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  1. I feel like a kid in Christmas morning... New Audi 80 goodies
  2. Glad i spotted it pretty early.... Guess using A/C often and being sensitive to smells helped a lot
  3. Hello grumpiness, long time no see, A couple days ago, my wonderfully reliable C220 CDI started throwing weird smells when I turned on the AC. Thought it was just me, until a friend says "damn it smells like exhaust in here". I had no clue what it could be. Rang mechanics, they all said it could be a flex pipe or something. And then i pop the engine cover off and start it. Tstststststststststststststststststststststs Oh god oh fuck when did Mercedes start using garden sprinklers in OM646 diesels? And then i looked properly. that's ri
  4. The X7 my friend owns has been absolutely flawless for the 3 years he's owned it so far, actually! And it's an exclusive
  5. Thank you! Well, mine has some minor faults like one of the control arms that's shot, and the famous seat occupancy sensor. Bar that, it's been dead reliable, especially for the 530.000 km it has
  6. I wish my W203 had auto wipers. Simply because when you don't have auto, you don't have adjustable intermittent either
  7. How come i never ran across this topic? This is a near twin to my car, also from late 2006! Mine is a diseasel though
  8. I second this as another W203 owner. I'll never dread the job of changing the door pulls again
  9. I was a passenger in a 2011 X7 with the 163hp 2.0 HDI, manual transmission, and the 3+ suspension. The ride was superb and the interior was damn near top notch. Only bad choice were the piano black door trims that creaked
  10. Just converted the Aldi's gauges to bright red LED
  11. Do the plates have the yellow part? You can see the year in that part. If they don't, a 1998 should be a late J plate or an early L plate. Lacquer peel and Pogweasel Pink are the biggest cosmetic problems in cars here
  12. I was driving around and stumbled upon a Crafter that seemed way too rusty for its age. Then I looked at the plates. From the UK to Portugal is quite the long way!
  13. 1:43 Cararamas are exceptional value. Love my white one!
  14. Here in PT it's the 1.4 HDi's that fetch some serious money. I'd much rather own a 2.0
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