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  1. To drive: Early '90s Rover 214 GSi 3 door in racing green - 'cos that's what I wanted when I was 17. Also because I had a 5 dr 214 SLI which I only had for a couple of months before rolling it over several times and walking away unhurt so unfinished business. To work on: Always a Panda, FIRE engine. To look at: 90's Alfa GTV. No good specifying a spare, it's another Panda - they get lonely😉
  2. .. Pretty sure if you looked up the definition of "proud" in a dictionary that's more or less what you'd find😄
  3. I have a real Pride in my car history!😁 ... oh no, hang on, I mean I've had a Kia Pride in my car history. Basically the same thing.
  4. Think the Alcantara was just the touring models, with the electric pop out back windows too. Base models were just as much black plastic & cloth as the Filas. Been through one Fila & 2 Tacchinis😁
  5. Need to start cutting little bits out of it & sticking them back in just to add some authenticity👍
  6. 'Fraid not, sorry, I'm not up on my Italia '90s - based off the Bianca I think hence the white bumpers which did come with either engine option.
  7. Similar story with the 165/55/13's for a Seicento - Nankang or Rotalla I think is your lot.
  8. Interestingly that's very similar to the colour match I've got when ordering paint by code for my Panda. That's when you find out what colour that red used to be when it was new😦 Clear coated too so it won't even polish back.
  9. Just fished my Porters out - correction: standard was 135 SR13 right enough but bigger option for mk1 models was 145/70 SR13 on the supers, moving up to 155/65 with the '86 update.
  10. Pirellis probably have "emergency use only" moulded into the sidewall too just to be killjoys. Perfectly possible to still get budget tyres in that size but all the big boys will not want their name seen on such unglamourous nonsense.
  11. Well that one is only rated to 81mph which on a modern is apparently only good for limping to a garage. Sounds pretty optimistic for yours though😄
  12. Aye, they'll be close enough, just in case you were planning ahead for some sort of concours resto😉
  13. Would have been 135/80/13 from the factory I think. Certainly on the later cars it was 135/80 or the option size was 155/65, cant see Fiat feeling it necessary to fit the wider tyres on a 30.
  14. Bushes on the rear arms were about the only thing I ever wore out on mine, don't last forever. ..oh, and a clutch.
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