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  1. Renault Megane II. I heard the horror stories, but it was a lot of car for £800 when I bought it in 2014 - the equivalent Astra/Focus in my price range had nowhere near the level of kit. A couple of months after I bought it, I met my dad in a hotel car park to pick something up from him, after he'd just had an interview for a role at a new garage, which was an authorised Renault service centre - the chap interviewing him took one look at me stood by the car and said to my dad "Christ, why did you let him buy one of them?". 35k and 3 and a half years later, it was only a lengthy commute that made me part-ex it for my first Qashqai. Had I known two months later it would pass an MOT, a year after that I would have moved and cut my commute in half (probably moved sooner not spending £350 a month on a new car...) and that eventually I'd use the bus, I would have run it into the ground. Only ever left me stranded once with a seized alternator that caused it to throw the aux belt (see profile pic). I'd happily have another. I'd even risk a Laguna II.
  2. Not that Avensis is it? EDIT: Now I'm thinking Laguna....
  3. If you try and go through the supposedly 'automated' process to delete your account it fails straight away, and frankly my life is too short to contact their support team to get it dealt with.
  4. Due to having limited mileage on the Crafter van I hired for the weekend (and needing to pick up a customer's dead desktop PC from a very narrow lane that I've struggled to get the Qashqai down in the past, never mind an LWB van!) I left it at my folks last night and borrowed my dad's Splash to get home. As someone who normally drives a car with an electric handbrake, I definitely didn't* have to rush out of bed when I got back when I suddenly panicked and thought I hadn't remembered to put the handbrake on - fortunately I had remembered.
  5. Reading these comments and knowing what the parking is like on my road is really making me look forward* to trying to find somewhere to park an LWB van on Sunday night.
  6. Do I detect a Rover 45 (or something similar, maybe a 600) chrome number plate surround as well?
  7. Didn't seem to relate really - they used it for the investigating detectives and at one point as the car she got out of before walking to her door (which I'm pretty sure from the CCTV clips they showed should have been an E36 of some description). I'm not sure why they used it to be honest - no other attempt was made to use era appropriate vehicles at any other point during the series (except for the infamous blue Range Rover)
  8. CD Bramall unlocked a hell of a lot of nostalgia here - they also had the Citroen and Nissan garage in Mansfield in the late 90s - I think it's where my dad got his P11 Primera from. Brand got swallowed up by Pendragon I think as it later went to Evans Halshaw, then moved - built houses on the Mansfield branch now. Looks like the St Albans one was there and also Halshaw until at least 2018, seems like it's in the process of being flattened on latest Street View.
  9. I don't know whether it's still in the fold but the ex-several people on here I think silver S-reg Boxster passed me on the A610 today - if it was one of you, the weird bloke in the blue Nissan staring at the car was me.
  10. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing which 90s-tastic head unit is making its way into it, or will you be leaving it with the CAR400?
  11. Now this I did not see coming! Well bought. That estate one on here has tempted me once or twice.
  12. No rush as I'm away next week.
  13. If you can't be arsed with Ebay and it's destined for the bin anyway I'd happily offer you the cost of postage for this - got a couple of working D620s/D630s in that need bits.
  14. My favourite was one who asked about a laptop I had on (at the time a 2 year old i5 HP) that was £150. I said "one fifty" and she assumed I meant £1.50.... and still asked if it had the charger and gave it a thorough inspection before trying to hand me some coins! That's cheap for a stand mixer - I sold my cheapie one for £30 on Marketplace after inheriting an actual KitchenAid, and I had lots of enquiries. He should've snapped your hand off at a fiver!
  15. Chod speed! Looking forward to this one, should be a nice upgrade for you.
  16. Imagine my surprise when I'm procrastinating watching Netflix and a K-reg turns up! Excuse awful photo taken of the telly. Looks like K568NMG (known about from your list a few pages back) is being used in dramatic reconstructions in the recently released Netflix documentary, "Who Killed Jill Dando?"
  17. From what I can tell Enterprise have gone very downhill as of late. Friend of mine had his vehicle break down in Germany, was flown back to Birmingham, where he tried to collect a car that the AA had arranged at Enterprise - turns out there were no spare vehicles in the entirety of Birmingham, ended up being fetched from the airport by someone else. Another friend received a reasonably ropey i10 with the service, TPMS and EML on.
  18. After my recent adventures with Kwik Fit, this morning I amended a 5 star Google review to be a 1 star. A few hours later, this happened.
  19. You know, it's true. Scotland really does have some picturesque sights. What beautiful scenery. Predictably it was too good to be true that the puncture had actually been properly repaired, judging by the TPMS warning that came up for the same tyre today. Yet to hear whether it'll be a new tyre or not but I'm assuming it will be. Not losing as much air as it was but given I'm travelling 5 up with luggage I don't want to take a chance.
  20. Drove up to the land of Volvos and square sausage today. Got another friend in tow who doesn't particularly do long journeys. We stopped at Scotch Corner first then at Gretna Green. Leaving Gretna I'm surprised to see my friend turn left when Google Maps says to turn right. They had somehow managed to set their maps to Scotch Corner again, and realised when they passed a farm shop 5 miles away from it...
  21. I think I had the only Megane II with largely functional windows. Only the rear drivers side me grief - for a while it would only ever go down whichever way you moved the switch, but you could get it back up again with the global closing. Until I had the clock spring replaced and they had the battery off, and I caught the window while being chased out of a car boot sale by an angry Eastern European chap (there's a story to be told on this somewhere). Ended up calling the RAC to get it back up, as it was a Sunday and nowhere was open. Replaced the temic module which is where they always go bad, and it worked fine other than on the door switch itself, where it still worked the same. Good enough for me at the time!
  22. Kwik Fit in "surprisingly not shit" shocker Looking for a tyre place to sort my puncture/change the tyre if necessary, happened to see a local Kwik Fit had sod all cars in and looked deserted so chanced my arm. From pulling onto the forecourt to driving off with a fixed puncture, in 15 minutes. No upsell, no hassle, absolutely cannot fault them.
  23. Above situation sorted in the end, but because I was running around sorting other things, I ended up driving to the gig instead of taking the bus. And I've picked up a puncture. And I need to go to Scotland in it tomorrow. If life could give me a break lately it'd be bloody appreciated!
  24. Major cockup made. Bought a gig ticket back in March for a gig tonight. Email confirmation said 'you'll receive the tickets 4-6 weeks before'. Also said 'we are unable to deliver your tickets please contact us' in small print. Didn't think anything of it, I thought their system just couldn't handle the fact they weren't sending them out that early (they had given special instructions for the venue in question) Of course I only clock this last night when I look for the tickets (they're meant to send a link to a PDF via SMS). Support for the ticket site I used (sadly not Ticketmaster/See or direct with the venue, as I bought them under a presale through O2 Priority) is only open 9 til 5, online only, no live chat or anything like that. Rang box office this morning, they can see the booking but can't resend the link, advised that if I come down with proof tonight they might (and only might) be able to sort something. So that's £50 up the swanny if not. Not sure what recourse I have.
  25. I was just about to post in here about Days Gone! A discussion with my folks yesterday revealed the fact that amongst the other collectible bits and bobs in my late gran's house that we'll need to clear out in the near future, she still had all my grandad's old Days Gone and View Vans in the loft. I remember him having a rather large collection of these when I was younger - in their old house, used to be a floor to ceiling cabinet in their hallway filled with them, and there were more not on show/in cabinets elsewhere in the house. No idea of quantity yet but I gather from the above comments that they're likely worth the square root of fuck all?
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