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  1. Very nice! Don't understand it if it's not packing FIRE power though😉
  2. To be fair, 90% plus of the cars from 32 years ago haven't made it either!
  3. Just looks like the Multipla wants to be friends but the Citroen is sulking?
  4. Wow! just look at the mileage on that!
  5. Nobody take pity on this much maligned Charade? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Daihatsui-Charade-1-3-LXi-5-Dr-HORRIBLE-BUT-if-you-are-ODD-this-is-for-YOU-295/233695598766?hash=item366957d8ae:g:TwkAAOSwvQdfSeEm
  6. Always get a bit over excited when I see a Panda, not that many models about. Mine, with mine.. anyone know a good way to get the Carabinieri decal off the screen or do I have to get one to put on the real car to match up?
  7. Used to be a Ford Escort trundling round in Stirling when I lived up there - must have been pretty new at the time, late 90's wearing the plate P911 GRR. Thought the guy must be saving up until a P plate Porsche got cheap enough for him. ..Looks like he never made it, DVLA MOT history still shows that plate as an Escort, last MOT 10 years ago. Maybe it's still in a shed somewhere while the owner continues to save!!
  8. Hope you don't lose a little rectangle of yellow paint when your replacement badges turn up?
  9. Found this on the back of my latest Panda when I got it home. Name doesn't sound too bad but some of the rest of the writing doesn't inspire confidence.... Other side was a pretty respectable Kumho which was more promising until I noticed it was a different size to the other 3. Honestly, what some people do to their cars!
  10. Spent the morning on the wife's Volvo, one bolt clamping the bottom of the strut and so far it's been roundy roundy, chewy chewy with my stud extractors, drilly drilly, grindy grindy..... Still not shifted yet?
  11. At least you know what you've got. Wonder how many of these "immaculate" cars are really that clean when you start poking under the rear wheel arches. Keep the faith!?
  12. I'll just lob in a couple of pics of my childhood here as a newb - still got my 2 Matchbox carry cases from my formative model buying in the 80s. My OCD side still cries a bit when I get them out, I used to have one exclusively for Matchbox which were my model of choice when I was young and they were all arranged in order of purchase, while the other box was for all the odd Corgi, Majorette and Hot Wheels stuff I also accumulated when I saw an interesting one. Sadly all that went to pot when my beloved firstborn went through them when he was that age? Even then I was always happier gettin
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