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    goosey reacted to lesapandre in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    Looking online this is the scam apparently. They also never refer to the item by name as these 'offers' are sent out in large numbers. So they say is "this" still for sale etc.
    What totally time-wasting horrible people - what a way to spend your time. Web seems full of grifters these days.
    " If you accept, they tell you to pay a 50 quid insurance for DPD that will be refunded once the items are delivered, but the DPD site they send is a fake one and you lose 50 quid"
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    goosey reacted to sutty2006 in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    Aaannnnnnd another one, this time on another Cot the wife has put up for sale….
    ”babe, this person wants to send me the money and collect tomorrow?”
    “Give me your phone, NOW”
    10 seconds later 

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    goosey reacted to Asimo in eBay tat volume 3.   

    £3k but with that horrid engine.   https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334436882288
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    goosey reacted to 11001010 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    goosey reacted to JeeExEll in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    Rolling Stones mobile recording van shite.  (It's also mentioned in Deep Purple 'Smoke On The Water' ).
    Keef The Cat on the right.  Pic taken around the time of recording Exile On Main Street in the basement of Keef's house Nell C'ote in the south of France 1971/72.
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    goosey reacted to Daviemck2006 in Forward Control   
    I had a 1994 nissan serena people carrier which was basically one of these vans. It was a 1.6 petrol and took all types of abuse including towing a giant size elddis crusader superstorm twin axle caravan whilst loaded with me, wife, mother in law and 3 kids. I actually thought it was a great vehicle.

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    goosey reacted to Lacquer Peel in Forward Control   
    Incorrect, they are great. 
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    goosey reacted to D.E in eBay tat volume 3.   
    £600, might be fun*
    https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202205155725676?include-delivery-option=on&price-to=1000&sort=datedesc&radius=1500&postcode=cb12az&advertising-location=at_cars&year-to=2005&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&page=1

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    goosey reacted to sierraman in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    This ‘test run’ sounds worrying. I’ve got images in my head of him really putting it through it’s paces. 
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    goosey reacted to St.Jude in 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser - Randy: Clamping down on replacement injectors   
    I should really add some more to this, especially when it comes to the sludge issue.
    The design of the rocker cover is such that there is a raised chamber on the left hand side where the oil breather goes in to it. It's enclosed with a small opening to allow oil to return back to the rocker.
    Cast your eyes, if you will, at the absolute state of it all.

    There was far, far more crud and shit in this chamber than in the head. This was even after copious amounts of carb cleaner, as when you unscrew the plate (as seen in pic 2) it remains stuck, as there is a sealant around it. I removed it, cleaned it with petrol with a rinse of carb cleaner, and fitted it back with some RTV. There is an oil catch can to go on which will hopefully alleviate this issue, as well as the injectors!
    Also here is the clamp I was referring to:

    There's another rubber piece where God knows where it's gone, but that clamps the 3 fuel lines to the EGR cooler. The 4th line has it's own bracket which I have, thankfully.
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    goosey reacted to St.Jude in 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser - Randy: Clamping down on replacement injectors   
    So I managed to get the sump off...

    The pick up is relatively clean!!! Joy!!!
    Even better news.... The sump is fairly clean too!!!

    Only thing there was oil that hadn't drained. Far as I can tell the sump has never been off, so I am thinking the sludge at the top is only recent and a result of the knackered injector.
    For all the heartache, I think it's a blessing.
    Now I'm off to crawl on my back and scrape the sealant off the engine...
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    goosey got a reaction from LT84 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    A mate of mine had the Blitzer Beetle which was slow as fuck, until we realised when he had assembled it he had left out the little metal pins the go through the driveshafts under the plastic hub nuts,
    once they were fitted it was surprisingly quick 
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    goosey got a reaction from chodweaver in eBay tat volume 3.   
    A mate of mine had the Blitzer Beetle which was slow as fuck, until we realised when he had assembled it he had left out the little metal pins the go through the driveshafts under the plastic hub nuts,
    once they were fitted it was surprisingly quick 
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    goosey reacted to richbraith in Someone left a Cavalier outside my house...   
    You know when you go on a bit of a wild one and then wake up the next morning and you've got married to an alpaca?  No?  Just me then, well it's not legally binding anyway I'm sure.  Well, the other day I went on a bit of a wild one and bought another Vauxhall Cavalier.  And this morning I was awoken to the sound of it being dropped off a trailer outside my house.  

