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  1. I've only had two cars of my own and driven five total, so can't really give an informed opinion. The order was Seicento 1.1 Corsa C 1.2 SXI Micra k12 1.2 AX 1.0 (later 1.1) 106 1.5D And I also drove a few work vans in this time, a ropey old Transit 2.0td mostly, which gave me my first real world experience of turbo lag. Of all of them, the van was obviously the most practical but in terms of sheer 'do-ability' I'd have to vote our current 106. It's not fast but once up to speed it holds its own on nearly every road despite the plastic tyres it currently wears. It can carry a small van's worth with the seats out and we frequently carry significant amounts of clobber in it - 200kg of coal last week, along with a week's clothes and Christmas presents for the whole family. It does all this at 60+mpg and I don't get anywhere any slower than anyone else - it'll do 70mph all day long. In 10,000 miles since August, nothing has broken that stopped it moving and it feels unburstable. Bizarrely, coming from a historically Ford family (read: nobody in my family has EVER owned anything French) the 106 and AX have turned me into a bit of a PSA fan. Our next car will almost certainly be a Citroen, as the world in general seems to think they are worth buttons and they have some of the best diesel engines going.
  2. We were planning on painting the AX yellow so I was hoping for great things when it passed into your possession 😂 17 inch rimz and blue under-sill lights on the Swift then, yeah?
  3. Worked for me, which is unusual because embedded videos on here usually only reward me with a spinning wheel 5ever
  4. Agreed - prices of everything seem to be up everywhere apart from this small, beige corner of the Internet that is forever Autoshite. On the topic, I saw a 2003 Fabia diesel (an SDI, you didn't even get a turbo) in very average/poor nick for £2000 earlier, which I thought was mad. Everything seems pricey apart from knackered Vauxhalls and Xsara Picassos. There's certainly very little low-risk motoring around at the moment, for under £2k. Fixing the wonder-wagon (or getting it fixed) would probably be a lot less risk than cutting your losses and spending another similar amount on something else that might poo itself at an inopportune moment.
  5. True enough - first port of call should be this. I suspect threats of poor reviews don’t really work with this chap so nicey-nicey is probably the way to go!
  6. I’d like to add to my previous comment, now that I’ve watched the video - you clearly like the car, and looking into the dealer further, I doubt you’ll get anywhere in that direction. Fix, farm it out, have a fabulous, desirable and reliable car at the end of it, which you will enjoy for w good while to come.
  7. That makes a lot of sense. I’ve not actually used k-seal or similar yet so I wasn’t quite sure on the technology involved
  8. I’m struggling to work out how the old heater matrix was holding this system together - maybe it was releasing little blobs of k-seal every so often which were continually sealing up the HG? 😂
  9. I think I’d be heading back there in the company of my largest and most patient friend, to gain a refund. Tough luck - does imagining sending the car back make you happy (implying that you are glad to be rid because it had flaws you didn’t want to live with) or sad (implying that maybe you should push for them to repair it so you can keep it)?
  10. Indeed, lucky I checked properly!
  11. My coolant tester didn't even register the presence of antifreeze with our last purchase.....needless to say the first thing I did before the frost came was to drain and refill with 75/25 pink stuff. Used car from anywhere but here=crap coolant and old oil in my experience.
  12. Walking over a zebra crossing on Sloane Square yesterday, two lanes of traffic coming from my left, black cab stopped in the lane nearest to me, I start crossing but have to pause halfway as an octogenerian in a mk1 Focus bombs straight through the crossing in the other lane. It was broad daylight, her view of me wasn't obstructed at any point and so I saw her coming from a way off and thought "not sure she's stopping" Worst thing - I had a 7 month old baby in a sling on my chest and at no point did she brake or even show any sign that she had seen me. Shivers....
  13. Did the coolant vomiting situation reveal its origins yet? It's a cracking looking motor - best of luck!
  14. Best of luck - plenty more fish in the sea if it's held together with baling twine and bathroom sealant!
  15. Ace! 1.4 this one isn't it? That'll be like a rocket compared to your last crop of French chod! (Especially as you couldn't drive the 309!)
  16. This is an excellent bit of wisdom - whether or not you keep the Charade, some fleet reduction might significantly improve your headspace and give you some mental breathing room.
  17. The 'first car emotional attachment' thing is quite tricky. I remember when I was ten, thinking that I desperately wanted my dad's bike with its FIVE gears, and that I'd never want or need another bike again once I acquired it. However, time passed, I learned a bit more and realised it was a worn out pile of scrap - which I replaced with something far more useable and easy to maintain. (I then added five more bikes to the collection, but that's another story) Same with our AX (which has just left the custody of our own @DoctorRetro) - when it became clear that it had become uninsurable for us, it was still a wrench to get rid of it, because we were emotionally attached and it was our first car. Some cars are forever cars, but your first car is unlikely to be in this category, however much you like it at that time. I like our current 106 and I'm sure that in ten years time there would be a space for it in our fleet - but in between times, do I have space to store it or funds to keep it running and roadworthy alongside the larger car that we will shortly require? Not a chance. Having experienced a far better example of the breed (our current Pug) would I even want the AX back? No thanks! This may be the same when Miss Hubnut drives a Fiesta or similar. Echoing what others have said - there will be good, low mileage examples of these coming up for sale for years to come. This could be a good opportunity to allow Miss Hubnut to experience a different car (with fewer engine weaknesses and less rust - important in a daily driver used by a partner) and then in a few years there will no doubt be the opportunity to buy another Charade if desired. Obvs I am completely lacking in experience and know-how, so take this with a giant, chip shop-style shaker of salt.
  18. Just watched the Ebay video - probably a good fail, at that price! I’m sure you will have done, but perhaps you could consider a Picasso? Far cheaper (coz objectively they’re ‘orrible), same running gear as a B’lingo, and due to the lower premium you could definitely afford the massively superior 2.0 hdi engine. There’s some weird scene tax on Berlingos and Partners that doesn’t seem to apply to anything that was actually designed as a car. V. confusing!
  19. Can't remember if I posted this or not - a house with not one but TWO MK1 Multipla diesels! (One doesn't seem to have an engine and is clearly a parts car for the healthier of the two - which itself is up on axle stands on occasion too!
  20. Ah, a step in the right direction then! The pedals in an AX make everything else seem strange - the French must all have hips misaligned to the left. I'm experiencing ancient rubber (heh) issues on the 106 too - lots of very controllable but still slightly unnerving moments on wet roundabouts. They're Mohawks, same as I had fitted on the AX (only 2) which I thought were a bit rubbish even when they were brand new.
  21. Farewell old friend 😊 Glad it did you a turn and is going to someone who will give it the care I didn't have the time to provide! You did a cracking job of improving the cosmetics of this while also juggling the 309 project, kudos to you! Is the Swift proving to be about a hundred and eleventy times more refined?
  22. Blimey, that's a bit pricey for that much mildew and moss. Still, would tick your box for '4/5 door' in your next car! 😂
  23. That's a win! Mega pleased they would take the AX too - slightly confused as it's far from the best example (I'm partially responsible for that) but you've definitely improved it in your ownership. Congrats! What's next?
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