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  1. just my luck my camrea died thier was mk1 trannie anglia and cleanest mk3 astra from early 90s oh well here 3 put put and mustang
  2. my old cat pisses everywere but he is getting on a bit
  3. loveing my week in the peak district me and my mrs doing a lot off walking here few relics to have butchers at,bluebird made me feel old rember a taxi driver haveing one,cant rember last time i seen one,theres a lot off old landies about,old garage had lot off old car parts and a old renault traffic better then any potting shed,he had a nice vintage car
  4. walking down monsal trail in the peak district near bakewell there was these in the yard,i dont think the commer going on the road soon there was lot off land rovers and range rovers couldent take photos off love to own the sierria tracter was just parked on someone drive in hathersage as garden art,
  5. yes a renault florine ordered screen in the que
  6. tat frid more tat not got time to do go in line,wanted spot on models lol,two parcals more tat,the landrover got bodyshell in my loft with rest off my tat 3 i forgot were in bundle
  7. here tat that i bought couldent help myself loved old vans and trucks yes i paid good money lady gerdiver fiver sad git i know,my kids tell me all time and there all growned up.here few pages telling what they are ect,must get out more
  8. my alter ego is bicycle repair man lol.man from mfi mybe
  9. wow i always wondered who made it and were it came from,mines got no makers name or were it was made
  10. yes you know more then me always been mystory to me lol
  11. white ford been mysteria just says ford no 1015 no makers name bought years ago at bootfair been in the loft must be 20 years
  12. missed one my diamler v8 do it tommorror cant be bothered going have nice brew,got my grandaughter and my daughter for tea,so do it tommorror
  13. started to detailed my models not very good bit kak handed,kenwood van been a pain and jinxed,put last coat on it,picked mrs up and started to spit so roof has couple off spots lol,and zodiac bleed a bit but can live with it,and its had set off new tyres and i have orered new battery box and transits put new jewelled headlights,ready go in my cabinet,
  14. sad git been in the loft found my sons micra mechines hes 30 now,why i kept them i dont why,threw all his extras away garages there was even mountain range probaly pounds away sure there more,he had silver micro tool box full off them,took me right back,it started in early 90s when he was about 6 mybe,old driver i worked with had about 6 on his dash,he let my son in drivers seat,he spotted them,driver took a shine to him gave them to him,that was that every birthday xmass he get more,mrs got senitermental over them,she still thinks he 10 lol
  15. way to hot to work on the granada so did few models am leaveing transit and zodiac few days as i want to 2 tone them,aston made good un out off 2,robbed the wheels back bumper seat rest to complete my db5.belive it or not the silver paint i used was for car wheels look ok to me,yes am skint flint will use what i got,bedford van just sprayed green,next week i will detail them,
  16. it was rough bought orange one in big collection off matchbox stuff next to nothing cause i wanted windscreen for my early dodge,restored it ,also put new tyres on it.
  17. here another one arrived weds zodiac with working lights the joy,wont take much stripping and needs tyres,aston asent any wheels but got knackered one to rob,queens roller got out put light in zodiac,going to order one with the tyres,go in quee in the rest off my tat to be retored
  18. dont know were got this but been in my loft most basic toy i have seen,make timpo what make god know morris austin mybe lol
  19. here 2 buses that are in my town are looked after by group my mates in it,all go all over the country showing them doubler decker quite famous bus was used for years ferring workers to shipyard.they pay good money keep these on the road,last year at kirby stephens show real day out,
  20. dont know have go in loft have a look
  21. here my luton cars vauxhall carton which found in bin and manta bought in lancaster for grand sum 50p and merc was on same stall had breack out quid
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