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  1. An old boy told me years ago, they put the rears on forward and the fronts on facing backwards so they can get traction when reversing apparently
  2. Think I might have seen you last weekend, on Trimpley Lane ?
  3. Do you remember the Jungle in Bilston ?
  4. goosey

    E10 Fuel

    Well shit, the first generation Mercedes 200CGI engines 2002-2005 are NOT compatible, so ITV was correct
  5. goosey

    E10 Fuel

    I’ve used e10 in my company car and not noticed any difference my son hasn’t noticed any difference with his Jimny and lupo GTI
  6. goosey

    E10 Fuel

    There was a piece on central news last night about the “new E10 fuel” A guy was interviewed about his 18 year old Mercedes that is apparently incompatible with the new fuels and is apparently scrap, The car in question looked like a 2005 CLK (looked like a V6 under the bonnet) but you couldn’t see the reg as the guy was stood in front of it, the gist of the story was he had lost thousands of pounds as his car was now scrap as it couldn’t run on the new fuel and he’s at a loss of what to do. there was an “expert” on at the end of the piece advising people to buy a new electric car just wondered if anyone else saw this, it was on last night ITV Midlands 6pm news
  7. The adaptive cruise control and lane assist fitted to my Seat Leon phev is brilliant for when I need to eat my lunch whilst on the motorway, The car also auto parks itself too which is ace you can pretty much just sit right back relax and feel your ass grow
  8. Those tyres kind of spoil the looks
  9. Bubba Zannetti - “Perhaps it’s the result of an anxiety “
  10. A manual ML ? that’s got to be rarer than a rare thing in rareville I heard a rumour Merc had to de-tune the engine so the manual box could cope
  11. Good thread and info but when I saw the title I was kind of hoping for some AEC Sabre V8 coach content
  12. Start it from cold and use a Multimeter to see how much the voltage drops. Has it had a “hot start kit fitted” ? sorry if it sounds like I’m teaching granny to suck eggs
  13. From what I remember when the transmission goes into limp mode it locks itself in 3rd gear and you lose sport mode I may be wrong but I’m sure there is a way of checking error codes on the mileage display
  14. A tired battery on these can cause the gearbox ECU to play up, dont know why but it’s the first thing that suffers when the battery voltage is too low also corroded terminals and connections can cause gearbox issues From what I can remember there is a big round connection under the header tank which can get water in it also check your fuse box for corrosion
  15. That brings back memories of the one my dad had, Dxxx EUE white mg turbo with white wheels he still has the original Philips cassette player in the shed. Stolen and burnt out at 5 years old sadly. Excellent work you’re doing on the estate 👌
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