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  1. Think it was about 20ltr, rectangular in shape and no baffles. as I had the complete sender and pump unit out I had a decent size hole to contort my arm round, hole was about 6 inch wide
  2. I used the por 15 tank sealer on a small auxiliary petrol tank on my jeep when it had an LPG kit fitted. I didn’t have the time/ patients to remove the tank, so I removed the sender and pump unit cleaned the tank as best I could through the access whole and just poured the POR 15 in and spread it round with a paint brush then soaked the excess liquid up with a rag. All this was done outside in the cold That bodge job I did lasted 8 years and was still ok when I finally removed the LPG kit to put the car back to factory spec
  3. Good work on the ML 👍🏻 I sold mine 2 years ago they are brilliant cars
  4. He didn’t answer the door when I went round, so I looked through the kitchen window and saw him lying face down on the floor asleep, to be fair he has been laying bricks all afternoon so probably just nodded off and forgot about the mixer.
  5. It’s just gone 8pm and my neighbours thrown a couple of bricks in his cement mixer to clean it out.
  6. I wonder if the Rover Olympic still has its Emergency light bulb kit, which was part of the Olympic package
  7. I believe the front SAM unit on these is on passenger side of the engine bay under the fuse box, when they get wet it can cause weird faults with the lights etc. here is a pic of the SAM unit of my 07 GL320, that corrosion was causing the passenger side sidelight to stay on permanently and no rear brake lights or interior lights. Once I cleaned it, everything worked perfectly
  8. June 3rd my son will buy a VW UP on 0 % finance that number plate is a celebration of this
  9. “ONE LIFE LIVE IT “ Seems to be on every lifted on boggers tyres disco 1 or 2 that I see
  10. On the door it looks like the small leaping Jaguar is having sex with the larger leaping Jaguar,
  11. Father in law whining cause I bought and fitted some £19 Bosch wiper blades to his Vauxhall antara, blah blah pound shop are only a couple of quid blah F that guy
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