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  1. Seconded - a good hard 200 miles over the next few days will show up any faults. Don’t forget to do some slow stop-start city driving too, as that will give the cooling system a proper challenge which it won’t get when you’re going 50mph
  2. Not so bad! Certainly nothing that stops you rolling or causes undue agro. First MOT of a vehicle since buying it is always a nerve-wracking experience - you never know what is lurking beneath the underseal. Congrats!
  3. You’ve reminded me that I need to get breakdown cover for the new van before going north next week…..hopefully you’ve got an idea of rescue time by now!
  4. I read an interesting blog post on this the other day - apparently in 2019-2020 (rules changed in 2019) out of 14,942 requests to change to ‘motorcaravan’, they rejected 14,136. Only 5% got accepted. General opinion is that even if you follow all the rules and regs, they’ll still reject you and won’t explain why. Ours is staying as it is, partly because I don’t want side windows yet, or silly graphics. https://climbingvan.co.uk/van-life/reclassifying-your-campervan-dvla/
  5. Awesome, thank you for the picture! That’s looking like basically the only place it’ll fit in ours too - is it an 11kg or bigger?
  6. I’ve tracked back to try and find it, where is your gas bottle currently? We’re converting a van currently and still weighing up where to put it. Thanks!
  7. And some Berlingii I had thought, but I might be wrong
  8. Phwoar! Not exactly stealth but I love those wheels and tyres!
  9. The auto premium is real - a small (25 cars maybe) dealer round her recently sold a 2002 ish Alto Auto for 4 grand! We drove past in the morning and I said “that price is a joke, surely?” and it had been sold by the afternoon. Crazy!
  10. I’m totally incapable of using Excel so I have a little notebook into which I write down everything I’ve done to the car - mainly so I can keep track of what’s been done, how recently (important with oil changes, etc), but I don’t track the cost. It’s more for the benefit of the next owner to see that/how it’s been cared for, although I doubt anyone outside this place would pay any heed to my scribblings. The car needs to be kept up, the cheapest car is the one you already own and I rarely do anything that isn’t necessary (snazzy foglights and wheel painting aside) so I don’t see much point tracking cost, providing it fits into our monthly household budget.
  11. It’s rare that the width is there, agreed. (Fnarr) We managed to squeeze three full size child seats (I.e not just high back booster seats) into my wife’s employer’s car - a 2012 Golf estate, which worked pretty well. My last employers have a new shape XC90 which they bought when their 3rd came along - a bit of a mistake, as you say. The 7 yr old has to go in the middle on the (admittedly clever) built in booster seat, which he isn’t so keen on for long journeys. They’d have been better off with a Picasso but wouldn’t be seen dead in anything French. great buy @loserone!
  12. That’ll be a big ol’ nope then! Plenty of folks seem to think we have the low-down on every new car out there RE small folks so it’s handy to know. Surprising how such a big car can have such little room inside compared to your average 20 yr old hatchback. Cracking colour though!
  13. As a matter of professional interest, would three fit across the back if they weren’t on the isofix points? We’ve found that lots of cars we have personally driven will easily fit three child seats on the belts, when the whole of Mumsnet, the blue forum and the entire Internet are screaming “YOUR ONLY OPTION IS AN XC90!” (disclaimer - I acknowledge this approach does rather depend on how big your sprogs are - anything larger than a 5 year old and things get a bit squished)
  14. All three of the cars I’ve bought have shown me their low fuel lights on the test drive, must be something about the calibre of cars I buy 😂 always with a petrol station within a few miles, but it got a bit tense when the AX started coughing 2 minutes down the road
  15. We had a basey-base black bumper 1.2 Corsa C as our family car for about ten years and that had 5 gears. Ex-Network Q car, bought at 18 months old. I won’t swear to anything but I’d be very surprised if they brought out a new model in 1999 and gave it one gear less than the competition.
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