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  1. Yeah, we called them Shitystink
  2. Years ago My Dad bought an Estate version of one of these cheap from the wife of the previous owner who had gassed himself in it. These actually drive quite decent as well
  3. Reminds me of that old couple I read about in Classic Ford Magazine years ago who bought a brand new 280 Ford Capri as an investment, drove it home and put it in the garage and never used again. Around 2004 the car was recovered from the Garage, taken to a Ford Main Dealer ( the dealer that supplied the car originally) for a service and a clean, the Capri was then driven back to the couple’s home and put back in the rebuilt garage to never be used again. think the mileage had just turned over to 15 this was in a 2004 edition of Classic Ford I have no idea what happened to the Capri
  4. Needed some on site for work, these £15 ones from Screwfix got me out the shit and have been ok so far
  5. A guy turns up this morning to buy some jeans we had on listed on Facebook Market place for £3 and wants to pay for them with PayPal, I told him to just take them for free and fuck off (or words to that affect) which he did . although thinking about it is this just a contrived way of getting my email address? As he already has my name and full address, not sure what he could really do
  6. To be fair I do like the Old Town and will probably have a walk around the Marina after the work is complete, it’s just I wouldn’t be a able to pull the kind of shit that the salesman gets away with that bugs me, it’s like he’s Teflon coated
  7. To do with his workout routine, he must stick to a strict diet and has to eat at certain times of the day
  8. I had used them plenty of times without issue until I ordered some Moog ML270 ball joints, I got the correct parts but they were second hand parts (as in old ball joints removed from a car with a grinder) in a damaged new box. After a lot of emails I had to return them at my own expense for them to decide they wouldn’t issue a refund as the parts were second hand and in a damaged box ! I just give up with the hassle as communicating with them was like pulling teeth. this was back in 2017 maybe things have changed but il never use them again
  9. Going to Hull tomorrow, as the New Salesman the company has took on to take the company to “the next level” got to site today and decided it was too cold to get out of his car so just drove home back to Worcester, he also cited “not being able to eat properly” as another excuse for his twatish behaviour
  10. It is, and they honestly couldn’t give a fuck about their customers I have the emails to prove this. I leaned my lesson not to use them years ago
  11. Ohhh it’s a 2.2 with a manual box economy, style and comfort?
  12. Used the Jeep to get to work today as I’m in the workshop all week and will probably use it tomorrow 35 mile round trip today is the most it’s driven for over a year. Had a spare hour so I cleaned the leaves out the scuttle and heater intake so now it doesn’t steam up inside as much. even managed 21mpg average!!
  13. very nice, One of my regrets is not going for 2 windows when we had our loft conversion
  14. “Badge Bar not included in sale” Why can’t they just take the bloody thing off before they advertise the car then?
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