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  1. Featuring one of the absolute worst "spread lettering" badges of all time
  2. fun fact: Sehol was born as SOL, Spanish for Sun, and it was gonna be the JAC-VW joint venture brand Why Spanish? Because they wanted to badge their first car as a SEAT for China (in one of many attempts of dumping SEAT from VAG) so they got SEAT to restyle a JAC
  3. As a Portuguese, can't help but laugh at the plate of the Meriva (FDP means Filho da Puta, i.e. son of a b****) And I tend to call that type of names to my own shite a lot, let's just say
  4. The SX4 looks so utterly weird as a saloon, being a car made mainly to be a small crossover
  5. Seriously thinking of joining a call at some point, if no one minds the fact that my accent doesn't know if it wants to be Yank, British or none of the two
  6. Any PSA guru here? Does a prefacelift 307 use "CE0523" or "CE0536" type of key?
  7. Got a Chinesium key for a friend's 307. Full remote key, not just a shell. 10 quid. I'll need to get it cut and programmed via PP2000. So far it feels great and heavy in hand
  8. At this point I'm seriously starting to toy with the idea of getting a late model Barchetta, model year 04-06 Before the values shoot up
  9. Fiat Barchetta Adria as Cabriolet / Roadster in Bad Oldesloe (mobile.de) I now have the urge of buying one of these before they start going up in value
  10. I´ve been obsessing over these Y's for whatever reason for some weeks now. Maybe bacause over here they're all turning into beaters and getting very hard to find in good condition
  11. The fiesta based one lasted long enough to receive the 1.4 TDCI engine And the OEM+ fanatic in myself really wants to lay hands on these clocks and radio to swap into a MK5 Fiesta
  12. You could even get those as a van over here in Portugal (notice the metal mesh behind the front seats)
  13. Even after reading it was all chewed inside, I didn't expect it to be to such a point
  14. Lamborghini killed two birds with one stone. 1- his dream car 2- "fuck off Enzo you arrogant little prick"
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