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  1. On some buses they used red or blue tubes near the entrance to reduce the glare on the windscreen. The slimmer tubes on the newer buses gained a plastic sleeve in the desired colour rather than the tube itself being coloured.
  2. Not too fussed with messing around with the DVLA to change age at the moment. GRT had escaped to the Lincolnshire/Norfolk border when I bought it so at that stage hadn't got too far. The engine was quite good last time I ran it but sadly it has been sat a long while now so not sure how good it still is. Lights what are those, it has a nice big headlamp but the rear light I have larger dynamo lights on my bicycles LOL. I'll mostly use it on road runs due to the lack of security and ease to lift it up and walk off with it, the good thing about that is if it does break down getting a lift b
  3. I've figured out why I couldn't find it, I put the original reg in not the current one. Brain fart moment LOL. Only just realised when looking at some photos to check last letter of its reg. I did wonder if I'd struggle sorting GRT for road use but a lot has changed as now it is MOT and tax exempt. I know the Trilox will be historic tax class but I see from that page you posted they have it as 1948 but DVLA have it as 1939 so not sure who is right and as it has been repainted before coming to me there is no way of telling if it got the white mudguard ends. Would be nice to put it
  4. I see no reason why the Trilox shouldn't be used on the road although I'll not be using it for work. Current dog hates travelling in/on anything so would just jump off the 2 hand propelled IC's but the Trilox may not be bad due to the box body. Not sure what it is with the DVLA as vehicles keep dropping off the site, I currently have one that is on SORN but is not on the site but 2 have come back on. Will it make much difference if it is registered as a invalid carriage rather than a trike? Must admit I thought there was restrictions for using invalid carriages to invalids and
  5. I'd love to see some more photos of GRT. I currently only have one powered IC and 2 hand cranked ones sadly the hand cranked ones haven't seen much use for a few years and GRT is in bits as I was rebuilding the body till some prat damaged both bodies where I was storing it. Bought the first as I has an old Springer Spaniel that couldn't walk far so I wanted a tricycle to transport him around at the shows and I tend to like unusual things so the IC really appealed to me. I had to put a plate onto the frame behind the front wheel to stop the dogs nose catching the wheel but he loved it and
  6. That was my Bristol LHS I sold it a few years ago and sadly it is now in a normal bus livery. I even had 2 tone horn on it. skip through to 2m30.
  7. Hi there I've been looking through Autoshite on and off for a few years as a few of my vehicles have popped up on here, The latest I've seen pop up is my Trilox Rollsette invalid which is why I've joined up. I have plenty of Shite including some buses 1957 Bedford SBG/Duple Super Vega, 1959 AEC Regent V/MCW, 1961 Thames Trader 570E/Duple Yeoman, 1981 Leyland Leopard/Plaxton Supreme and Dodge S56/Robinhood. I have 2 Land Rovers one 1974 and the other 1979, an LDV Pilot a few invalid carriages and a few Raleigh mopeds plus quite a lot of old push bikes. I did have a Bristol LHS for a
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