacia-spec one just for shits and giggles
  10. More Audi 80 news. It finally sits on brand new suspension. Drives amazing. And i fixed one of the faults that has plagued that car ever since it was my dad's daily driver. Wash-wipe and intermittent wiper speed didn't work at all. So i ordered a new relay for cheap (9 euro) just to test. Pulled the one relay out. It sounded like a maraca. Of course it wouldn't work. Installed the new one. Intermittent works beautiful. Wash wipe only works the "wipe" part. Might need a new washer pump
  11. And later models were actually sold with early units of the 2.0 HDI! (This one was first registered in 2002, i thought they had stopped production in 2000....)
  12. I'm legit wondering if there isn't a way of frankensteining the odd Fiat bit in it
  13. It seems to result with a lot of YT channels that wrench on shite. Look at the teashelf lad who owns a whole bunch of it, and has that W204 Merc for "an car" duties. Hell, i don't have a channel, and only have a single old shiter, the Aldi, and having the W203 parked in the corner that starts at the flick of the key saved me in so many situations....
  14. Perhaps an E12 Corolla wagon with the 2.0 D-4D?
  15. I stand for this. And the automatic transmissions in those are indestructible. Find a good condition facelift W203. They're now 15 years old, well into shite territory
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