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  1. That Jeep lives one day at a time, Once the M+S immobiliser decides to not play ball the car will be probably be broken for spares
  2. It actually sold for quite a bit under the asking price, I’m not sure who the buyer was though. was a really nice car to drive (the steering conversion helped massively) and I believe he had converted it to EFI. The rust on the roof was actually painted on and the car was really solid considering it had spent a few years parked in a field
  3. That’s my Brothers car, well it was, he’s recently just sold it
  4. I know it’s a totally different car but my 4.0 Jeep Cherokee did something similar would be fine tootling around but any kind of load steep hill, towing etc and it would just loose power and struggle, it turned out the Catalytic Converter had collapsed internally and pretty much blocked the pipe. a new cat and 2 O2 sensors later and it was like a different car
  5. “Wobbles around like the cab on a Renault Magnum “ a phrase my Brother would use to describe something that wobbles a lot
  6. I’m pretty sure this ain’t his debut at this type of thing
  7. My neighbours R36 VW Passat came back from the body shop today after some paint correction and looks absolutely stunning, just a shame he won’t be able to drive it, as he got arrested for drink driving this afternoon so will probably loose his license the stupid prick
  8. I have to respect the fact that he did a 7 hour interview with Famous Holocaust Survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon which he then broadcast in segments on his late night Radio Show on Kerrang FM back in 2007. He did this off his own back and went against the network owners etc. but I do find the parts blagging BS a bit annoying on Car SOS
  9. New wheels arrived for my sons Suzuki Jimny, as we have converted the rear brakes to discs the original wheels wouldn’t fit
  10. I have recently but they are £540 a side
  11. After a shit day, this dinky little Van really made me laugh
  12. It’s a lot of money for a car that hasn’t been MOTed since 2017 Not knocking it but are these really that desirable?
  13. At the top of the road outside the garage there are Merc, BMWs and various Japanese imports in various states of repair/decay literally dotted all over the road so the Triumph kind of goes under the radar. also the location is within the clean air zone so my guess is the scrap collectors avoid the area
  14. Gotta be honest if I couldn’t wake my wife up the last thing on my mind would be buying a Imp 😂 just love the randomness of “can I leave you a compressor as a deposit?” what world do these people live in
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