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  1. The wife’s Uncle had an brand new Equipe as a present for passing his driving test, I’m sure he still has it in storage
  2. Might be someone who wants to make trouble for you by reporting it to the council as a “smoky vehicle”.
  3. The way that bulbar attaches to the bulkhead 😂
  4. I remember looking at a very worn out Merc ML270 and the seller enthusiastically telling me he’d never opened the bonnet in 4 years, he was soooo disappointed when I didn’t buy
  5. As I was taking pics the lad I spoke to just happened to be walking past, he lives up the road and is not the owner. He saw the guys from the garage move the triumph and some other cars out the garage at the top of the street last week he was also quite surprised it was still there and in one piece
  6. It’s from the garage at the top of the street, a lad told me they had a clear out earlier in the week other side actually ain’t as bad, the bonnet was open when I got there and yes I did close it
  7. That channel in the middle for the hydraulic hoses ?
  8. Thought I would be efficient and change the front air springs on the wife’s car, 4 hours later and it’s a fail I need to make a special tool to compress part of the strut top to get the retaining clips in 😢 tomorrow mornings job now, at the moment I’m stuffing my face with a huge trifle
  9. I like these, I saw this Tuesday parked on a drive in Aston in Birmingham, I just looked the address up on google earth
  10. Citroen - Engineers in Value in the Ad the airbag exploded blasting money all over the driver And the stupid Mazda adverts where you had to turn the volume up to hear what they were saying
  11. many years ago when i was a kid, our neighbours had a C reg one of those in that colour which got replaced by an identical E reg one. Only reason i remember this is because the Mother of the family invited everyone in the cul-de-sac to come and see their new (to them) car which at the time we all found rather odd
  12. Back in the 90s my dad used to break Landrovers for spares, he once bought a series 3 landrover LWB to break as the chassis was rotten but had been repaired badly with Duckhams oil tins, when he got the paperwork from the owner my dad discovered it still had 7 months MOT so he taxed it and used it as a daily. I believe it passed another MOT once the oil tin chassis repairs were under sealed/covered up, Im pretty sure it was eventually broken up edit- it was used for 2 house moves so actually went on to last another 3 years at least,
  13. Had a letter this morning about an urgent recall on the wife’s car from Mercedes U.K, apparently there is a defect with the Brake booster causing a loss of brakes. it’s being inspected this Sunday to determine what action Mercedes will take, Leave as is if it’s ok or Replace Booster and Mastercylinder. 2007 GL320
  14. Decent food but they could’ve at least got the car correct
  15. We don’t want your money, we just want to break your knees 😂
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