    92J 2.0 CDi saloon on its original Camden plates.  Luton registration.
    Platinum Silver (I think).
    ABS light on (so much for that being cleared then).
    OSR door moulding missing in action (think I've sourced one).
    Dead SC303 radio/cassette.
    Needs a very good clean.
    Broken clocks. 
    It has a year's ticket. 

    It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for since I sold my other mk3 a whole week ago.
    That didn't take long then. 

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    goosey reacted to NigeT in E39 525i Sport - MOT'd!   
    So after buying this £250 chariot from a drunk mate in one of Dorking's finest pubs it was time to get to work. Car had been sitting for a year and was covered in all kind of crud but I had 3 days to pre-fettle it in situ before its pre-booked MOT. Car wouldn't start by itself or with jump leads (making me suspect starter was seized) but fired into live immediately when I transplanted the CLK's battery, and what's more ticked over sweetly, which was a win.
    First thing to attend to were lights. Seller had swapped a front headlamp from his current E39 estate as some of the lights weren't working and the local garage he took it to had quoted £500 to sort "it needs a new 'edlamp unit mate".  Check on multimeter and voltage perfect at all pins. New bulbs from ECP and hey presto, all working fine. Another side light bulb, N/S main beam, and a rear brake lamp (plus cleaning up the connection) and car was an MOT pass for lamps after a couple of hours cleaning with compound and meths. Next job was airbag lamp which needed to be turned out - there's recall paperwork in the file for the airbags to be replaced at a dealer which would presumably include a reset (not possible with my lowly code reader or by disconnecting and reconnecting the under-passenger-seat connectors did nothing). However, that's wouldn't help me with MOT unless it was MOT'd at same stealer which was never going to happen in my world. Ergo, dash cluster came out - getting to the LED's inside is incredibly tricky and it's easy to damage the connector to the cluster that need some wiggling to remove . Once out, umpteen star-shaped tabs need to be twisted at the same time as the side tabs are  screwdrivered out of position. Black tape stuck onto the bastard LED, all reassembled and working, and job done.   
    Car also got a Karcher clean which was satisfying. And I got underneath the car and attended to the loose heat shield over the exhaust that was a former MOT advisory, totally not secured and annoyingly flapping around. Then I took a look at the fuel and brake lines formerly advised. Only a 15cm section had surface rust that brushed off fine, followed by converter, zinc primer, and black gloss. Also saw some surface rust on the inner subframes and suspension top mounts at the rear, that also got treated, primed and painted. There will be plenty more rustproofing to do in the coming months but this is fine for the time being. Bottom of front wings got some converter and a small dab of filler and some old XJ-S silver paint as a very temporary patch. Arches will made perfect in summer. 
    Beamer drove 9 miles to MOT without missing a beat.  Amazingly, handbrake wasn't seized and brakes were working fine and tyres held air fine - up front are 2 £120 Michelins purchased just before the car was laid along with new pads around at £400 cost. After 9 miles the discs  had cleaned up nicely and there was no pulling to one side or juddering. I gave it some E5 and Redex to drink too hoping there would be no emissions nightmares. Also topped up a small amount of coolant and a bit of fresh oil - oil in the car was far from new.
    One hour later - MOT PASS!!!!!!!! Car's got a good clean inside as it was a biohazard (and I'm extremely fastidious about my car interiors). And yesterday I go round to oil change (having been waiting for 36mm socket in post to remove the filter) & air filter (bottom of filter box got a good vacuum - wonder how a cigarette butt got there).  Gearbox shifts fine, the steering is nicely weighted, and the car handles great. The undertray was foul and covered in about a kilo of caked solidified oil which has now been scraped off and thoroughly cleaned, along with the underside of the engine that has no visible horrors.
    Overall feel is a solid, well-made car and it's a very comfortable place to be. If I didn't have the CLK it would have become my regular cruiser.  Instead it's been gifted to my 82 year old father whose mobility issues mean he's struggling to drive his Rover, but should be fine with this auto chariot.  Rover is now mine and ready to hopefully be sold or roffled to a shiter.   

