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  1. Car(s): 2008 2.0L XTRAIL 2WD, 2012 2.4L XTRAIL 4WD. Mileage: 260,000KM/80KM MOT: WOF until Sept / Feb Costs in 2020: $17,500 to buy 2.4L [Pliny], $2000 CVT gearbox surgery on 2.0L [Pliny the Elder] Highs: Finding the perfect 'new' car Lows: $2000 in rental car costs while Pliny was getting repaired Funniest moment Remote keyless ignition. Pulled up at home en route to quiz night,jumped out, left engine running. Left work jacket inside with remote fob in pocket. Drove 10 minutes, on country lanes, encountered cows on road. Pulled over, stopped engine. No key, stranded. 202
  2. Fortunately, Iwas the only person in the car when I got hit in a high speed head on. Was dragged out through the tailgate by two truck drivers, no broken bones. Went out the next week and bought a later model similar vehicle, it had airbags, but to be honest, that wasn't a purchase factor, the air conditioning was.
  3. I lived in Newhaven. Went to Southdown Primary, and Tideway school. Mum worked at Peek Winch and Todd on the east side, and we would walk from home across the bridge to meet her during the school holidays.
  4. Remember all those crappy add-ons that you couldn't avoid at Christmas/ Farvers' Day? The fuggly dice, the naff sunstrips, the crass bumper stickers? The oversized Cibies? Bonus points for the AA badge,
  5. Honqui E115 electric SUV concept car. You could fill an NCP multi-storey with these, and they'd still be wrong on so many levels.
  6. Nissan Xtrail. Perfectly serviceable commuter box, until you open the tailgate. Depending on which model, you either get two handy slide-out wet trays, or just one.
  7. Can you still buy a 1990 Skyline GT-R in the UK? Guy is trying to sell one here in NZ, from the blurb, it's a bit of a shitebox... He wants just under 28 thousand quid for it. It's due for the equivalent of a MOT in January. Pretty much still factory has had radiator replaced due to a blockage in the previous one and air-con has been removed. Drivers side door has small gap doesn't quite close flush. Interior is still pretty tidy for its age. Had oils and fluids replaced not long ago along with fuel filter. Just in the last week started having an issue where revs will fluctuate
  8. Clocked a few miles in the last 40 years, done some mad shite in Austin 1100's and mk1 Cavaliers and still survived. This used to be a Mitsubishi Magna 3.5l station wagon. A truck coming towards me rammed the rear a Nissan Safari that was waiting to turn right at a junction . He'd already turned his wheel ready to cross, and got pushed hard into my path. Estimated combined speed in excess of 70mph. No airbags, no injuries.
  9. Booked a test drive with a local used car dealer, next morning he was in the local paper for refusing to cancel a sale on a van that was ordered off the road a week after he sold it to the local Women's Refuge. Took the test drive. Rolled over on the price and the extended warranty. Had him get a quote for a sunroof and a towbar. Got the sale document drafted. Didn't sign, gave him a serve instead.
  10. Good morning from New Zealand. It's Sunday morning here. 11 am , still on my first coffee. Still in my dressing gown. Kids are all grown up and catapulted screaming into the real world, so what I put in the fridge, stays in the fridge. The dailies are a 2008 Nissan shitbox CVT and a 2012 Nissan shitbox CVT. I rent a farmhouse and like gardening, taking pictures, and dressing up like a twat. Pictures of CVT's and twat included. Get offa my lawn.
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