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  1. Five lessons when I was 17 with a chap called Graham from BSM. He had Corsa D 1.2 and wouldn’t let me set off using the throttle, just the clutch. This might work with some diesels but it sure as heck didn’t work with a N/A 1.2 petrol in a (by this generation) very, very heavy hatchback! Uphill entries onto main roads were a nightmare, even with some modicum of clutch control already (thanks to my Uncle, his field, and his L200), but he said “no, can’t teach you with the throttle, it’s not economical, and there’s an eco section to the practical test that you need to pass”. Overall h
  2. That is the stuff of dreams! Annoyingly although that is only about ten miles from my home up until a year ago, I’m currently tied into work in the big smoke and can’t quite justify travel of that distance at the moment! “Yes Ossifer, this is my once daily exercise” 😂 many thanks for the thought though! On that note, it’s gone all French (in a good way) this week, and hasn’t used a drop of oil in 300 miles. Go figure!
  3. Your suspicion is correct! It is indeed a dealer fit sunroof, it can be removed - we only did it once, having underestimated the blinding effect of the sun once the shaded glass was out! No gunge on the seal when I checked, and the drains are clear. The seal is old and pretty tough and leathery so I suspect that a little water crept under it overnight, froze, thawed once I was inside with the heater on, and then proceeded to drip down as I started throwing it around a roundabout. Will start trawling eBay for a NOS seal I reckon!
  4. It really isn’t a bad car for refinement - makes my dad’s old Seicento seem incredibly unstable in comparison. When Miss AxWomble and I picked up the car in Feb, we collected it from a yard, round which we had our only test drive of the car. Our first drive on the dual carriageway (having thrashed it up and down the lane 10 times to wake up the brakes which initially pulled you up to a veeeeeeeeery gentle stop with no lockup at 10 mph, on gravel!) we were amazed how refined it was - we had been expecting something much more tinny, but it wasn’t significantly worse than her brother’s Corsa C
  5. Brilliant stuff, thank you! I’ve come across this issue in several more modern VWs (UP!s and Skoda Citigos) and various Zafirii with their e plodding dashboards, but I’d assumed that Citröen would have made it an integral part with the blower motor - glad to have been proved wrong! Will pull it today and see what I find. Aye, same as various others I’ve replaced the resistor on, a shame as i hardly ever run it on full blast but (being a damp old Citröen) I run it on #1 nearly constantly! I’d have loved a proper, non special edition base model but this one (with its sun
  6. Ooh, one other thing, anyone had any luck bodging the heater fans on these? Some resistor or other went pop the other day and I’ve now got speed 3 or nothing - not a huge issue but in a slightly damp car it is nice to have full control over your ventilation! Also, running the fan on full means that all the heat is sucked out of the heater matrix so the air you get is never any more than pleasantly lukewarm. Have heard it might be a thermal fuse on top of the fan but surely that would take out all speeds and not leave no.3 working? Sadly a bit out of reach of a breaker’s yard currently so explo
  7. If a 1.4 was to fall into my hands, I’d think about it, but I reckon for ease I’ll be staying on old 8 valves! The squeaking was from the very very worn rubber on the anchorage for the boot catch - all cured now! Being a ph2 AX (or mk2, whatever it’s called) this one is fairly solidly built - everything’s relative of course, the interior does still make the plastic from inside a box of Milk Tray look pretty robust! Anything is better than ancient, sticky soft touch plastics in an old VAG product, so I’ll take scratchy hard plastics any day of the week! They clearly had a very stri
  8. In reality a decent 1.1 is a lot easier to come by (and a lot cheaper) than a decent 1.4, so if it ever goes pop that’ll be the choice. It’s developed a very slight knock on the overrun (sounds bottom end rather than valves) which has worsened slightly over the last 1000 miles, so it probably isn’t worth rebuilding the top end if the bottom isn’t completely sound. I’ve got no clue on past servicing before my ownership either so it could have been horribly neglected at some point in its middle age. Early service history was a lady owner who did stratospheric miles in it and serviced it at good
  9. It’s a cracking thing! Beats my dad’s k12 Micra on fuel and feels faster and much (MUCH) more planted on a twisty road. Ooh, now that’s rather tasty! Early examples like this are well out of my budget but we’re planning to keep hold of this one for a good while yet - seems a shame to sell the first car, and I’d worry about it being scrapped within the year due to someone expecting a modern motor with no issues (or character!) Bizarrely, we were in that neck of the woods the day before you, visiting Brockwell Park. Small world! As for dents, mine has the tidy
  10. That was my first thought, as there was a fair amount of bodging around the car and I wouldn’t have been surprised, but then I changed it for another from a UK based chap who was breaking an AX and it’s exactly the same! Thinking of trying a RHD one brand new from AUTODOC seeing as they’re only a tenner This car is very Autoshite, I certainly feel like I fit in 😂 as for the diagnosis I think you’re probably not far off. Forgot to mention but it does like a drink in normal driving (worse on motorway, worse again if you drive at 70 instead of 60), oil needs topping up every 500 miles or
  11. Hi guys, new member here, long time lurker but glad I’ve finally joined the fold! Got a bit of a tale with my AX and a few oddities that I was hoping to pick your brains on! First a bit of context and intro to how we came by the car- bought the car in Feb for £250, so knew there would be issues. Didn’t get round to SORNing it before lockdown despite it being off the road, which was a blessing because the V5 in my name took 6 months to arrive 😟 Insured it in May, first chance I had to travel any distance again, once I’d fitted two new tyres, done a full service, a timing belt/w.pu
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