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    P-reg Ford Ka's

    We had an 2002 ex-BT van version around 2015 . Oddly, it had no rust at all around the fuel filler and I was always appalled at the state of some much newer versions in comparison. Spark plugs snapped too, so had to have that sorted. It was great fun to drive, there was just no point thrashing it as it just made more noise rather than producing more speed, unlike my mk1 1.0 Yaris that loved to be thrashed, however there was little need to slow down as it handled well, so you just made the best of what little power it did have. I also remember looking around and considering a new run out 58 plate met red with black bumpers one in 2008 at a Ford dealer, simply as it was £4995 for a new car as mentioned previously.
  2. Isn't this so that is doesn't activate if the screen is frosted up, therefore a good idea in my view as it stops damage. I always have to remember to turn my auto wipers off before I start the car when frosty, as if I forget and don't pull the arms free first, a spray of de-icer near the sensor and the wipers try to activate and expensive sounding noises happen!
  3. Been reading for a few years and decided to sign up so that I could reply sometimes. Daily's are modern, but I do fondly remember my teenage years buying cars for little money and tinkering with them. Still have an old Rover 114, my first car, stashed away that I assure people in my family who roll their eyes that it will appreciate in value...maybe...
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