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  1. So, I decided to unlock some stereos from the scrapyard (now that the Alana is up and running in my Aldi) And it was all going well until i hooked up a Skoda MS402 tape deck from an early Fabia mk1 to my 12V source. I don't know if I'm spending too much time on AS and inheriting @AnnoyingPentium's bad luck with Fabia MK1 related stuff as a direct result but the damn thing won't power on. It'll illuminate the buttons and draw 0,1A, but when i press the knob to turn the radio on, nothing happens. (the two Symphonies i unlocked work fine though)
  2. Indeed they are. Here there are a bunch of those. Headlights are from either the ph2 Saxo, or the Corsa B as well
  3. W203 now with sat nav and ambient lighting
  4. If there was an Elegance TDI 130 auto, would be a damn fine Fabia
  5. Opened the ad expecting it to be the Slowest Diesel Imaginable
  6. Watching the video and the disintegrating dials, didn't one of the Berlingos in the scrapyard have a set of good condition green dials? One could always Frankenstein those dial faces into your existing cluster
  7. I think it's actually from a late 90s/early 2000s Isuzu NKR
  8. Are these EfficientGrip2's? Been using then in the Merc and they're decent tyres, no complaints so far
  9. I know a friend with a late MK2 (163 bhp) and he swears by it! He searched endlessly for a perfect spec for him though 1.6 HDI is a really common engine here. That's another reason why I don't see why people worry so much about these. They're everywhere and with cheap parts around here. Might get one as a runaround when I'm done with uni. Plus i love the facelift interior with the 407 switchgear and yellow/orange dash lighting Even though, knowing myself, it'll most likely go from a runaround to a full blown project...
  10. This thread alone has me looking at C5's as even the later facelifted ones are reaching the 2000€ mark here. Wondering how good or bad these are with the 1.6 HDI and a manual box
  11. thought it'd be the same as the 9N Polo which needed it! But a lot of sellers will bundle the adapter so one can always try The radio model is RCN210 btw
  12. Remarkably easy! Just needs a little canbus adapter that I can send the link for. No wiring necessary, just plugs And they sell a version with green buttons for Skodas too!
  13. Seems like every day I'm gonna be working in stereos... Got this nice little unit working in a mark 4 Polo today
  14. sorry for the dig, But do you have the serial number/barcode? Being most likely a Clarion, If it starts in C7 I could probably get the right code, even if it's just to chuck the radio on evilbay
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