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  1. Bumz🙁. Shame, so close. Probably easier to drop the oil again and dry out & reseat everything when you've got a bit more time on your hands now.
  2. Thought it might be a good time to do a quick stocktake and state of affairs for the record. So currently cluttering up the church car park there's this trio: Pug is the runner, with a rusty hole underneath at the OSF jacking point that's going to need attention, plus a wee snagging list before it's really going to be ready to re-MOT in December. Useable as is in the meantime though and pretty pokey when the mood takes👍 Panda ran out of MOT in April. Runs and drives the nicest of anything really - obviously not as swift or B road hustly as the Pug but feels pretty fresh and well screwed together with no old age creaks and rattles going on. However, shortly before the MOT was due it decided the ABS wasn't going to work any more and put a light on, then some of the other lights got jealous and joined in so now the dash looks like this (no the brake light doesn't go off with the handbrake🙁😞 New battery has not put anything out (Pandas are prone to random errors with a weak battery). Now I'm a bit stuck. Not going to MOT like that. The Silver Seicento is now relegated to spares car - the lowest mileage of the lot but too much brown crispy round the edge of the floorpan to be a long term prospect. Currently up on 3 wheels as I've scavenged the OSF hub and caliper for this one: Which has north of 100k on instead of the 60k or so of the silver one, but is just a better shell to put the work into. Just had front lower arms which I'm going to have to break the balljoint on on the OSF to change the hub as the bearing is away. Got rear arms to go on with nice new bushes and brakes on but I've been putting it off due to having to break the crusty brake pipe unions and thus potentially opening a can of worms I don't really fancy. Then there's Grumbleweed peeking forlornly out of the garage there... One day... Need to reduce the numbers a bit really - ideally it's going to have to be Yellow Sei Plus either Pug or Panda, and Grumbleweed lurking in the long term project slot. Running the Pug at the minute just to get a feel for it before I make the decision on those 2, need to get the jobs out the way on the yellow Sei so I can scrap the silver one once I'm happy I don't need to scavenge anything more major off it. Then either spend the money on the Pug or the Panda for a fresh ticket and move on the other one.
  3. Pug looked rather good today after a wash, light filtering down through the tree: Of course the reason it got a wash is after a couple of days parked under said tree it looked dreadful, particularly as it appeared an Ostrich had climbed the tree just to poo on the car a few times😠 Shifted round the back now.
  4. Thanks. I thought there would be nothing more to do than order up a replacement and whack it on, but no apparently not. The only way you seem to be able to find the right badge is to buy a 180 badge and chuck away the 180 section. But they are about £40 - more pressing things to spend that on. Font was the closest I could find, what I didn't get from the listing is it's quite a bit bigger than the 206 version. If I'm sticking with this one I might peel it off and move it down so it sits diagonally below the 206 badge. Just that where it is it covers the leftover glue from where the original used to be - and I haven't bothered to clean that off yet.
  5. Little thing, but it makes me happy. Technically a 207 badge but they are surprisingly difficult to find:
  6. Yes, I can vouch for the gearbox sounding rougher than normal for a Panda.
  7. Hmmm, Sorry @wesacosa but I can't not share the first attempt at that photo😈 It's in the public interest.
  8. On the bright side unlike the XM it has been apart, and gone back together in a day👍 with no breakages. Good result.
  9. Just as an aside, don't know if you saw this from my collection a couple of weeks back. Don't see many in the wild. I loved my little Pride - ran it for a couple of years round the turn of the millennium.
  10. 158k miles on what looks to be a well looked after car has generated a ridiculous amount of bits of paper which @loseronehad kindly left in the boot when I picked this up. Spent a morning going through it all putting it in order and working out what has been done when as far as possible:
  11. Having a peek under the bonnet today & noticed quite an exciting addition - it's only had a snail fitted!
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