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  1. Shedking

    End of shite?

    It's mostly a sea of overpriced Fords and Vauxhalls at 3 times the price of 3 years ago, as I said a shoulder sagging experience.
  2. Shedking

    End of shite?

    Wouldn't want any of them especially the 5 series, I'll stick with what I have.
  3. Shedking

    End of shite?

    The thing about running shite is that it's an incredibly hard mentality to shift even if you want to, well it is for me anyway. As a younger man and father for 38 years now I never had much money so running a shitter was all I could afford. Now nearing retirement and all the kids having left home long ago, although they keep coming back (selfish b@stards) and being reasonably financially secure I've come to a point where I can afford much better but I can't bring myself to do it. Indeed well to do friends and work colleagues have questioned my sanity in my chosen motoring path with such winning quotes as "come on mate, you can do better than this" with the Peugeot, or at work "for just £450 a month you could be driving one of these, you wouldn't miss the money " referring to some soulless box that they PCP but it's a way of life now because I've been doing it for so long. So it's all the more depressing to scour for sub 2 grand cars and not be able to find anything that you would want to own. I suppose that I dropped on lucky with the E Class, time will tell, it's all good so far and I've found that it's not as frightening as I first thought second hand parts wise or for self servicing so I think that I'll carry on with cheap sheds for as long as I can.
  4. Shedking

    End of shite?

    In April 2019 I paid £475 for a Peugeot 206 with 46,000 on the clock. Had nearly 4 years out of it before it snapped it's timing belt on Christmas eve. Looking on Autotrader there was nothing under 2 grand that I wanted to own and made for very depressing reading. I was about to give up and spend a wad of money on something nicer when a client rang me. He heard about the Peugeot, he had just bought a 2020 C Class and didn't have space on his drive for all his cars. He desperately wanted rid of his old E Class to free up room. Firstly I didn't want a Mercedes and secondly I didn't want a diesel with lunar mileage on it but I needed a car before returning to work after the New Year. After driving it (he'd serviced it religiously for 10 years) and having fitted a brand new turbo and diesel pump in the last 12 months, had it remapped also it went like stink, was as smooth as silk and so comfortable. So for well under a grand I was back on the road and looking down the bonnet at a 3 pointed star. I must say that I love driving the thing, if it does implode it was cheap enough for me not to be too out of pocket because trying to find anything resembling reasonable for under the 2 grand mark was a soul destroying experience.
  5. Yep never known a time like it for those of us who choose to run a shed, pickings are slim and prices through the roof, anything within reason I'll repair but I know with these cars that they can on occasion really empty your pockets.
  6. At the sign of the first ruinous bill it will be weighed in seeing as I paid next to nothing for it, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. I had a W210 E320 Cdi for 4 years and loved it but the W211 E280 cdi that I have now is better in pretty much every way to drive. I'd not had a diesel for 8 years but for seamless progression the W211 is lovely. I hardly notice the gear changes and it pulls like sh#t off a shovel. Doing a steady 70mph on the motorway gets 1600 rpm so it's just ticking over and the ride quality is wonderful, it's like floating on air.
  8. There is a lot to be said for being an anti social, standoffish bastard when in certain company or placed in certain situations that are uncomfortable through no fault of your own. Then there are other occasions when being a complete and utter bastard is the only way forward, it's good for the soul.
  9. Those leaflets and charts should be copied and circulated so that they are available for all to enjoy.
  10. The book nobody knew they wanted but the book everybody now aches to own.
  11. Daughter wanted to get in with one of the "cool kids" at school, what an obnoxious little brat, anyway she brought the kid in question home for tea one day, the conversation came around, I don't remember how, about a hobby of mine that also turned out to be quite lucrative in topping up my pension pot buying and selling collectibles, which I never talk about with other people either, if you think that car people are bores they've got nothing on that hobby. Anyway said brat, trying to get attention said " your daughter tells me you have an unusual hobby". Every inch of me wanted to tell her to fuck off but for some reason I said "yes that's right I study roundabouts " . Roundabouts she said, yes I replied I'm obsessed with roundabouts, the planning, construction, dimensions, even the flora that will be used to attract our local fauna and help in pollination. In fact I have a rather extensive photographic collection of about 10,000 pictures of roundabouts and an encyclopedia, would you like to borrow it? She never returned for tea again and my daughter ignored me for over a month, oh the joy.
  12. This doesn't sound like a thread for the driving gods of Pistonheads who can bore like a hot cup of Horlicks at bedtime with many tales of their personal greatness.
  13. Exactly this. My kids bring their cars around and have for years, I don't mind that but they've got mates who also have cars and you get the "do you want my dad to have a look at it for you " no dad doesn't want to look at it for you, dad's 60, dad works full time, dad's tired, fuck off 20 times over.
  14. Another that comes to mind, if it exists, would be THE 1, top of the Premier league for wanker status I'll wager.
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