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  1. Is that on a Discovery Sport ? The company I work for had one delivered today and the doors are the same
  2. I had the same thing happen with a wheel bearing I bought from them for my sons Suzuki Jimny
  3. Saw these heading northbound up the M40 last week And a series 3 Chilling in Stourbridge
  4. I just thought it was a weird way to go about asking a favour, I fixed his power steering pipe Tuesday afternoon and it’s on the floor waiting for him when he comes back to collect it, he didn’t leave any contact info and I’m not sure where he works. I don’t work for a hose or hydraulics company, we just happen to have all the kit for our own purposes.
  5. A bloke who I have never met before from a unit on the other side of the business park were I work has just dropped off a power steering hose for me to “have a look at”. As he was walking out the door he said “I know you’re at bit of a Cnut but there’s no one else I can ask” I won’t get round to fixing that
  6. Actually “Tim” is my name, so it could have been a play on words or he thought I was a waste of a “Tim” and I should’ve been called a lesser name. Or he just misspelled the word time as his hands were all messed up because of excessive masturbation and punching holes in the plasterboard walls of his parents bungalow
  7. I'll be honest, I was kind of curious as to where the conversation was going
  8. In between those messages he would respond with ?????????????? if my messages weren’t quick enough
  9. Facebook Market Place, random guy messaged me about my Merc ML that was advertised for £2000 WHY YOU SELLING ML ???? because I’ve bought another car CUT THE SHIT WHATS RONG WITH IT ??? nothing I’ve just bought another car IM A MEKANIC DONT FUCK WIT ME IF THERES SOMETHING RONG WIT IT I DO NOT LIKE HAVING MY TIME WASTED !!!!! You will have to have a look and decide for yourself, the car is spot on IL GIVE YOU ADDRESS TO DRIVE IT TO IL PAY YOU £800 CASH TONIGHT no thanks FUKIN TIMWASTER !!!! I sold it on gumtree for £ 1700 in the end
  10. Are these the ones with the CD player built into the top of the dashboard?
  11. spotted in Netherton Haven’t seen an off white mini convertible for ages
  12. goosey

    RR P38

    I would say they’ve already cooked it then,
  13. goosey

    RR P38

    Without looking at the expansion tank it’s a bit tricky to know for sure, ideally you would want to see bright red antifreeze/coolant in there. the m51 engines tend to suffer if the cooling system has been neglected ie run without antifreeze. if I had to guess I would say it had over heating issues prior to being parked up,
  14. Good news if you own a Diesel car ! I was once told by a Manager at a company i worked for years ago, " Diesels don't have Cambelts or Chains or even Camshafts or Valves because they use Direct Injection" So next time you go to Kwikfit for a Service and they advise you that your cambelt is due on your Diesel car, tell them to f@@k @ff
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