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    Not sure you need a specific tool. A well-aimed spark plug will do the job just as well I imagine. Aim for corners rather than the middle of the glass. Doors freezing up reminds me of the BX. They're an absolute sod for it. 
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    I worked as a driver for Tailby and George aka Blue Bus Services back in the late 1960's. Prototype Fleetline 7000HP  had a Cummins V6 engine which spent more time in the workshop than on the road as did the Daimler Roadliner with the same engine. 324 pictured above was the fastest of the Fleetlines and was a pleasure to drive; it spent its life on the Derby Etwall Burton run whereas 7000HP was left on the more leisurley Derby Repton Burton route. I was only there for a couple of years and remember being deeply upset when I heard about the fire at Willington depot. Lovely company to work for and lovely passengers on the 2 stage carriage routes. Sadly I have no photographs to submit.
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