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  1. 19 minutes ago, Yoss said:

    It's Berlin though, WCPGW. Just enjoy it. I've ended up in some unusual places that no tourist would ever see simply because I like going on their MAN double deck buses and I've never felt uncomfortable or scared. 

    It's more the shite reviews that have me worried but it's for one night. It can't be worse than the last time I went to Pontins...

    Any recommendations for places to see/grab food? I'm there all day Wednesday.

  2. I think my briefly-owned Octavia Scout is creeping into shite territory.


    250k on the clock. It was a touch rough in places. Bought for a £500 donation to a local blood bikes group my friend used to volunteer for. Ex Yorkshire Ambulance Service rapid response car. Sold 2 days later for a quick flip to a friend of @SmokinWaffles who I believe still has it, and it's still going! Half wish I'd kept it but it did need a fair bit of work, and for the driving I'd have used it for the DPF would've clogged in no time.

  3. I had the joy of a 5am start this morning to get to Manchester airport to collect my parents, who have spent a month travelling the US. This may count somewhat as a grump as due to the well-documented issues with my boot which happened on the outbound leg of the journey, meaning that the return journey involved a drive to Mansfield last night to pick up their car to use this morning.

    They spent some of that time in Orlando, and a few days ago, I received a 6 minute video on WhatsApp of their entire journey through It's A Small World at the Magic Kingdom. Anyone who's been on this ride will know how much of an irritating earworm this song is.

    And that is why I was stood in Terminal 2 Arrivals this morning with this sign. Excuse my fat face.


    Thankfully taken in good humour. It drew many a laugh from passengers, cabin crew and even the airport police.

  4. 5 minutes ago, rattlecan said:

    These are precisely the scenarios where you should be able to kill some cunt that is in your home without fear of getting nicked. When Cameron was PM he made a pledge to sort it out in law, so that you could take what ever steps without fear of ending up in the dock but it never happened

    I can see it now in the dock...

    "and why did you kill him?"

    "He interrupted my wank"

  5. I think I've told the story on here before of the chap who walked into my house looking for my car keys one day, but I may as well repeat it as it's always a laugh.

    Relevant local news article: https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/man-wielding-hammer-stole-mums-4866565 - I was the first house he entered. What I don't think is mentioned here is that he tried to enter another property before he managed to get the car he was eventually caught in.

    What the article won't tell you is that at the time he walked through my unlocked front door, I was having a rather intimate moment upstairs. Having managed to cover myself up and get to the top of the stairs in time to hear the words "I'm just looking for a lift", I think the sight of a 6ft 4 (in both height and circumference) man in just a pair of shorts, possibly still somewhat at half mast is what persuaded him to run, particularly as the keys he was after were upstairs and I had yelled 'get the fuck out of my house'.

  6. I can add a ludicrous one to this.

    Diagnostics fee (£120) + supply and fit one boot latch to a 2021 Qashqai.

    Apparently about £500, I was told on the phone today.

    Safe to say if the warranty won't cover it there's a bloody good chance the £25 one off Ebay is getting put in it...

  7. Got rid of my LG plasma (freebie in 2016, needed a new power board, only had one working HDMI port but was still a cracking picture - I think the local air cadets are still using it for a flight sim!) almost 3 years ago to the day for an LG OLED (55CX, just over £1k thanks to newer models on the horizon and an ambitious pricematch attempt that Richer Sounds honoured - this was my 'I've saved x amount due to not commuting thanks to lockdown, I'm treating myself' present) and it hasn't disappointed. I'll absolutely be running it until it dies. Can't see anything on the horizon that would ever make me think about upgrading. My only minor gripe is that I need to get a new TV cabinet in order to accommodate my centre speaker as you can't get anything low enough to sit under the screen without obscuring the picture.

  8. I was in disbelief at the insurance costs my friend was quoted over the past few days.

    Context - 30, driving for about 10 years, probably 7 or so years NCD, does about 20k a year, two claims but protected NCB (one break in and one her fault that's just been written off) - was paying about 5-600 on her previous 2008 1.6 diesel.

    C4 1.6 diesel, everything declared - £700.
    308 2.0 diesel, 400cc and 20bhp more - £1500+.

    I expect some increase but I was amazed at how much the little difference in power and size meant, but also how little an effect the claims have had.

  9. 00s Renaults weren't that unreliable or bad. Aside from the electric window issues (and I guess maybe the electric steering lock that went on mine - most of the competitors of the time wouldn't have had that), anything that went wrong on my Megane II could and in all honesty would have gone wrong on most cars of a similar age and mileage, and it was a damn sight better equipped, better handling and comfier than an equivalent Astra or similar - and in my opinion better looking. 

    The Chrysler PT Cruiser does not deserve the hate it gets. It was a reasonably comfortable and well specced family car with different styling which I think didn't look all too bad. Not exactly dynamic handling or good economy, mind - it drove like an armchair. Some of the mods you see out there are horrific but there are some tastefully modified examples out there - I recall a very nice purple one on chrome hubcaps and whitewalls taking my fancy many years ago.

  10. Of course I get a bloody awful cold before I'm away for two weekends in a row.

    I guess my only hope this weekend is if some lucky lady out there is interested in a wardrobe sized man who smells strongly of Vicks VapoRub.

  11. I forgot why I had stayed put for so long at my current company - the job market is full of shite. Only submitted a couple of applications so far. One came back and said 'looks a bit light on experience' - your job spec said 5 years doing something I've clearly written I've been doing for 7 on my CV...

    Other random crap such as about 6 or 7 hours worth of interviews just puts me off applying right from the word go. Another thing, so many companies expecting that because you're a software developer, you must live and breathe code and have tons of pet projects and code loads in your own time - I enjoy coding between the hours of 9 and 5 Monday to Friday - I don't have pet projects and want to do it every waking minute, once I'm done with work I don't want to do more work, I want to fuck off down the pub or fall asleep in front of the telly.

  12. 33 minutes ago, Tickman said:

    Time for a bit of coasting and job hunting then.

    Oh absolutely, work laptop went off for the weekend as soon as I was off the call (manager even offered me a reference, decision was out of his hands), straight on LinkedIn and other sites looking, removed Teams and Outlook from my phone and when I'm back at work on Tuesday they'll be finding out precisely how many things they've now got to take responsibility for because I won't be doing it any more. I'd have said it today but don't want it to come across as a kneejerk reaction.

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