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  1. All the new MGs, I’m sure their lovely cars but I just hate them.
  2. The “dash out at night” heater core replacement that dragged on into the night, bonus points if you can guess the car
  3. Probably whatever crap electric POS I’ve ended up lumbered with, And instead of a funeral, I would like my body dressed as Superman and thrown out of a plane
  4. I could try squeezing it onto the bed of the Kubota rtv 900 from work, that’s really good on fuel as well 👌
  5. Maybe altered with sticky tape so it don’t look like he’s displaying 2 plates on the rear
  6. A big thank you to whoever left the heating on in the workshop toilet today, the temps were “just right “ when I landed in there this afternoon 👌
  7. a really early Suzuki LJ soft top in yellow i didn’t buy it at the time as I was young and foolish and was afraid of being laughed at
  8. Maybe worth a watch Same model Camry I think, be warned it’s over 2 hours
  9. Would the cooling fan be powered by the power steering pump on this ? just a guess
  10. Barn find RS turbo on Facebook for £1500 no offers got to be a windup surely?
  11. Fitting a 1.6 Lliana engine to a Suzuki Jimny makes it fly
  12. LWB series landrovers have bigger brakes on the front (11inch drums ?) and twin wheel cylinders my dad had a set of complete LWB hubs built up he would fit to his SWBs as an upgrade and I’m sure he had a remote servo as well (I sort of remember him modifying the wing to get it to fit although this was a few years ago
  13. Back in 2001 I was offered a mk1 1300 sport for £450 I had the money but nowhere to keep it as my dad wouldn’t let me bring it home I mentioned to my dad what a good investment it could be type 49 shell etc but my parents just couldn’t see it, my dad said cars like that would always be worth “fuck all”
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