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    goosey reacted to Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - the only guarantees in life, are (black) death, and taxes   
    Bit of progress today. Went to Merc in Bradford to pick up my bits, splashed out on a service kit while I was there. 
    £42 or so for air/oil/fuel filters which seemed OK. 

    The air filter was deffo ready for it.

    The OEM filter is just a Mann with extra writing on.

    Also: victory

    Number 2, the chuffer, must have had a bolt snapped in the hole at some point as it's been retapped to M8 and a shorter bolt. 
    Luckily I can actually use my engineering degree to work out that I need 16.9Nm on the M8 to get the same preload as the M6 at yield.
    Do wonder if the wrong bolt has contributed to the chuffing somehow.

    Not sure if I will bother taking 3 and 4 out at this stage as they are further under and my back doesn't like it.
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    goosey reacted to Dave_Q in Dave's shonkers - the only guarantees in life, are (black) death, and taxes   
    Had an hour or so on the van today.
    Wing first. Here is how it came:

    Under the tape is just a big hole in the wing. Presumably a crash or summat and only the bumper was replaced?

    I managed to score a sh wing in the same colour, it arrived excellently* well wrapped.

    Pretty easy job to swap over. Panel gaps are a bit wonky but they probably were before.

    Also had a go at some of the black death crud, with a warm engine and a squizz of brake cleaner it came off pretty easily.


    One of the biggest problems is access, I can't get my head under there to see what's what, gonna have to order a little mirror I think.
    It's deffo number 2 that's chuffing, but unless it all goes wrong I'll put new seals on all 4.
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    goosey reacted to garethj in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Sand Scorcher😀
    Maybe you could do an electric conversion with an RS540 motor and a 7.2 volt Ni-Cad

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    goosey reacted to LightBulbFun in Lazy spotters thread   
    had to go somewhere to get some help with an upcoming PIP tribunal, and while waiting for the bus near home, this Jeep Cherokee pulled up at the lights  

    proper 4L V6 one too for bonus points  
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    goosey reacted to JimH in Infamous Shite in History.   
    If only Ian Ball had kept his head down and hung onto the Escort it would probably be worth more now than the ransom he might have got. 
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    goosey reacted to J W Pepper in eBay tat volume 3.   
    1943 Green Jeep Willys 2.2 for sale for £21,995 in Clapham, Bedfordshire (autotrader.co.uk)

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    goosey reacted to Vinylseats in Infamous Shite in History.   
    Pregnant Marie Wilks' Morris Marina coupe, which broke down on the M50 near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, leading to her being murdered whilst she was using the roadside emergency phone, in 1988.




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    goosey reacted to Lord Sterling in Lord Sterling's motors   
    I know him well. I've known hom for years way back when he was in Bridge Street, Cradley Heath (which is now West and Sons garage) I also worked for the owner for a year and regularly help out moving cars when I'm there.
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    goosey got a reaction from Lord Sterling in Lord Sterling's motors   
    That Honda is still there I drive past it most days, do you know what the deal is with the yard further down the road on the same side? 
    He’s got some very interesting stuff in there
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    goosey got a reaction from cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I had to fit a towbar to my brother in laws 2014 Duster when it was 2 years old and remember seeing rust “bleeding” out the body seams underneath and being able to easily pick off all the seem sealer, was a shame as it seemed quite a robust car otherwise.
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