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  1. Was the 205 kangarooing under power take up/let off? Can I ask which you replaced please? Our 106 was improved somewhat by the replacement of the rear mount but it's still a bit more bouncy than I'd hope it to be so I'm looking at which one to do next!
  2. Cosmetics are winning over here too - o/s driveshaft CV joint sounds like it’s about the come through the floor……but I just want to paint my wheels and put my new hubcaps on! Also, loving the centre console!
  3. Did you do the welding yourself by the way, @castros_bro? There doesn’t seem to be a ragged hole in the wheel arch anymore!
  4. Age above all else it seems, I’ll be careful what I tell insurers from now on….I can only dream of such low premiums!
  5. Good to know it’s not always necessary - needing some new tyres on the 106 before winter, I’ll see how it goes…
  6. On an AX? That’s good going! Must be inherently well balanced and you’ve ended up with decent, even tyres the whole time. I’ve only ever driven tat with battered steelies, which probably doesn’t help the balance situation…
  7. They’ll look ace! I seem to remember there’s some oddness with those alloys, given that they don’t have a hole in the centre. Not every tyre fitter will know what they’re doing with it - any half decent outfit should be fine though.
  8. That's good news, I'm glad it isn't too extortionate - main factor against us was our age, something daft like a 75% 'lean' on the premium cost because we are under 25
  9. I couldn’t see it in that shot but I could see the ratchet propping it up, that’s good
  10. How dull. Wonder if @NorthernMonkeywould have a bonnet stay he could flog to you?
  11. Also, has someone nicked the bonnet stay since we had it?
  12. That's a far more efficient method....I'd have done that before selling if I'd thought of it!
  13. I don't blame you, the stencilled names will make a good story if it gets uncovered during a Wheeler Dealers style restoration in the year 2055 or something 😂
  14. MissAxWomble will buy it back for any price if it ends up yellow, I have today been informed! Great work on the grille - stripped but never got round to spraying it, there was always a wishbone/clutch/brake pads/engine to be fixing or changing. Was a horrid flakey mess beforehand, but that mod is ace! Nice level of car when modifications aren't realistically going to affect the value that much..
  15. The paint is ruddy awful, always has been - flat as a witches..... I've seen grey ZXs, can't quite imagine this one in that shade, could look pretty good!
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