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  1. My neighbour says exactly the same thing when I have the bonnet up to check the fluids "what's wrong with it?" Clueless.
  2. Had one of these as well, a 1981 vintage Morris Ital, cost me 150 quid, ran it for a year before it fell apart.
  3. The powers that be don't want us to have a car.........any car.
  4. Another one that I owned. Bought in 1992 at 4 years old with 13,000 miles for £1200. As an ex miner the cars that you saw in the pit car park were Riva's and Reliant Robins. I loved mine, not the last word in sophistication but it did a job.
  5. He has lusted after one too, it's me in 1969.
  6. What about the Ford corsair
  7. Anybody remember the Yugo zastava?
  8. Mine didn't but it was in that colour, I quite liked it.
  9. Had one of these as well, Lada Samara, cost me £350 with less than 40,000 miles on the clock, never failed me either, I ended up giving it to a mate who had fell on hard times, he ran it for another 2 years.
  10. Yes we got them in the UK, I remember seeing quite a few of them on the roads in the early noughties, the MK1 lumbering down the road like an automotive frankenstein. Mine cost 475 English pounds with 41,000 miles on, when I scrapped it local scrappy had no idea what it was.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Kia Shuma, I owned one of these a few year back, easily the most forgettable, boring car I've ever owned, also the most reliable. Dissolved into a pile of its own rust, the Mazda engine would have lasted forever, the bodywork not so. I had the mk2, only slightly less hideous to look at than the mk1
  12. For me heated seats, brilliant over the last few months, brilliant in the summer as I can put it on in the middle of a heat wave and burn the oversized arse of my 6ft 5, 20 stone son who let's out a "you bastard " cry when he realises what I've done. For the Wife an automatic gearbox as she can't do hill starts after 20 years of practice, has burnt out more clutches than I can remember so she can't roll backwards in this car and has no need of putting her foot flat to the floor while hardly moving in a forwards direction perspiring and hyper ventilating.
  13. On my team it's the usual German PCP'd fodder, Audi Q7, Audi A7 (×2, both brothers), Ceo has a newish S Class, BMW 5 series, Tesla, don't know which one, not remotely interested and up to last Christmas my old Peugeot 206, yes I was badly letting the side down, I'm now in a virtually free 2005 E Class with lunar mileage so I'm more "acceptable " now, they've known me long enough to realise that I really don't give a f#ck about appearances and won't join the rent a car mob.
  14. The foot operated parking brake in the Merc. Not a massive inconvenience given it's an automatic but I also had one in a manual C Class. Why, oh why oh why did they ever invent such a pointless, stupid thing. It used to give the wife nightmares doing a hill start in that thing. Does it work any better than a normal handbrake? No, just another example of a stupid German over complicating something for the sake of it.
  15. I remember some of the winning quotes in AT back in the 80s for dealers selling cars in the sub £1000 section Lots if flash for little cash Be quick with this one Condition can only be described as showroom This won't be here long Older but wiser This was pre Internet days of course so all you had to go on was usually one picture, but cars were rarely as described.
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