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  1. Would love to buy that, get it running, then full throttle the bastard off a cliff and across the sea while hanging off the back of it dressed as Superman.
  2. That Brockway Museum looks awesome there was a Brockway in the film The Deerhunter which has a race with the Caddy at the beginning of the Film
  3. And I found a plastic box of Ratchet straps on the hard shoulder of the M6, the box was split but the 5 straps were in excellent condition, My guess was they fell off a HGV
  4. Found a 2ft long bacho adjustable spanner , a sledge hammer, a lump hammer and some good quality slings, shackles and straps in the outside lane at the Hagley lights a couple of years ago, I did have to stop the traffic to pick it all up though
  5. I got him back thought I forgot to book his hotel room, so he had my premiere inn booking and as the premier inn was full I booked a room at the Haslam Hotel https://www.haslemhotel.com/ in Lisburn which was absolutely spot on
  6. Waked past this a few times and only just noticed 😂
  7. Flying to Belfast for work, just messaged colleague to see if he’s already at bham airport, he’s just messaged back he’s only just woke up 😳
  8. Hadn’t heard anything about this from my in-laws and curious to see what their imaginary proper plumber thought of my work, spoke to my FIL about 1/2 hour ago and he said they didn’t get chance to get anyone else to look at it ( surprise surprise) but the repair seems ok and anyway they can just get my wife to send me back and sort it out again if there’s any issues. Apparently I’m “the Jack of all trades but master of non” my in-laws do enjoy their petty torment’s
  9. Hopefully the rocker panels aren’t full of H
  10. Yesterday had to go round to my in-laws sharpish as a waterpipe had burst in their airing cupboard, won’t go into details but I replaced just under a foot of 15mm copper soldered in job done water back on all ok Tonight they call upset ranting “it’s leaking worse than before” I go round there sharpish they act like they’ve got their arse in their hand, all I can find is some slight condensation on the pipe ( cold pipe hot cupboard go figure) reasure them it’s all good, I get home and apparently they phoned my missus saying their getting a proper plumber out tomorrow to check my work and make sure it’s safe 🙄
  11. Can these really carry 1100kg?
  12. PROUD WINNER OF CUSTOMER CHOICE AWARD 18/19/20/21 BY AUTOTRADER, £500 So in 22 and 23 they decided to “rest on their laurels” come on guys, what happened? Where’s the passion? dosent bode well for 24 Sorry but no dice
  13. Part of me just wants to arrange to buy that, pay the guy the money, then later on collect it by picking it up with a HIAB by a chain though the front windows while constantly reassuring the guy that you will be as careful as you can
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