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  1. I've been running what I would term sheds, below a grand to buy for the last 11 years and not had a breakdown. I'm in no way having a dig at new cars it's just that I don't think that the old adage that you are more likely to be left stranded in an old car to be necessarily true, not in my experience or observations.
  2. After years of running an old shed I've often laughed off the remarks of "I bet you spend more time pushing it than driving it" or " I bet you spend more time underneath it than sat in it" guffaw guffaw Got me thinking though, I can't remember the last time I actually saw an old car broken down at the side of the road or on the back of a rescue truck and I do a lot of driving. Seen newer stuff awaiting rescue, maybe it's because there's a lot of new metal on the roads these days. I've never found older cars any less reliable than new stuff and I've run both. I've found poorly maintained and neglected cars unreliable but for me reliability has never been linked to age, a bit like people really.
  3. Little pug 206 does 36 around town and 57 on a run. Can't complain because with a whopping 60 French horses from it's 1.1 TU it does take a bit of persuasion to get it up to speed but it will trundle along all day at 65-70 mph quite happily.
  4. Little pug 206 does around 37 local and 56 on a run, I don't drive much now as WFH 4 days a week, wife has about a 3 mile commute both ways so we're down to about 30 miles a week roughly. That is about to change soon as I'm required to go back out into the big wide world 3 days a week so I'll probably be back to doing 100 miles a week. Not a massive bill but the pieces of shit in Whitehall never miss an opportunity to profit on the back of our misery. The revolution of getting everybody to drive around in a milk float has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with pricing the ordinary people off of the roads. We all know that running a shiter and keeping it sweet is the greenest form of motoring there is.
  5. As someone who has lived at the shit end of the car market for a long time, through choice not necessity, I keep a keen eye on what's knocking about for under a grand. It makes for depressing reading at the moment, pure greed. In 2016 I bought a one owner Kia Shuma (remember those? ) with 41,000 miles on it for £450. Ran it for 2 1/2 years before rust sent it packing. 3 years ago I bought my current pug 206 for £475 with a full test and 46,000 miles on the clock. I drove past a garage the other day and saw one for sale, same year as mine for £1,250. Had a look on the Internet when I got home, it had done 115,000 miles, same engine as mine, mine has just ticked over 62,000. Mine has just sailed through it's MOT needing only a bulb. So on current prices I could quite easily get a grand for it but what would I buy? So until this madness stops, if it ever does, I won't be buying anything else, I've never known a time like it, let's just hope that the chip shortage is sorted out soon so the greedy bastards are left with piles of rotting metal on the forecourts that nobody will buy.
  6. 19 year old French shiter has just failed it's MOT, on a brake light bulb, this car is going to ruin me financially, how I hate these cheaply made, slung together piles of galic dross, if only I'd invested in some teutonic engineering excellence instead.
  7. I don't get the alfa thing either, they are good to look at (some of them anyway) and I'm sure that they made some nice engines but they also made a lot of humdrum cars as well. Maybe it's people repeating what they've heard on top gear or read in a magazine. According to them you can't call yourself a real petrol head until you've owned one (complete bollox) and that all German cars are fantastic and all French cars are made from merde, sweeping generalisations made by people who haven't got the first idea what they are talking about.
  8. So the consensus seems to be that there is a lot of love for French cars amongst a lot of people but a general hatred of them with the self proclaimed driving gods because they have very little street cred, I must be doing something right then because I wouldn't want to associate with them.
  9. I think you've hit the nail on the head there, French cars have no particular social status, they're not aspirational or thrusting in any way so the wannabes wouldn't be seen dead in one. I suppose spinning the yarn about superior German engineering helps them to feel better about paying a fortune for an unreliable heap of electronic misery. I love it when people think that I'm skint because I run a French shiter, they have no idea that I could afford a brand new 5 series for cash but the thing they CANNOT understand is that I choose not to, it's an alien concept to them. I love my little pugs simplistically, that it's not needy and that it's cheap to run and fix, it does everything that I want and very little that I don't. I really hope that people spread the word that French cars are dreadful because it means that prices will remain cheap and they will keep buying "superior brands".
  10. I remember one of the driving gods on there telling me that I'd not lived until I'd driven a car with the "4 rings of success " on the bonnet. In my opinion VAG stuff really is unreliable, I'll stick to French,
  11. From memory I've probably owned a dozen German cars and about 6 French, the German cars have been far more problematic and far more expensive to fix although they were far more complex machines.
  12. Over on PH the very mention of owning a French car will bring howls of derision and ridicule that you were stupid enough to buy a gallic pile of unreliable misery and instead should have opted for a hewn from granite piece of superior teutonic engineering that will run for 60 years between services and easily sail past the 3 million mile mark with minimal servicing. The thing is though I've had minimal fuss with French cars over the years. Yes I keep it simple with small n/a petrol engines but flimsy bodywork and interior aside I've always found them to be very tough little things mechanically and very rust proof. Current shiter is coming up to 20 years old and not a spot of rust anywhere unlike my W210 which was covered in the stuff. Another plus is the price of parts, so cheap they are almost free,easy to find, easy to fit and a doddle to source. Anyone else have an appreciation of the French stuff or is it just me? Also because of their reputation for imploding after 5,000 miles they also happen to be far cheaper than their equivalent counterparts.
  13. Had 3 Merc's as shiters. Had a similar experience to this with all 3, complete money pits at this end of the market from a time when the Germans losing the plot on how to build a car properly all started. Lovely to drive WHEN they work and a total PITA the rest of the time, you will spend more time underneath it than sat inside it and of bankrupt of course. My W210 which died of the dreaded black death was the beginning of my epiphany that German cars make dreadful shiters and had a complete change of perspective. My shiters are now simple little things that cost pennies to repair. My stress levels have decreased markedly and my bank balance increased and the skin on my knuckles has grown back. Moral of the story, they are lovely to drive, nice to look at and have a certain kudos to own but that's where the positives end and the downsides of ownership begin.
  14. Past shiters include 3 Mercedes and a couple of BMW'S, all were OK but something major rendered them not worth keeping. That's when I decided premium shitters are a liability for long term ownership. For stress free bangers I stuck to unfashionable, petrol engined, easy to work on and dirt cheap to repair. Last 2 heaps have cost me a combined total of £950 and lasted so far 6 years. MOT due in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed.
  15. Ran an E320 diesel for 5 years, best motorway car I've ever had by a country mile it just wafted along eating up the miles without a murmur. Remember driving down from Yorkshire to Dorset through the night, stuck the cruise control on at Birmingham and hardly touched it all the way to Taunton.
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